Review: There Goes the Bride by Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock

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There Goes the BrideThere Goes the Bride (Runaway Brides #3)
by Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock

Hair stylist Lindsey Ballard hates answering questions about her family’s country music roots in Nashville. She’s been avoiding music producer, Myles Emery, at all costs, who’s trying to write a book on her famous relative. But he can’t get to her today. It’s her wedding day. Or so she thought…

When Lindsey suddenly needs to call off the ceremony to Atlanta’s popular mayoral candidate, she makes her getaway with the persuasive producer, all the while trying to ignore the chemistry between them that had never existed with her ex.

Myles Emery has his own reasons for needing the truth about a country music legend–secrets the Ballard family keeps closely guarded. But when he happens to catch Lindsey running out on her wedding, he knows his luck is about to change. Too bad Myles wants Lindsey on first sight and the attraction is making it complicated to stay on task. “Uncovering her secrets” begins to take on a whole new, delectable meaning…

My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

I really am enjoying this series so far with it’s light-hearted feel and enough seriousness intermingled, these books are fun and enjoyable. The commom theme in this series is that they are all about weddings and something goes wrong and the bride runs away, hence the name Runaway Brides. The characters are also connected to the next female main character, so the female main character of book 1 know the female main character of book 2 and she knows the main character of book 3, but beside that there isn’t much overlap. While I enjoyed this book, I enjoyed it less than the previous two books. This one was fun, but was missing that extra burst of fun the other two books had.

There Goes the Bride follows Lindsey, the hairdresser after she walks out of her own wedding and meets movie producer Myles. I didn’t fully connect with the characters. I liked Lindsey, but I found Myles was more difficult to like. Lindsey is going through a difficult situation and Myles was there to harras her on her wedding, that just didn’t sit right with and while he turns that down later, I still thought it felt a bit off how he was trying to unearth Lindsey her grandma’s secrets.

While in the second book the female main character runs away from what she knows and back to a remote city, Lindsey actually runs back to her hometown. One of my favourite parts of this book was seeing her and her sister interact there is this huge gap between them due to something that happened 10 years ago and they start of cold and opposed, but gradually warm and become sisters again. I really liked this and how it showed at the same time how family can grow apart and how a family grow back together again. It’s not entirely solved at the end, but they are making progress and I am even wondering whether Sam will have her own book as well.

While it was a sweet romance story I felt at times they moved a bit too fast, especially with how this is almost an enemies to lovers book. They are fighting with each other, but also jump in bed together. I just can’t fully grasp how you can dislike and like someone at the same time like that. I also found Myles obsession with the secret a bit overdone especially with how his mother didn’t even care about it. I did like how they resolved things in the end, although at the same time it made me feel like the conflict was pointless, although ofcourse they had to go through that or else they wouldn’t have arrived at the conclusion they did. I guess I just didn’t like the conflict. I also thought it was fun this book ended differently than the second book and left things a bit more open ended.

To conclude: this is a great series for when you’re in the mood for a fun romance series. The romance moves a bit fast in this book and I wasn’t a fan of the conflict and how they grew together, but it was a fun book. I enjoyed seeing Lindsey and her sister interact after years of avoiding each other. I had some trouble liking Myles at first, although he became more likeable later on in the book. All in all it’s a fun series and I am looking forward to the next book in this series.


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Have you ever read a book centered around a wedding that goes wrong? Can you still enjoy a romance book where you don’t feel the romance?


10 responses to “Review: There Goes the Bride by Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock

    • It was just so weird how they were fighting against each other, but also falling in bed and they sort of tried to keep those two things seperated. Like you said it doesn’t make sense to me either. The small town setting and fmaily reunion and growing closer together was my favourite part of this book.

  1. Hmm, I think I’ve actually only read one or two books that had a wedding scene in them, no books have I read revolve completely around this type of situation. Noooooo! If I cant feel the romance and the “kissie kissie” isnt up to par, I totally bail. LOL
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    • I aslo haven’t read much wedding themed books, a few books that have a wedding at the end. These books alstart with a wedding gone wrong, which is a fun overarching theme. It was just sad I didn’t feel the romance, luckily the last book in the series was a 4 star read again, so it just seemed to be this book only where the romance didn’t work for me. I think it’s because the whole enemies to lovers plot doesn’t work for me.

        • Yeah this book was the odd one out, that I enjoyed less. I don’t think I’ve read an enemies to lover book that I really liked. Only a few mild instances where the main characters fight a bit, but it’s not that serious. It’s just hard for me to buy how people who are on totally different sides of an issue to the point of describing them as enemies, can fall in love.

          • I’m on the same side as you, I always enjoyed the theory of enemies to lovers but realistically it is pretty much impossible. Like you, I just dont get how you can be with someone when like you said your on opposite sides and that comes with mean words and actions being hurled towards each other. I cant ever see a relationship like that lasting. Maybe one day Lola,we shall find a really good book with this trope!
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            • I am still hoping I ever will find a book with this trope that is well written, but so far I haven’t had much luck with books with this trope.

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