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sunday post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What happened this week?

What a weird week, lots of little things that needed to be done/ happened this week, making it still feel like a busy week. The new month started this week and with it one of my april tours started. I also did some work on a review opportunity, even though that one won’t be live until 1 May, it’s all drafted already. My sister is busy planning for the move, she already packed some boxes. And I cleaned out some kitchen cabinets and put some stuff for her in a box. We had a some spices we don’t use, but my sister does use and a few small jars, while we have whole bags, so I gave the jars to my sister. And we had some tea flavours we don’t drink, so I gave those to my sister as well.

I donated another tour this week to an auction. Anna from Herding Cats and Burning Soup is hosting her annual Support the Troops Auction again, so I decided to donate a book blitz to the event! Will let you know when I know when the auction post is live. If you know someone who wants to donate anything you can send them to this form

Thursday on friday night we got a big scare. At a quarter past one at night the doorbell rang and we didn’t dare open it at first, we live in an appartment building so that means not everyone can get in easily unless someone opens the door for them, but if someone rings at night, that’s still creepy. Eventually my boyfriend went to the door and checked the peephole and it turned out there were police outside our door. We quickly opened the door and they explained they had to check our house as they suspected we were growing weed in our house and that the baby in the house below us couldn’t sleep from the smell. So they checked out our house and didn’t found anything, they mentioned one of our room had always drawn curtains and I explained that was because I didn’t want my books to get coloured. So they said sorry and then left. We were a bit shaken and it was such a weird experience. I am still wondering if they found the cause of the smell and if anyone got arrested or if it was false alarm.

Friday we had our half yearly check-up at the dentist. Our dentist started his own dentist business, while he was part of another one at first. So our dentist moved to a new location, I took some time looking the place up on the internet, but it was farily easy to locate. It’s a bit of a longer travel thean the old location, but the inside of the building looks a lot nicer than the old building. Everything looked new! And the best thing is that I didn’t have any carries this time! Yay! My boyfriend does need to get his wisdom teeth pulled, so that’s the bad news :(.

Saturday evening we went to dinner to a sushi/ asian restaurant for my sister birthday. The food was pretty good, but it was a bit busy because of it being easter weekend, but it wasn’t too bad. Before we left for dinner we already gave her, her gifts. We had bought a cat bed for her cat Mimu and a book about stargazing. Mimi already sat in her bed, so that’s good.

What did I cook for dinner this week?

  • Sunday: Shepherd’s Pie
  • Monday: Carrot mash with tofu
  • Tuesday: Risottto with red bell pepper and egg with soy suace and sambal
  • Extra: Apple Crumble
  • Wednesday: Tortilla wraps with curry sauce
  • Thursday: Peanut Butter Pasta
  • Extra: Brownies
  • Friday: Dal Dhokli
  • Saturday: dinner at sushi/ asian restaurant

Random Picture(s) of the Week

Smarties and Snickers with the tissue paradise
Smarties and Snickers in their cage with what we call their tissue paradise. It’s basically three empty tissue boxes connected with tie rips. Our rats really like like them, there are some holes for air in the side and holes that connect the boxes with each other. It’s isn’t the best picture, but if you look closely you can see Smarties her head on the top of the tissue boxes and Snickers sits next to the boxes.

This week I blogged about:

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What to expect next week on the blog:

– Blog Tour: Raising the Stakes by Karen Rock – review
– Cover Reveal
– Review: Lovestruck (True Calling #1.5) by Siobhan Davis
– Lola’s Ramblings: Why I like reading Discussion Posts
– Lola’s Kitchen: Ten Foods I don’t Like

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Book Haul:

how to lose a groom in 10 daysHow to Lose a Groom in 10 Days (Runaway Brides #0.5)
by Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock

Format: e-copy
Source: for review

He thought their love was a grand slam, until his bride calls foul…

After an impulsive courthouse wedding with one of baseball’s rising stars, Melanie Webb wonders if she’s fallen victim to lust at first sight. She hardly knows Grady Hollis, the Atlanta outfielder who swooped into her Florida hometown and charmed the socks—and more!—right off her. She couldn’t resist when he proposed under the stars right on the outfield. But when the aftermath means moving to Atlanta and following him around the country for his eight-month a year travel schedule, she gets cold feet.

But Grady has never been a man to give up on a dream and Melanie is everything he ever hoped for in a woman. He knows if only he can persuade her to come along for the ride, he’ll convince her that their forever can be something special… with a love every bit as fiery as the passion.

the wedding auditionThe Wedding Audition Runaway Brides #0.5)
by Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock

Format: e-copy
Source: for review

The tabloids call her the Hit and Run Bride after reality show star Annamae Jessup walked out on Atlanta’s favorite baseball player on cable television. Eager to escape her notoriety, Annamae takes a road trip to find the grandmother she’s never met and winds up discovering a whole lot more than a band of back woods relatives. There’s no escape from reality TV, even in Beulah, Alabama, population 3000.

The last thing Wynn Rafferty needs in his new life is a spoiled television princess who can’t even know his real name. He’s in temporary witness protection as an apple farmer after his undercover work put his life in danger. He needs to lay low until the heat dies down from his last case— even if he sucks at growing apples as badly as he sucks at relationships. But Annamae turns his new town into a media circus, unwittingly threatening the lives of him, her and most of Beulah. Wynn is an expert at keeping the world at arm’s length, but when it comes to Annamae, the only way he can keep her safe is too keep her very, very close.

kodiak's claimKodiak’s Claim (Kodiak Point #1)
by Eve Langlais

Format: e-copy
Source: free on All Romance on 4 April
You can find Kodiak’s Claim on Goodreads

He might growl, but she’s not afraid to bite.

Hands full taking care of his clan, the last thing this Kodiak bear needs is a woman poking her cute little nose into his affairs. But when she refuses to back down—and shows the courage to stand up to him—he can’t resist the allure of a curvy city girl.

She’s mine. All mine.

And when a rival clan thinks to use her to force his paw, he’ll show them why you never piss off a Kodiak, or threaten what’s his.

Tammy is convinced men are all scum, even gorgeous ones like Reid Carver. She knows he’s hiding something. Something big. She just never expected a real freaking bear hid underneath all those muscles. But when the truth comes out and he tries to scare her off with a roar, she shows him not just bears have bite.

Washing Statue WanderlustWashing Statue Wanderlust (Kami No Sekai Short Story Series #2)
by S.J. Pajonas

Format: e-copy
Source: or review
You can find Washing Statue Wanderlust on Goodreads

This statue doesn’t want to sit around. Can it persuade someone to take it on a holiday?

Yuki has been wishing for good health her whole life, and now she has the chance to get that wish fulfilled.


Shhh… Listen To The Gods.

The Japanese believe the gods live in all things. Trees, appliances, animals, buildings — they all have a spirit living within them. Maybe, if you listen carefully, you can hear them too.


34 responses to “Sunday Post #120

  1. Wow, that must be a shock, to see the police there! I had to laugh a bit at the fact you keep the curtains drawn so your books don’t discolour – I completely get it though, I would totally do the same thing. I’m glad they got to see books instead of weed plants.
    Celine recently posted…The Sunday Post #22My Profile

    • Yeah it was really freaky to get a visit from the police in the middle of the night. I am sure they were surprised when I told them it was to protect my books, but the female officer seemed to understand and they quickly left again after seeing we had no weed plants.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #120My Profile

  2. Ok that would have been pretty scary! Usually when we get the police at our door it is because our neighbour has been partying and a fight has broken out between her and a party guest! Sounds like someone in the building is up to something! I also keep my bedroom curtains closed all day to protect my books so you aren’t the only one who does that!
    chucklesthescot recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #78My Profile

    • This is only the second time in my life we had police at the door, it’s pretty scray, especially as they seemed convinced we were the culprits. I agree it sounds like someone in this building is up to somethign, I hope they catch him/ her soon. And nice to know I am not the only one who keeps the curtains closed to protect their books!

  3. Only because the curtains were drawn ? It must have been so scary ! I completely understand the curtains thing, I thought about it when I wanted to place my cooking books near the windows, lol ! My sympathies go to your boyfriend and the teeth-pulling *shivers*… Happy Easter 😉
    Red Iza recently posted…The sunday post #42 : What’s up ?My Profile

    • Mostly because our neighbours complained of the smell, but then it would make more sense to check the house below them instead of above them, right? It was a bit weird. My sister has a lot of manga’s which are coloured from standign in the sun, I don’t want that to happen to my books, so they can stay in a dark room.

  4. I laughed at the Drawn curtains to not fade your books! A true bookworm lmao! Do you know the people down stairs? We had weed smokers that lived downstairs and OMG it made the house stink however I would assume that if you were smoking the smoke would go up not down. so it must be someone on the side of them not above them.

    I had my wisdom teeth pulled it wasn’t fun but it also wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Just tell him to rest after a good 24 hours of sleep and not talking is the best. Plus a lot of mushy food.

    Have a wonderful week Lola! <3
    Michelle@Because Reading recently posted…HAPPY EASTER!!!~WIR & TSPMy Profile

    • The people down stairs only live there for a month or two I think, it’s a couple with their baby. I don’t know the people below them either, so maybe those caused the smell? Like you said it would make sense if your house stinks the cause is from the people downstairs. But maybe they already checked that? The whole situation was just so weird.

      Thanks for the tips! Making some mushy food should be doable as we love mashed potatoes. He probably wait with making the appointment till summer as then he doens’t have any school.

  5. What a frightening visit from the cops! I need to read up on the law there because isn’t weed legal there? Or is it legal to buy but not grow? Or you need a license or something? Anyway, I would imagine it would be the unit below or next door, not above! My books are all in a bookshelf with doors on it that protect against light so I know what you mean there! 🙂
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…REVEALED To Become A NovellaMy Profile

    • The laws surrounding weed are a bit confusing, but basically you can own and buy weed and even sell it, but only in certain quantities. So you can grow up to 5 plants for personal consumption or something like that, but you can’t convert your whole room to planting weed, that is illegal. I don’t know the exact amounts, but that’s what it comes down to.

      And that’s the same response we had, why check the house above those who complain of smell? Why not go below or next door first. It was really weird and didn’t make sense.

      And that’s a great idea as well to have doors! I have a room were we store our books and bedding and food for the rats, so we just leave the curtaisn closed always I guess it looks suspicious from the outside, lol.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #120My Profile

    • It was scary indeed. It was the middle of the night and there were quite some police officers in front of our appartment. I hope they found the real culprit.
      And rats are great pets, it’s so fun to see them enjoy simple toys like tissue boxes. We have an empty 5 liter apple juice box for them in the cage next week.

    • It was a scary experience indeed, even when you know you are doing nothing wrong, it’s still gave me a scare to see about four police people in front of our door.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #120My Profile

  6. Interesting events in the middle of the night. I live in a house, not an apartment, and we never open our shades. Mainly because I have so much “stuff” along the walls under the windows, that it’s too much bother to reach over it to get to the shade controls. I guess it does help protect the books, but I have very few that I intend to keep, so I don’t worry too much about it.

    I took a look at a couple of your book tours and blitzes. Those sound like fun. Enjoy all your new books.

    • Yeah it was an eventfull nights. I guess in an appartment building you can have these thigns happen when one of your neighbours complains of something, but it was just weird it was in the middle of the night and I still have no clue if they found anything. Thanks for checking out my tours and blitzes!
      Lola recently posted…Blog Tour: Raising the Stakes by Karen RockMy Profile

    • It was scary indeed. I haven’t heard anything about it after that, so not sure if they actually caught where the smell wa scomign from or not.
      Our rats love their tissue boxes or other boxes. Now they have a big 5 liter box which used to contain a bag of apple juice, it’s one of their favourite boxes as it’s so big. They do ruin them pretty fast, but for a week or so, they have fun with it.

  7. Wow that’s crazy and would have scared me to have police at my door late at night. My mind goes immediately to thinking something’s happened to someone 🙁 What’s crazier is how little sense it makes. If the smell is downstairs, y’all are the least likely source! Its probably coming from below or next to them. And crazier yet, isn’t weed legal there? Like you can even sell it, right? I had to laugh though – all over a drawn curtain to protect your books! LOL, I totally get it 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good week! Happy birthday to your sister and tell your BF getting wisdom teeth out is actually pain free. I had them out like 6 years ago and it was no big deal 🙂 The bad part is the cost :/
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun recently posted…Why do YOU book sniff?My Profile

    • Yeah it was weird and didn’t make much sense. And while weed is legal here, you can’t have mroe than 5 weed plants if I remember correctly. If you have more than that it’s illegal, same goes for selling I think, but on the other hand buying and using is legal. Even the laws don’t make sense.
      It does look like we’re hiding something in that room with those brightly coloured red curtains always drawn, lol. They didn’t explicetly mention it was because of the curtains, but I got the feeling that that was the reason.

      I’ll let my bf know the cost is the worst part. I think he need to have all four of his wisdom teeth removed as they grow horizontal.
      Lola recently posted…Review: Lovestruck by Siobhan DavisMy Profile

    • I hope we don’t have any problems with them anymore after this. They are new enighbours and I don’t know them very well, but this incident certainly makes me think a bit less of them. And I am happy to hear I am not the only one who keeps my curtains close, we often close our curtains in other rooms as well in the winter in the evenings and in the summer when the sun is on them.
      Lola recently posted…Review: Lovestruck by Siobhan DavisMy Profile

  8. I wonder if the neighbours with the baby had just made something up about a smell… and really, it’s forbidden to have the curtains drawn in one of your rooms?? I would have been more than a little angry, I think, and I wouldn’t have let the police come inside if they didn’t have a warrant. I’m glad they were able to see that you weren’t growing any weed in your spare room, though… (Is that actually illegal in the Netherlands? It’s legal for people to grow their own in Switzerland).

    You got some really nice books this week, Lola, and I hope you’ll enjoy them all. The picture of Snickers and Smarties is nice – and what a good idea to make use of old tissue boxes like that 🙂

    Have a great rest of the week and happy reading 🙂
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Review: Sugar on the Edge – Sawyer BennettMy Profile

    • The whole situation was just so weird and we were so surprised I didn’t even think to refuse them entry as we had nothing to hide, but yeah afterwards we certainly got a bit angry at the accusation. It’s legal to grow your own weed, but there’s a limit of 5 plants, if you have more it’s illegal. It’s not forbidden and they didn’t mention it, but I got the feeling that the closed curtains were one of the reasons we were suspected.

      We keep lots of empty boxes like this to put them in their cage, it makes for a ncie variety of toys in their cage and it’s cheap as well. This week they have an empty apple juice box.
      Lola recently posted…Review: Lovestruck by Siobhan DavisMy Profile

    • I am glad I could help by donating a tour and you’re such an awesome blogger, so I am happy to help or support you if I can :).

      I spend a lot of time cuddling with Smarties and Snickers nowadays, it’s been hard after losing Pita and I am giving them as much attention as I can. Every evening I read for an hour in our bed with them, they often lie down as close to my legs as possible, it’s adorable.
      Lola recently posted…Lola’s Kitchen: Ten Foods I don’t likeMy Profile

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