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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What happened this week?

This was a pretty full week with lots of things going on. It also was quite the productive week. I finished up the assistant work of this month for all 6 of the authors I work for, made a start on some assistant work for next month already and I put two new review opportunities live.

Daylight Saving time started last weekend here, so that messed things up a bit. It took me almost the whole week to feel used to the new time again.

We had this weird rotten smell in the house for a few days and I finally figured out what was the cause. It seems I over-watered one of my plants and it started rotting, yeah not nice. And this is a plant I kept alive for about 4-6 year or so, so I don’t even know how this happened. We’re now waiting till the soil is dry before determining whether it survived or not. Normally I am pretty good at keeping our plants alive, but I mess up now and then and either over-water or give too little water to a plant.

I also landed in a bit of a weird reading mood again. I read a great book last weekend, but then a 3 star book (Apple Strudel Alibi) in a series I really enjoy so far and my other current read (Beneath the Mists) wasn’t as good as I hoped, despite having a great premise and good world building. I felt like I wasn’t reading the books that fit my mood and I think it’s time for some mood reading. So after I finished Apple Strudel Alibi I picked a bunch of books that I really wanted to read and then picked one of those. I went with Shoot the Messenger and so far it’s really good and exactly the type of read I was in the mood for.

March Reading Stats

Books that I read:
The Little LibraryGood Luck CharmPriestess BoundThe MonolithThe Mermaid's EscapeDragon SlayersUnder FireThe Secret HeirApple Strudel Alibi
  • Amount of Books Read: 9 (1 less than in February)
  • Genres: 4 Paranormal Romances, 2 Contemporary Romances, 1 Fantasy Romance, 1 Science Fiction Romance and 1 Cozy Mystery
  • Favorite Book: Priestess Bound by Lidiya Foxglove
  • Ratings: 5 books got a 4 star and 4 books got a 3 star
  • Age Category: 5 Adult books and 4 Young Adult books
  • Book Length: 8 full length books and 1 novella
  • Source: 7 books I got for review and 2 I bought
  • New to me Authors: 2 new to me authors: Kim Fielding and Kellie McAllen
  • Publisher: I read 8 self published and 1 from Riptide Publishing
  • Type of Romance: had a RH (Reverse Harem) romance, 3 books had a FM romance and 1 MM Romance
  • Romance focus: 6 books had romance as the main focus, 1 books had romance as a side plot line and 2 had only a hint of romance
  • Point of View: 6 Female main characters, 1 Male main character, 1 multiple point of view and 1 Dual Point of view
  • Country:
  • 5 books took place in the USA, 1 Fantasy World, 1 in the fictional town Edge, 1 on a inhabitable island and 1 in Austria

What did I read this week?

The Secret HeirApple Strudel Alibi

The Secret Heir was a great sequel and even better than the first book. I really liked seeing how the relationships progressed and learning more about the world. Apple Strudel Alibi switched things up with a different setting, but sadly I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous books in the series. I missed some of the familiar characters and the setting and the murder mystery didn’t pull me in as much as I would’ve liked.

What did I cook for dinner this week?

This week I blogged about:

Review: The Little Library by Kim Fielding
Review: Legacy by LJ Swallow

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Review: The Secret Heir by Siobhan Davis
– Review: Upstaged by Teyla Branton

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:

Review Opportunities:
Raindrops on Roses by Millenia Black
The Most Special Chosen by Rachel de la Fuente
Signs of Innocence by Rumer Raines
After All by Laurie WinterNew!
Death Island by Kelsey KetchNew!
Check the full list of open review opportunities here.

Cover Reveals:
Phi Alpha Pi by Sara Marks – 23 April

Blog Tour: Phi Alpha Pi by Sara Marks – 14 till 28 May
Beyond the Moon by RJ Wood – 16 till 22 April
Book Blitz: The Nerdy Necromancer – 24 April

Book Haul:

Dance With Darkness

I got only one book this week, A Dance With Darkness, which was on my wishlist so when it released for only 99 cents I bought my copy. I really like the sound of this one and hope to read it soon.

Do you have a green thumb or not?


24 responses to “Sunday Post #276

  1. Hey, way to go staying ahead of your work pile. Oops, I’ve accidentally over-watered before. Oddly, it was the same way- older plant that I could water in my sleep and get it right when suddenly it decided it didn’t need the usual amount for a few weeks and then was back to normal amount.

    Ah, too bad about the reading moodiness, but good idea to just go with it. That is always such a struggle about being a reviewer. I want to read books in time to go with their releases or soon after I get them, but then I suddenly am not in the mood for the ones I put on the calendar for that week.

    Not a bad spread of books over the month. Surprised to see the low amount of contemporary and cozy, but you did get some great PNR books so it makes sense. Interesting split on the YA and adult, too.

    Yay for snagging one for sale off your wish list.

    Have a great Easter, Lola, and glad you got adjusted to the time change!

    • It’s so weird that I over watered that plant as we had it for years and I always give it the right amount of water. I am still letting it dry and seeing if it survives, but I am afraid we’ll have to throw it away.

      I agree it really is a struggle sometimes to keep up with releases and read what you want.

      I think I overdid it a bit with the Paranormal Romances and maybe that’s what caused the reading moodiness. I seem to have a lot of paranormal romances on my schedule for this month as well, so I’ll have to keep an eye on that, so I don’t request too many of that genre.

  2. Sorry to hear about over-watering the plant – it could be that unexpected cooler weather checked its growth spurt so that it didn’t need so much water and then overwatering would cause it to slow down… it becomes a vicious cycle after that:(. If it’s smelling, then I’m guessing that it has probably had it. But I wouldn’t wait for it dry out – repot it now using much drier compost and cut out all the rotten material. If you take it out of the pot and find the roots have turned into a slimy mess, then you know you have to get rid of it anyhow.

    You’ve had a great reading month – a nice spread of books with plenty of variety, which I find helps me avoid a reading slump:). Have a great week and I’m glad you are now acclimatised to the summer time.

    • Maybe that’s the cause indeed, that it needed less water as I almost gave some other plants too much water as well. I have to keep a close eye on that with the changing weather. It’s not smelling anymore, but I am afraid the roots started rotting.

      Same here, I have to keep plenty of variety to avoid reading slumps. I have to be careful not to read/request too much Paranormal Romances as I think that might’ve caused my weird reading mood last week.

  3. I have over watered a plant or two in my time. Sometimes I can bring the plant back – sometimes not. What can you do. I try to be good about it and pick two days in the week to water them. I have a few. Hope you have a great day. I guess I should have included a wrap up with March being done but I didn’t.

    Mary my #SundayRoundup #12!

    • I a still waiting to see what the plant will do. It’s not smelling anymore, but I doubt it will survive. I always have set days when I water them, but sometimes forget or move it.

    • I have a bunch of live plants and a few fake ones as well. I had a hard time keeping plants alive, but lately seem to be doing better, until this one at least.

  4. Sorry to heart about your plant. I am awful when it comes to keeping any type of plant or flower alive, don’t know why. My mother always had beautiful flowers beds and plants, but they don’t last long with me. No green thumb here I guess. I hope yours makes it.

    Looks like you had a great reading month though. And what a great deal on A Dance With Darkness, the cover is gorgeous! Happy reading.

    • I usually do pretty well keeping them alive, but some plants I seem to have trouble with. Not sure how I suddenly messed up with this plant tough. I don’t think it will make it, but I am still waiting to see what happens.

      It sure is a gorgeous cover and it sounds great too!

    • I hope the plant might survive still, but I don’t think it will. I just seem to have some trouble finding the books I really want to read and one moment it goes great and the other moment I get irritated by small things.

    • I am not sure yet if it will survive. It still looks okay and stopped smelling, but last time I checked it still wasn’t fully dry again.

  5. That’s awesome you’ve been so productive 🙂 Sorry about the plant though. Hopefully it survived. I literally wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to take care of a plant. You read lots of SFF in March! I’ve been having a mood reading problem too, except mine is that I’m in the mood for something specific, but I can’t seem find books that fit my mood. I read one, and it was great, but then I tried another that I ended up DNFing cuz it was not what I was expecting, and then I tried another that ended up being 3 stars. It’s frustrating when you know your mood but can’t find the right books!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Book Recs: April/May 2018 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Releases to Get Excited AboutMy Profile

    • I still hope the plant might survive, but it probably won’t. I really did read a lot of SFF books in March. It’s so difficult sometimes to find the right books to read, either because you don’t know what your mood is or because you can’t find the right books.

    • I managed to keep some alive for quite a while now, so I am a bit sad I overwatered this on e. But who knows it might still survive.

      I am glad to hear you enjoyed Death Island, it sure sounds like a good one.

  6. Ugh Daylight Savings! I wish they would leave our clocks alone, it’s so frustrating getting used to the time switch. Sounds like you managed to be pretty productive, despite that though 🙂

    Sorry about your plant, I hope it survives! I have a black thumb and kill every plant I get – so I don’t really do plants. I tend to over water, under water, and just plain old forget about them for days, weeks, — ahem — months, while they die a slow death.

    Hope you’re having a great week 🙂
    Berls recently posted…Just a Few In Death Reads… I’m an addict y’all!My Profile

    • Me too. I wish they would just pick one time and stick with it. I hate the time switch.

      I do manage to remember to water my plants usually, but sometimes over water them or underwater them. I am not sure yet if the plant survives.

  7. Uh oh, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like Apple Strudel Alibi! I’m looking forward to reading that one eventually. It’s on my TBR list. 🙂 Thanks for taking care of all that work for me! I’m so glad I hired you to help me out. 🙂
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…On Vacation Through April 7th!My Profile

    • It still was a decent read, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other books. It might’ve been my weird reading mood tough. I am glad I can help you out with this work :).

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