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sunday post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What happened this week?

Ugh another bad week. I am so glad this week is over. It was very warm this week. And last friday a house in our appartment compex started with renovations. I think they get a new bathroom or kitchen or something like that, the noise can be heard quite loudly in the entire compelx. And they start on 8am every morning, while I am used to sleeping at noon. The noise is so loudly we can do nothing to dampen the sound enough to sleep. After a few days of waking up too early I was grumpy and tired. I took naps in the afternoon or evening, just to be productive enough to finish my work. It was horrid and made me realize even more how much I need my sleep. Then thursday and friday they didn’t start making noise until noon and I was so happy to actually get a decent night of sleep. It seems they are finished with the noise makign part now, hopefully.

Then thursday evening I got a headache that stayed till friday morning. I also got a headache on saturday, but that one went away in the evening. I did read a lot of my ipad, but again skipped some evenings for reading. I just didn’t feel like reading.

Tuesday evening my sister visited and we talked a lot, her boyfriend was visiting one of his friends that lives in the same city as us, so she asked if she could visit us. So that was fun. We talked for about 3 hours and drank tea. And then she went home again.

When it comes to Snickers she has some good moments, but beside that it feels like she’s getting a bit worse every day. She just hasn’t been the same since Smarties died and I don’t think she ever will. She sleeps a lot, scratches herself a lot and doesn’t eat or drink much. She still likes her soy milk and she does eat things, just not as much as we would like. She also has porphyrin around her eye and nose. She just looks bad. We also suspect her tumor is coming back, at the same location as last time or maybe it’s an abcess. Then the last two days she got worse suddenly, she has trouble eating, washing, walking, drinking. It’s so hard to see her struggle. So we’ll keep a close eye on her, but to be honest I don’t think she’ll live very long anymore. The poor girl :(. It’s hard to see her doing so bad and looking so bad.

I read 16 books so far, making nice progress even though my reading slowed down a bit.

Random Picture(s) of the Week

Sorry I didn’t make any pictures this week, I just didn’t feel like it

What did I cook for dinner this week?

This week I blogged about:

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Lola’s Ramblings: How and When do you Write Your Blog Posts?
Lola’s Kitchen: Mango Lassi Recipe
Review: The Good Girl’s Second Chance by Christine Rimmer

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Review: How to be a Mermaid by Erin Hayes
– Review: Storm Fall (Rebel Wing #2) by Tracy Banghart
– Lola’s Ramblings: How do you Arrange Your Bookshelves?
– Lola’s Kitchen: Dal Dhokli Recipe
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Book Haul:

The Mark of Noba CoverThe Mark of Noba (The Sterling Wayfairer Series #1)
by GL Tomas

Format: e-copy
Source: for review
You can find The Mark of Noba on Goodreads

Sterling Wayfairer has one goal for his senior year: make his mark. He’s been slipping into the background his whole high school career—distracted by his mother’s mental health, unsettled by the vivid dreams that haunt him at night, and overshadowed by the athletic accomplishments of his popular best friends. But this year is going to be different. He’s going to break a few rules, have some fun, and maybe even work up the nerve to ask his crush out on a date.

But things don’t go exactly as planned. Students are disappearing, Sterling starts losing time, and it all seems to center around Tetra, a girl no one else seems to notice but him. When he finally tracks her down for answers, they aren’t what he expects: He and Tetra hail from a world called Noba, and they’re being hunted by a Naga, a malevolent shapeshifter that’s marked them for destruction.

Tetra and Sterling have distinct abilities that can help them fight back, but their power depends heavily on the strength of their bond, a connection that transcends friendship, transcends romance. Years apart have left their bond weak. Jumpstarting it will require Sterling to open his heart and his mind and put his full trust in the mysterious Tetra.

If he doesn’t, neither of them will survive.

DeceptionsDeceptions (Cainsville #3)
by Kelley Armstrong

Format: hardcover
Source: bought it myself
You can find Deceptions on Goodreads

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Otherworld series delivers her most suspenseful novel yet, where the discovery of Cainsville’s dark past and the true nature of its inhabitants leads to murder, redemption, love, and unspeakable loss.

Olivia Taylor Jones’s life has exploded. She’s discovered she is not only adopted, but her real parents are convicted serial killers. Fleeing the media frenzy, she took refuge in the oddly secluded town of Cainsville. She has since solved the town’s mysteries and finds herself not only the target of its secretive elders but also her stalker ex-fiancé.

Visions continue to haunt her: particularly a little blond girl in a green sundress who insists she has an important message for Olivia, one that may help her balance the light and darkness within herself. Death stalks both Olivia and the two men most important to her, as she desperately searches to understand whether ancient scripts are dictating the triangle that connects them. Will darkness prevail, or does Olivia have the power to prevent a tragic fate?

by Laura Tisdall

Format: e-copy
Source: for review
You can find Echoes on Goodreads

“There is truth to be shared. Let us begin…”

Volatile mathematical genius Mallory Park is living two lives. In one, she is balancing senior year with looking after her little brother and troubled ex-Marine father; in the other, she spends her nights glued to her laptop, breaking into some of the world’s most secure systems as the hacker Echo Six.

As part of a corruption-exposing cyber network called the Forum, Mallory is far more at ease among the codes and hidden identities of her online world than she has ever been in the real one, but when other hackers start to go missing, she finds herself caught up in a web of secrets that could have repercussions far beyond both.

When anyone can be a name on a screen, how do you know who to trust?

Future TenseFuture Tense: Twelve First-In-Series Young Adult SciFi Novels
by Susan Kaye Quinn, Anthea Sharp, Amy Evans, Catherine Stine, Patti Larsen , PK Hrezo, Lee Strauss, Magan Vernon, Rose Garcia, Cidney Swansen, Lisa Nowak and Vincent Trigili

Format: e-copy
Source: free on Amazon
You can find Future Tense on Goodreads

From twelve USA Today, Amazon and award-winning authors comes Future Tense, an electrifying YA sci-fi boxed set. Inventive first-inseries with trans-humans, sexy alien romance, Martian pioneers, cyborg gunslingers, unusual dolphin research, time travel, computer games with doors into faerie realms, mind readers, eternal life adventures, extraordinarily gifted teens and so much more. Available for a limited time.

Books included:
Susan Kaye Quinn’s OPEN MINDS When everyone reads minds, a secret is a dangerous thing to keep.
Vincent Trigil’s THE ENEMY OF AN ENEMY In a universe of science and magic a new hero will arise.
Anthea Sharp’s FEYLAND: THE DARK REALM When a high-tech computer game opens a gateway to the treacherous Realm of Faerie, only two teen gamers can save the mortal world.
Catherine Stine’s FIRESEED ONE What if only your very worst enemy could help you save the world?
PK Hrezo’s DIARY OF A TEENAGE TIME TRAVELER Welcome to Butterman Travel, Inc., where time is always in your hands.
Patti Larsen’s DIDI AND THE GUN SLINGER When an Underlord kidnaps her father, Didi Duke resurrects an obsolete cyborg gunslinger to rescue him.
Cidney Swanson’s SAVING MARS Jessamyn is just an ordinary pilot-in-training until the Mars colony’s food supply is decimated and her brother is chosen to fly to Earth for supplies.
Lisa Nowak’s THE McCALL INITIATIVE EPISODE 1.1: DECEPTION What if the Pacific Northwest seceded from United States? In 2063, it has.
Rose Garcia’s FINAL LIFE Multiple past lives she can’t remember, an enemy driven to finish his task. Can Dominique survive her final life or will she die for the last time?
Magan Vernon’s HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN What happens when an awkward teen girl falls for an alien boy?
Amy Evans’ CLICKS -THE DOLPHIN PROPHECY An inspiring Cli-Fi romance about an island off the coast of California where the dolphins and the lifeguards have more in common than they know.
Lee Strauss’ PERCEPTION Eternal Life is to Die For.


43 responses to “Sunday Post #139

    • I don’t think she will get better, as she’s an old rat already. I am spending lots of tiem with her today, so hope that helps her feel a bit better.

  1. Poor Snickers and poor you, it must be sad to see her like that. And I’m glad the building work seems to be over, it sounded awful. I hate construction noise and I’m sure that contributed to your headache. You are due a good week so I really hope next week is it!
    I just checked your Peanut Pasta recipe and it sounds yum! Two of my favourite things together 🙂 I need to try this one.
    Trish @ Between My Lines recently posted…The Sunday Post : Get your Bookish News #81My Profile

    • That’s the hardest part about havign pets,s eeing them get old and then slowly getting worse. It happened with almost all of our rats and it’s just so sad to see them like that. Snickers doesn’t eat the food she normaly like,d she couldn’t reach the water bottle anymore, so I had to lower it. It’s really hard.

      The lack of sleep and noise probably contributed to my headaches indeed. I really could use a good week for a chance, let’s hope next week is better.

      I love that recipe! I don’t eat a lot of pasta, but I love peanut butter and it’s such a great dish. I hope you give it a try :).

  2. I’m sorry Snickers isn’t doing well, Lola, It must make everything even harder!
    Being woken up by work somewhere else in the building is so annoying! I’m glad the noise-levels are down so you can get the sleep you need again.
    Your new books look really good, especially Echoes.
    Have a great week ahead and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…The Sunday Post #45 – Back home with one week to spareMy Profile

    • Snickers seem to get worse every day. This morning we found her lying in the middle of the cage all cramped up and porphyrin around her eyes. It’s so hard to see her suffering.

      I think they are still working, but not making as much noise anymore. I think they needed to rmeove the tiles or so with a machine that made a lot of noise. But now that that’s done it’s quieted down a bit. At leats that’s our guess. Let’s hope they stay quiet with their work this week.

      I really like the sound of Echoes, it sounds so interesting. I am really looking forward to read it!
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #139My Profile

    • Ugh beign woken at 5am sounds horrible. Can’t you do something about that? Here the rules are that normal citizens can’t start making noise till 10am and contruction work can start at 8am. I can understand he can’t sleep, but he can at least do something that doesn’t wake up his neighbours.

    • I love the Cainsville series, so excited to read this book! I love her books!

      Yeah Snickers really can’t deal with being alone and she get’s worse with the day. I feel so sorry for her.

    • Luckily I managed to have two good nights of sleep this weekend and that makes me feel a lot better already.

      Snickers just can’t deal well with being alone even if we give her attention, it’s not the same.

    • I think the lack of sleep and noise were part of what caused my headache, so I am hoping there will be less noise this week.
      I really hoped Snickers would get better, but at this point I don’t think she will. It’s hard.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #139My Profile

    • Thanks Anna! It’s really hard to see her sturggle, I had hoped that after a few weeks she would get used to being alone. But she doesn’t or maybe she’s sick, at this point I don’t even know what’s wrong with her.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #139My Profile

  3. Poor Snickers 🙁 I am so sorry it really is hard to watch them suffer.
    Such a hard week for you *HUGS* I hope this week is better and you can get plenty of sleep.
    I hate when people start working so early in the morning especially on Saturdays my only day to sleep in!

    It’s so nice to have your sister visit. It should like you are both very close. I am very close to my sister and she is amazing with my kids. I am blessed to have her.

    Enjoy all your new reads, Lola! Have an amazing week! oxox
    Michelle@Because Reading recently posted…#COYER Scavenger Hunt Update PostMy Profile

    • Yes it really hard, seeing them suffer is probably one of the hardest parts of having pets.

      I luckily got two good nights of sleep this weekend, so I am feeling a bit better already. Now hoping they won’t make as much noise this week. It’s nasty when people start working early when you still wnat to sleep, we’ve had a neighbour who liked to start work early, but then we usually woke up and could get back to sleep.

      When we lived together we drifted apart a bit, but now that we’re living in seperate houses again we’re close again. It was nice to have her visit.

  4. Ugh, I’d be disgruntled if I had to listen to renovation work being done in my building, too. I’m not a morning person so it would throw me off. I already sleep with earplugs in.

    That’s neat that you could visit with your sister.

    Hope your headache is gone. I had one on Friday, too, but it was because our weather was changing. It was hot and we were getting a thunder storm.

    Hey, I grabbed that YA sci-fi boxed set when it came up for free this week. Looks really good though I have no idea when I’ll get a chance to read it. 🙂
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Delighted by the Series – Yours by Design Trilogy by Robin Helm #Review #TrilogyReviewMy Profile

    • I am not a morning person either and I need my ten hours of sleep. I was such a grump and tired all the time. My boyfriend even called the organisation from who we rent the building and aparantly they are allowed to start that early. Earplugs didn’t do much as the nosie was so loud :(.

      It was definitely fun to see my sister again. My headache is gone, but it was nasty. I often have them when I am too tired. Headaches are the worst.

      I have read one book from that boxset and the author promoted it, so I couldn’t resist. I mean 12 books for free, that’s just awesome and all first book in a series in a genre I like. Hopefully there are some good books in it.

    • I think/ hope they are done with the noisy part, luckily. It drove me crazy, I don’t deal well with noise and I got so irritated from hearign that nosie the whole time.

      I love the Cainsville series so far. I think you would like it as there’s also a lot of mystery.

  5. Sorry to hear about your bad week but it sounds nice that you spent time with your sister. I hope Snickers gets better and the time you spend together this weekend helps. I hope it’s better this week!
    Kathy recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up #65My Profile

  6. I’m sorry that your week has been so bad. I hate it when something prevents me from sleeping. I hope the renovations are done soon and I hope you’re enjoying your weekend.
    Jenni Elyse recently posted…CurrentlyMy Profile

    • It’s the worst to not be able to sleep well, I really can’t deal well with too less sleep. It sounds like the noisiest part of the renovations is done as we slept well this weekend and this morning only one short noise burst and after that we fell asleep again.

    • I love the Darkest Power and Darkness Rising series, but I think I love her adult series even more. Cainsville is probably my favourite series of her so far. The Otherworld and the Nadia Stafford series are really good as well. I hope you will give her other series a try, she’s an awesome writer.
      Lola recently posted…Review: How to be a Mermaid by Erin HayesMy Profile

  7. I’ve been gone for almost a month and am so sorry about Smarties. Interrupted sleep is the worst! I’ve got jet lag to deal with and have tried a couple of things and they seem to be helping.
    Nise’ recently posted…Reading Wrap UpMy Profile

    • Thanks! I really need my ten hours of sleep eahc night and when I don’t I turn into a grumpy and tired person and can’t concentrate. It’s the worst. Taking naps often does help a bit, but I still prefer to just have my normal sleep. Seems they are finished with the most noise part now, hoepfully.

  8. Oh, Lola, I’m so sorry you’ve had a rough week, and sorrier still to hear that Snickers isn’t getting better. I hope that things go better this week for both of you… and that you can find some comfort in reading.

    • We actually lost Snickers today as she wasn’t getting, we decided it was best to put her down now and prevent her from suffering more, but it’s so hard to have lost all of them now :(. I haven’t felt like reading much these weeks and have been watching a lot of star wars the clone wars with my boyfriend. I hope I can get some reading done later this week when I feel better.
      Lola recently posted…Review: How to be a Mermaid by Erin HayesMy Profile

    • This week turns out to be even worse so far, as we lost Snickers on monday and yesterday I spent cleaning up the rat stuff and cage. I really hope I have more positive things to share in a week or two as I am tired from all these sad and bad weeks :(. At least we didn’t get woken by the renovations this week, so that’s good.
      Lola recently posted…Review: Storm Fall by Tracy BanghartMy Profile

    • It’s really annoying to have your sleep get disrupted, this week we haven’t heard a smuch noise from the renovations, so at leats we managed to get some good nights of sleep.

      We made the decision to put Snickers down this monday, she was only doing worse and didn’t drink or eat anymore. It’s so hard to not have any rats left now.

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