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I love spring rolls, but at the same time they take a lot of time prearing and a lot of bowls and thus a lot of gross dishes afterwards. Once in a while I just have to make these as they are very good. These spring rolls are filled with veggies of your choice, thin pasta and chicken or tofu and then a peanut butter dip for flavour. I made this a few times and I finally got the hang of this recipe and the best way to roll the spring rolls. If you have some extra time to cook one day, you should give these a try.
This recipe is based on Minimalist Baker their Vietnamese Spring Rolls recipe.
Spring rolls top


Spring Roll Ingredients

  • Red Bell Pepper – 2
  • Thin pasta – 100 gram/ 4 ounces
  • Chicken/ tofu – 1/ 150 gram/ 3/4 cup
  • Spring Roll papers – 16-18
  • Peanut Butter – 4 tablespoon
  • Spy sauce – 2 tablespoons
  • Hot Water
  • Sugar – 2 tablespoons
  • Cilantro and mint (optional)

You can add whatever veggies you want, basically, but I love red bell pepper and was feeling lazy so I only added red bell pepper as veggie this time. Other veggies I recommend are carrots, mango, cucumber or green beans. I make both tofu and chicken sprign rolls this time, I am vegetarian so the tofu ones are for me, the chicken ones are for my boyfriend. This recipe makes around 16-18 spring rolls, which is enough for 4 people. We eat about 4 spring rolls each, they might seem little, but they fill really well. You can eat these warm or cold. We often make enough for two days and the they still taste great a day or two later.


  1. Get the spring roll paper from the freezer so it can thaw a bit.
  2. First slice the veggies in small thin slices. Heat water and cook the veggies for 20 minutes.
  3. Next prepare the peanut butter dip, add the peanut butter, sugar and soy sauce to a bowl and then add water. Stir well until it forms a nice sauce, not too thin, but thin enough that you can pour it. Or just make it the thickness you prefer, we often make it a bit on thick side.
  4. Slice and dice the chicken or tofu, add two tablespoons peanut butter dip and let it marinate for a while.
  5. When the veggies are almost done cooking, start heating the rest of the ingredients. Cook the pasta for about 5 minutes and in a seperate pan bake the chicken/ tofu for about 6 minutes.
  6. Line up all the ingredients so you can easily grab what you need. And fill a deep plate with just boiled water (I use water from the teacooker). And pick a cutting board or broad plate to assemble the spring rolls on.
  7. Now it’s time to prepare the spring rolls. First carefully remove one spring roll papper fro the stack. Place it in the hot water for a few second and then transfer it to the plate. Now pick up about 3 pieces of chicken/tofu, two or three veggie slices and about a tablespoon pasta. Place it near the bottom of the spring roll.Then roll up the corner to cover the ingredients, then fold in the sides and then roll up the spring roll (see pictures). I found out this is the best way to roll them so they don’t fall apart later.
  8. Repeat until all ingredients are gone. Then sit down and enjoy your spring rolls. Pour some dip on top of your roll or dip them in the dip.


Red bell pepper slices

Red bell pepper slices

Cooking the veggies

Red bell pepper cooking

Make the peanut butter dip, sugar, peanut butter (with pieces of nut) and soy sauce

Making the dip

After adding water and stirring well it shoudl look like this:

Peanut butter dip

Dicing the tofu

Tofu diced

Add the peanut butter dip

Tofu with dip

After stirring:

Tofu marinated

Chicken with peanut butter dip (I also added some sambal)

Chicken with dip

After stirring:

Chicken marinated

Cooking the pasta and baking the tofu and chicken

Cooking and baking the ingredients

All the ingredients for in the spring rolls neatly lined up


Spring roll paper, cutting board and deep plate with hot water

Spring roll preparation counter

Carefully remove the top spring roll paper


Put the spring rol paper in the hot water

Put in the hot water

Assemble the ingredients on the spring roll paper

Assemble the ingredients

Roll the bottom of the spring roll up

Roll up the bottom

Fold the sides of the paper inside

Fold in the sides

Tada the first spring roll is done

First spring roll

A plate with four spring rolls AKA dinner

spring rolls

Drizzle the dip on top

spring roll with dip

Close up of inside spring roll

Spring roll close up

Variation Tips

  • Egg Spring Rolls. Break 4 eggs in a bowl, add some soy sauce and sambal and then bake them scrambled. Put inside the roll instead of chicken or tofu.
  • Almond butter dip. Instead of peanut butter use almond butter to make the dip, like Minimalist Baker does in their recipe.

Have you ever tried spring rolls? Which veggies would you put in them?

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20 responses to “Lola’s Kitchen: Spring Rolls Recipe

    • It’s a lot of work,but it get’s easier with time. the first time I stood about 2 full hours in the kitchen, nowadays just a bit longer than an hour. And they are just so yummy. I often make these in the weekends when I want something more special and yummy for dinner.
      Lola recently posted…Review: Freya’s Inferno by Sonja BairMy Profile

    • You can make them with lots of different veggies and flavours or different dips. I usually make thse though, I have tried one other flavour from the same blog as I got this one, but I like these better. They are fun to make and really yummy!

    • The first time it took a long time to make these and it’s pretty complicated, but they are so good, so I keep making them. I hope you give these a try!

  1. Oh yeah, it looks definitely yummy ! I have a pad thai sauce I often make and adore : mix 10cl vegetable brew, 2 “soup spoon” tamari, 2 soup spoon green lemon, 2 soup spoon agave syrup, 1 soup spoon peanut butter (we call it “purée”, nothing but peanut in there), 1 teaspoon hot pepper paste. I absolutely love it and make it every time I can, just try it sometime and tell me what you think of it 🙂
    Red Iza recently posted…Back on August 3rdMy Profile

    • I have tried a few dishes with peanut butter in it and I quite like it. I do admit I was hesitant about it at first as well, but I was pleasantly surprised. I also have a peanut pasta dish I make regularly that I like.

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