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Last week on wednesday, my boyfriend and I visited a zoo. I made a lot of pictures, but didn’t want to cram them all in my sunday post, so I thought why not make a post about it. It might not be a discussion like most of my other Lola’s Ramblings posts, but it did give me an opportunity to share my pictures with you and tell you about our trip. And considering we don’t go on trips like these often it felt special to me. I hope it’s still a fun post!

Our visit to “Blijdorp”

The name of this zoo is “Blijdorp” (which litterally translated would mean something like happy village), it’s located in Rotterdam. As we wanted enough time to spent in the zoo, we had to stand up a bit earlier than normal. A little before 11 o’clock we left our appartment, after a short walk we took the bus and then the metro to Rotterdam central, from where we walked to Blijdorp. On Rotterdam central we bought some bread for lunch as it’s even more expensive to buy food in the zoo. We also got some sunscreen as we didn’t have any left at home and it was going to be sunny. Even though we had sunscreen I still got a slight sunburn on my cheeks.

When we arrived we watched a few animals and then found a nice spot to sit and eat something, while watching the wolves cage. We didn’t see any wolves, but it was quite funny to see new people walk up to the cage, watch through the glass and then quickly decide there where no wolves in sight and walk on. The zoo has two entrances, but the other entrance is getting more popular, so it wasn’t as busy in the area where we entered the zoo. After we had something to eat, we went to find a toilet and on our way there found a shop that sold something called Chocolate Kebab, it looked delicious, so we gave it a try. It was a sort of pancake with whipped cream, a sauce and topping of your choosing and lots of chocolate. The Chocolate was rasped from a block of chocolate shaped like kebab, so that’s where the name came from. The chocolate kebab was delicious, we shared one of those and were quite full after that, there’s a picture of the choco kebab in the picture list below.

After that we picked our route through the zoo and slowly made our way to the back of the zoo where the Oceanium was with the water animals. On our way there we bought another snack, a potato chip like snack with salt, cheese, BBQ or sour and salt toping on it. Next to the oceanium is a restaurant where we wnated to get a drink, but it was closed. The shop next to it was open and we bought a purple pluche snake. Then we went to the oceanium and saw the penguins and other water animals there. After seeing the animals there we made our way back again and took a few more breaks as we had gotten tired by then. The new cage for the lion’s wasn’t opened sadly, but we did checked out the new restaurant and both got a cup of earl grey there. After that we visited the last few animals we hadn’t seen yet and after seeing most of the zoo, we made our way back home again.

We had a fun day, the weather was perfect, suny, but not too warm. We got to see a few young animals, like the young polar bears, and some of the animals had a new cage that wasn’t there last time. Some animals you can get really close by, I got a close up picture from a prairie dog, where the visitors can walk in between them, they are close enough to touch, which is fun. There are also a few cages with birds that you can enter and walk through. And there was a crocodille lying next to the glas. It’s nice to see the animals up close like that. We also got lucky with the tiger, the tiger walked right by the glass just as we stood there. It was amazing to see a tiger from so close by, I didn’t got to take a picture though. Some other animals like the polar bears and elephants we only got to see from afar. And some animals we didn’t see, like the wolves. At some cages like the meerkats and the red birds we stayed a while watching them. What I like about this zoo is that most animal have nice spacious cages that are made too look like their natural habitat. The penguins are always one of my favourite animals, but they moved them a while back to the oceanium, so now they are behind the glass and harder to watch, although we did saw a few swim by close by the glass.




Choco Kebab












Polar Bears


Red Birds


Do you like visiting the zoo? What is your favourite animal to see?


14 responses to “Lola’s Ramblings: Visiting the Zoo

  1. I’m a huge fan of zoos. I’m a volunteer at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. It has been voted the best zoo in the US several times. It has me very spoiled. I’m a huge fan of the big cats, but I also enjoy the flying foxes. They are so cute. They’re like chihuahuas with wings. They’re about the same size too. Because I’m there so much, I get attached to specific animals too. There is a bear there that is 42 years old. She is the sweetest thing and quite the princess. When she lays down, she always finds something to use as a pillow, even if it is a rock. Glad you had fun.
    Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons recently posted…Midnight’s Kiss Audiobook by Thea Harrison (Review)My Profile

    • Oh that sounds fun volunterring at a zoo. And now I wish I could visit that zoo. I don’t think they have flying voxes at the zoo we went to. I can imagine how you get attached to the animals if you are there often. That bear sounds sweet! They only have polar bears at the zoo we went to.

    • I also loved seeing the sea otters as well, I am not sure they still have them at the zoo we went to. We did found a cage where they were supposed to be, but didn’t see anything and weren’t sure if they were still there.
      That sounds fun being on a committee at your local zoo!

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun! Chocolate Kebab sounds like a cool treat as does your other snack:) That’s funny everyone just kept walking past the wolves, but it looks like you saw plenty of other animals tho! Did you not get to see the penguins this time around?

    I love the zoo, but not how crowded it is. I always love visiting the bears and the Kangaroos. A few years ago I actually got to go into the Kangaroo exhibit and pet him, which was sooo awesome course it was apparently dangerous as well but I didnt feel like he was a mean one. I will never go to the reptile house though! Snakes are really gross.
    Lanie recently posted…Review:Vixen (Midnight Liaisons #2.1) by Jessica SimsMy Profile

    • The Chocolate Kebab was really good. And seeing all those people try and find the wolves was fun. We did se the penguins, but they are behind glass now and for some reason I dislike watching them through the glass, the glass makes me eyes hurt and makes it a bit harder to watch them. They used to be outside first. We did see a few swim past right in front of us, which was cool.

      It’s not summer vacation here yet, so it wasn’t too crowded, although there was one school on a school trip there. I once got to pet a penguin once they were still outside, they apparantly can bite, but I was just so excited to get to pet one and I wans’t afraid of them. I cna imagine it must have been awesome to get to pet a Kangerouu. The first two pictures are of walibi’s, a type of small kangaroo’s I think, we could walk through their exhibit.

      • Hehe, at least you guys knew where they were at:D Aw, I wonder why they did that! Maybe the penguins ended up biting someone so they wanted to put a barrier between everyone? That stinks you didnt get to enjoy the penguins, that glass is really odd. Its like some weird plastic, we have that here at our Zoo.

        Their so cute! I dont think our zoo had them just the big Kangaroos, so you guys are lucky:) I can imagine how cool that would be to just walk up to the penguins and start petting them. They probably were use to people and liked you so they didnt start nibbling on you!:)
        Lanie recently posted…Review:Vixen (Midnight Liaisons #2.1) by Jessica SimsMy Profile

        • I think the penguins do have a bigger cage now and more space to swim, so I guess it was for the best for the penguins. And most sea animals are located on that side of the park now, so I think that’s why they moved the penguins. The glass distorts things a bit and for some reaosn I don’t like watching through it.

          I’ve never seen the big kangeroos, only these smaller ones. They were pretty cute and it’s fun getting to close to them.

          It’s still a fond memory that I got to pet a penguin. And indeed they probably are used to humans.

  3. Ah, glad you did a post on your trip to the zoo. A beautiful day, good eats, and animals with your best guy- perfect.

    Love seeing your pictures. That potato chip looks intriguing. And I’m always up for chocolate. Adorable animal pictures! My favorites are always the aquarium and the elephants.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Desperado by Lisa Bingham #ReviewMy Profile

    • Yes it was a pretty perfect day! The chocolate kebab and potato chip snack where really good, I always like eating special food like that which they only sell in theme parks and zoo’s usually. I like the aquarium, but I don’t like watching through the glass. We didn’t got to see the elephants up close this time, I am always amazed how big those animals are.

    • Yeah we had a lot of fun. Sorry didn’t mean to make your hungry, I just love food and had to share pictures of the choco kebab and the potato snack. I wish I could go back just to get another choco kebab, it was really good. That’s nice you also live close to a zoo. It just is fun to visit the zoo’s.

  4. I’m getting caught up on posts after being away all weekend! This trip to the zoo looks like it was a ton of fun, especially since the weather was nice too. I love the meerkats and that big, happy crocodile 🙂 I don’t get to go to the zoo very often but I definitely want to go this summer if we can.
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…UtopYA 2015 Wrap-UpMy Profile

    • I hope you get to visit the zoo this summer. I really like visiting, the meerkats and prairie dogs were some of my favourites animals this time. And it was so fun to see that crocodile so close to the glass. It’s nice to see them up close like that as you normally don’t get that opportunity. We had a lot of fun and I am so happy the weather was nice.

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