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sunday post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What happened this week?

This was a hard week. Monday Smarties died on the way to the vet. Last weekend she got sick and had trouble breathing, we brought her to the emergency weekend vet on sunday and she did better when we get her to go home with us that evening, but the next morning she had gotten worse again and her nose was blue. So we called our own vet and made an appointmen for that afternoon. Then she got even worse just before we had to leave for the vet and just picked her up and hurried to the vet, but she died on the way there. We miss her so much and it’s so weird to have a healthy rat one moment and then she got sick and was gone so fast. We’re trying to spend a lot of time with Snickers as she’s alone in the cage now and rats really need each other their company and Snickers always seemed to get a bit sad when she was alone for too long. So this is hard on her as well. It’s so weird to only have one rat now and there are so many little things in which we notice the difference, it really takes some getting used to.

Thanks for everyone who stopped by this week and everyone their kind words on my post about Smarties. It’s moments like these that I fully appreciate the wonderfull communtiy we have. All your comments and support means a lot to me! I tried to reply and comment back, but I didn’t manage to comment back on all the comments on my sunday post. I was happy to get a new tour request on monday, so I could stay busy with that. When I am staying busy there’s less time to think and feel. Then tuesday I cleaned the rat cage for Snickers, Snickers was not amused and still hasn’t explored the cage or maybe she does that at night.

We’re tyring to give Snickers a lot of attention as we know she needs the social contact, but she is basically being a grump and sleeping a lot. We try to feed her some yummies and every day I pull her out of the cage a few times. I have to literally dragging her out of the cage sometimes, although she doesn’t seem to mind, she just won’t come out of her own. If she really doens’t want out, she’ll go sit in the Sputnik where she knows I can’t get her easily. We also set up a vacation house spot on my desk for her, so she can stay close to us and sleep on my desk if she wants to. I feel so sorry for her and also a bit worried. She lost her friend and sister as well. She doesn’t eat too well, so we’re feeding her some extra yummies like corn and rice. And I bought some soy milk for her to drink and we dunk her rat food in it, she seems to like it, there’s a picture below. At least this way she drinks enough and she loves drinking the soy milk from a syringe while sitting on my lap. So that really helps to get enough fluids in her. I am glad I remembered that from when Pita was sick.

Then wednesday my sites both were down for 4 hours, which was extremely frustrating as I was worrying and trying to figure out what the issue was and then when I called my hosting provider there was an automatic message that they were aware of the hosting issue and working on it. Apparently there’s also a page on their site where they post notifications, but I couldn’t find it as it was hidden quite well. A half hour after call both sites were live again luckily. The rest of the week went okay. On friday my sister and her boyfriend visited, which was fun. We talked, drank tea and ate cake. And saturday I worked on another new tour and had 3 blog tours starting that day.

I read twelve books so far and joined the third twitter party last week as well. Twelve books was my goal for this Coyer, so i reached that already! We’ll see if I can double that.

Random Picture(s) of the Week

Snickers with porridge
Snickers eating porridge from her paw on the couch on tuesday while I was cleaning her cage.

Snickers vacation house
Snickers vacation house on my desk.

Snicka nose
Snickers nose poking out of the vacation house

Snickers eating
Rat pallet food dunked in soy milk. That’s what she’s eating. It looks gross, but Snickers quite likes it and if she does eat her rat food this week, then she can get it dunked in soy milk.

What did I cook for dinner this week?

  • Sunday: leftover Spring Rolls
  • Monday: veggie burger on bread with baked onion and red bell pepper. And baked chicken for my boyfriend.
  • Tuesday: Risotto with green beans, red bell pepper, ginger and coriander powder
  • Wednesday: leftover Risotto with green beans, red bell pepper, ginger and coriander powder
  • Extra: Crumb Cake with Apple
  • Thursday: Fried Rice
  • Friday: leftover Fried Rice
  • Extra: Mango Lassi
  • Saturday: Korma
  • Extra: Cinnamon Mug Cake

This week I blogged about:

Review: Mamachari Matchmaker (Kami No Sekai short stories #3) by SJ Pajonas
Smarties RIP
Review: The Night Parade by Kathryn Tanquary
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Lola’s Ramblings: How many Books do you Read at Once?
Lola’s Kitchen: Cajun Pasta Recipe
My To-Be Read List #12: poll

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Review: Led Astray by Kelley Armstrong
– Review: Summer Haikus by SJ Pajonas
– Lola’s Ramblings: My Bookmark Collection
– Lola’s Kitchen: Pasta Salad with Corn and Egg
– My To-Be Read List #12: chosen book

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:

Check the full list of open review opportunities here.
Review Opportunity: The Other Side of Summer by Elyse Douglas
Review Opportunity: The Case and Hard Case by Marc Hirsch
Review Opportunity: Love Spell by Mia Kerick
Review Opportunity: Son of Set (Descendants of Isis #2) by Kelsey Ketch
Review Opportunity: The Cursed Ground by A. Roy King
Review Opportunity: 3volve and The Shadow of Loss by Josefina Gutierrez

Cover Reveal: Destiny of the Queen by Jacqueline Patricks – 30 August
The Mark of Noba by GL Tomas – 11 August – New!

Blog Tour: Guardian by Katy Newton Naas – runs from 3-16 August
Book Blitz: Love, Defined by Leila Tualla – runs from 4-10 August
Book Blitz: Love Easy and Love Hard by Roe Valentine – runs from 17-23 August
Book Blitz: The Mark of Noba by GL Tomas – runs from 25-31 August – New!
Blog Tour: Destiny Rising by Siobhan Davis – runs from 1-21 September
Book Blitz: The Bro Code by Jacqueline Patricks – runs from 6-12 September – New!

Book Haul:

I didn’t got any new books this week.


38 responses to “Sunday Post #137

  1. It’s been a really horrible week for you and poor Snickers. She’s gorgeous by the way! I always enjoyed looking at the photos you uploaded of your rats. They sound like really good affectionate pets. I love rats and mice…I’d take them over damn spiders any day!
    chucklesthescot recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #95My Profile

    • Thanks I am glad to hear you enjoy the pictures. They will be a bit harder now as it will be only Snickers to photograph, but I’ll do my best to make at least one pic of her each week. She’s a gorgeous rat indeed. They really are great pets and very affectionate and they love spending time with their humans.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #137My Profile

    • It was a hard weke, but indeed it had soem good moments as well. Luckily we eat quite a lot of noodles, so we have quite a collection of this type of box, it’s great as vacation house for her and she seems happy to have a spot there on my desk. This way we can keep ehr close and she can still nap as well.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #137My Profile

    • Yes it’s very hard on us, losing Smarties so suddenly like that. It does get a little bit better every time, but we’ll be sad when we think of ehr for a while. And I hope Snickers will adapt to live without Smarties as well.

    • Yes they really have a big impact on your heart and we real grown to care a lot about all our rats and it’s hard to lose them. I think Snickers appreciates the extra attention, although she does scratch herself a lot, probably from the stress, we hope she get’s through it eventually.

    • Thanks Sandy! It’s been a hard week, especially as she got so sick so suddenly. And Snickers has a hard time dealing with it as well.

  2. oh my goodness!! I am sorry for you loss, must be really tough right now. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I understand though, my parents dog has been in the family for about ten years now, but they think he has cancer and will need to be put down soon!! So heartbreaking to lose a pet, because they become part of the family. I am pretty excited about the recipe post this week—sounds tasty.
    Renee (@Addictofromance) recently posted…Lusting For Covers (169) The Dangerous LordMy Profile

    • Thanks Renee! Oh I am sorry to hear about your parent’s dog. That must be so hard to go through. We really grow to care a lot about our pets and it’s hard to lose them. They really become part of your family and it’s not the same without them.

      I actually switched this recipe post ahead as I thought it was perfect for summer. I love that salad, it’s easy to make and really good. I hope you’ll enjoy the recipe post.

  3. That’s so sad about poor Snickers. I’m sorry Lola I know how much you love your pets 🙁 It’s horrible when we lose one as they really are part of the family. Thinking of you.
    My site was down a few weeks ago too and I was really panicked. Like you it was the hosting company but until I figured that out I was really bothered in case I had caused it myself. It’s times like that that I wish I had more technical knowledge.
    Trish @ Between My Lines recently posted…The Sunday Post : Get your Bookish News #73My Profile

    • Thanks Trish! It’s been hard to lose Smarties and Snickers has trouble with being alone now. They really are part of our family.

      Same here, I always try to figure it out myself and then after all those hours to realize it was an issue at the hosting company. I was so relieved, but also a bit annoyed I didn’t try that first, but I always look for the problem with myself first.

    • Oh maybe you have the same hosting company or it was a coincidence. It’s really frustrating and worrying when my sites are down.
      I hope Snickers will learn to deal with being alone, we hope to have a few mroe good months with her. She’s a pretty rat indeed.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #137My Profile

    • It really helps to have Snickers still around and I cuddle a lot with her, I think I need it more than her though. Keeping busy works best for me, I was so happy to have a new tour request on monday, it couldn’t have come at a better time.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #137My Profile

  4. I know how hard it is to lose a pet rat. Last year when Lucky suddenly passed away I gave away my big ferret nation rat cage to some online friends who have 16 rats and rescue more when they can because after Flower and Scribbles pass away I don’t plan on adopting any more rats for a few years. I still have their cage and it’s big but I didn’t need the huge cage I had. Give her lots of love and maybe she’ll perk up a little.
    Mary Kirkland recently posted…Flower- My Hairless RatMy Profile

    • We also have a big ferret cage, we’re only usign half of the cage at the moment. It’s too big for her alone, but at least she has enough space. We aren’t planning on taking new rats for a while after this, so we hope Snickers will be okay on her own. We’re giving Snickers a lot of attention and hope that helps.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #137My Profile

  5. I thought I commented yesterday…anyhow, in reply to your comment on my blog, the Secret Sister project does take international people. Be sure you read the description NOW so you know what is expected and make yourself known to the organizers before January.
    I have the jetpack plug-in, but haven’t installed it. I’ve been using Mail Chimp for subscriptions and other things for posting. I should get to know jetpack because it does all in one, I think.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Review: Dead Man’s IslandMy Profile

    • Thanks for letting me know, I’ll make sure to check it out soon so I can decide if I want to join in January.

      Yes Jetpack does a lot of thigns in one, it’s a great plugin and has all these tiny little extra options in one plugin. The sharing buttons on my posts coem from them and the plugin is coupled with my fb and google+ acocunt and posts there. It also has things like contact forms, a few widgets, stats and lots mroe. It’s one of my favourite plugins.

    • We contemplated getting other rats, but at this moment finacially and emotionally we can’t afford it. We want to be financially on more stable footting before we buy new pets. We also thought of giving Snickers to another rat owner, but we love her too much and going to a new home is stressfull too, so we decided to keep her alone, even though that’s hard too.
      And yes I was so happy with the new tour on monday, it really helped to have something to focus on that required all my attention.

  6. I’m still so sorry about Smarties. Does Snickers seem sad about it? When my cat passed away a few years ago, my other two cats because depressed. Their personalities changed a little. They don’t realize he’s gone anymore, but I think it still impacts them a little bit.
    Jenni Elyse recently posted…CurrentlyMy Profile

    • Yes Snickers seems sad about it, sometimes she’s wandering around like she’s looking for someone. It’s so sad. She’s prety depressed, sleeps a lot, eats and drinks less. It’s hard on her. I think we had something that still smelled like Smarties as we put her in the out-of-cage box with a toilet and she went crazy. We threw the box out and cleaned the toilet now. I don’t think she’ll ever be the same again, but I do hope she get’s better.

  7. Oh Lola, I’m so sorry about Smarties. I missed your post about her as I was away again, but I’ll go and find it. I know it’s so hard to lose a beloved pet and I’m sure it’s equally as hard on Snickers to have lost her friend. I’ll be sending loving, healing thoughts your way. And I hope this week is going better. <3
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…#COYER Review ~ Wasted Lust ~ JA HussMy Profile

    • I hope you had a fun vacation or trip! I always lvoe seeign your posts about where you visited.

      It’s always hard to lose a beloved pet and this time it was so suddenly, which makes it even harder. And it’s really hard on Snickers, but I hope she get’s through it eventually, although it might take some time.

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