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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
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What happened this week?

This was an okay-ish week. Some days were a bit meh, but others were quite good. It was a pretty good week work wise and I got a good amount of hours of assistant hours done. I also sent out media kits for the blog tour that starts next week. On Wednesday I had a pretty bad headache, I did my work for the day and then took things slowly.

I have some trouble kicking this funk that’s I’ve been in for the past few months. Some days really are a struggle, but then other days go smoothly. And the grey and gloomy weather sure isn’t helping either, I am definitely ready for spring to get here. What is helping is good books. I also seem to have a lower tolerance for books that don’t grab my attention and after struggling through half of Arctic Sun before it got better I actually DNF’d two audiobooks this week within half an hour of starting as they weren’t gripping me (with one the story didn’t grip me and the other the narrator didn’t work for me). Until I found an audiobook that worked for me. And now I am reading 3 books that I all like which is great and makes me happy.

Earlier in the week I also started copying some of my reviews over to Bookbub. As I figured if I can’t review on Amazon, I’ll make sure to review on Bookbub instead. I haven’t heard back from Amazon besides their initial e-mail about not having spend $50, which I have. And then later in the week I thought I would try and leave a review and noticed I can review again on Amazon, yay! So I guess that’s fixed. And now that I started with Bookbub, guess I’ll just review upcoming books there as well.

On Saturday my mom and her husband stopped by to help install the new mosquito netting on our windows before it gets warm. I had to remove the old ones last year when they were painting the outside of our building, so it’s great to have the new ones up. They also helped fix another small thing and then stayed a bit for some tea and talking.

And we watched Black Panther last week and it was quite good and the whole movie looked great too.

What did I read this week?

Love Lies and Hocus Pocus Beginnings audiobookArctic Sun

I really enjoyed my re-read of Love Lies and Hocus Pocus Beginnings, the audiobook version was great and I think the narrator was perfect for the book. She also did a great southern accent and her voice for Lily was spot on. Book 2 should be out on audio soon too, so I plan to listen to that too. Arctic Sun was just okay, I struggled with the first half and didn’t feel the romance with it being a bit one sides at first and one guy pushing the other a bit into it, but the second half was a lot better with more depth and intimacy. I liked the Alaska setting, but would’ve more descriptions.

What did I cook for dinner this week?

This week I blogged about:

Review: Due East, Beasts and Campfire Feasts by Erin Johnson
Review: Deadhead and Buried by H.Y. Hanna

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Review: The Fairer Hex by Lidiya Foxglobe
– Review: Counting on You by Laura Chapman
– Lola’s Kitchen: Green Beans with Chicken recipe

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Book Haul:

First FlyghtThe Daydreamer Detective Finds Her Calling

One of my most anticipated releases for this year landed in my inbox this week and I started it as soon as I finished my current read. And then The Daydreamer Detective Finds Her Calling arrived later this week. Two Pajonas reads to read in the same month, it certainly was my lucky week :).

What’s the best movie you watched recently?


26 responses to “Sunday Post #326

  1. Yes, that does sound like a good week with work done and visits and a couple of most anticipated books showing up. We had a couple spring days this week when I could get the windows open and freshen the rooms, but then we got snow this weekend so spring is still trying to oust winter around here. Glad the Amazon situation worked out. I’m slowly getting my reviews up on Bookbub a few at a time.
    I agree about not feeling the need to keep going when a book isn’t working for me. Glad the Lydia Shearer on audio was fab for you.

    Have a great week, Lola!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Audio Book Review: Whatever You Need by Barbara LongleyMy Profile

    • The weather seems to be crazy everywhere this year. Here it’s been fluctuating from week to week too.

      I am glad I got the Amazon situation resolved and can review there again. I am planning to keep adding some reviews to Bookub a few at a time too.

      I am glad I DNF’d the two audios that didn’t work for me and found a good one to listen to. I plan to re-read the whole series sin audio. Book 2 just released this week in audio.

  2. I have never reveiwed on Bookbub so far but as Amazon proves to be more difficult I guess I will. Here to hope the grey clouds will leave you soon!

    • I never reviewed on Bookbub until now, but I think I’ll keep reviewing there for now as it’s quite easy to do. And in case Amazon ever is being difficult again with my reviews, it’s nice to have another place I can review.

    • I found Bookbub quite easy to figure out, I already had an account, so I just made some changes to my profile and started posting reviews.

    • We get quite some mosquitoes here in summer and I don’t want them in our house, having screens on our windows works a lot.

    • We haven’t had much snow here this year, I actually mind the snow less than all the grey skies and wind and rain we’ve had her,e but I probably wouldn’t say that if I actually had to go somewhere with snow or if we got it more often. I think DNFíng a book when it’s not working for you is a good skill to have.

  3. Sounds like a pretty good week. I feel you on the funk – it’s so easy to get into one. I think the key is to do exactly what you’re doing, DNF books that aren’t working for you – at least least for the time being. I’m glad you’ve got 3 books going that you are enjoying.

    I used to faithfully put every review on goodreads, amazon, and B&N — now I’m just glad to get it up on Goodreads and my blog. I really should do better with that. I try to remember to get my reviews up for authors that don’t have a huge following on Amazon, but it’s not a strength of mine :/

    Have a great week!
    Berls recently posted…Sunday Post with Berls | Big NewsMy Profile

    • It’s hard to get out of the funk, but I hope small steps will be working eventually. I am glad I DNF’d the books that didn’t work for me, And it was great to have 3 good books going at the same time.

      I made it part of my reviewing routine and I always do it, so it sort of goes automatically. I feel that if I’ve taken the effort to write the review (which takes the most times), I can try to make sure it’s on as many places as I can. Not sure how many people actually read my review son the other sites tough as my blog and Goodreads are the places I feel most people see it, but that also might be because people actually comment or like there.

  4. Glad that work is going well, Lola – but I’m sorry that you were zapped by another headache this week. I hope this coming week is headache-free:))

    • Sadly I had another headache this week, although not quite as bad as the one last week. I am glad work continues to go well.

    • They never removed my old reviews luckily, I just wasn’t able to write new ones. Luckily I can write reviews again now. I hope I’ll be out of my funk soon.

    • Amazon sure makes it a hassle or potential hassle to review there. I hope we get mroe sun soon as I think that will help for my mood.

    • I sure hope it won’t happen again as it was a pain. This time of the year seems pretty tough, I hope we get better weather soon and hopefully I’ll feel better.

  5. I’m finally getting around to reading blogs from last week! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been in and out of funks. I find I’m like that at the end of winter when I see good weather coming, but it’s not all the time. I’m also glad to hear that Amazon is letting you review again! That’s fantastic news.

    I’m glad you had the chance to read two of my books this month. It felt strange sending out two of them like that, but I knew it was a good idea to get things rolling. 🙂
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…Some News About Me and Website Email Sign-upsMy Profile

    • I hope it might be related to the winter and that when the weather gets better so do I. Maybe next year I’ll look into a blue light lamp or something, maybe that helps. I am so glad Amazon is letting me review again in time for your next daydreamer release day :).

      It was awesome to read two of your books this month :). It really helps a lot to have great books to read when feeling not so good.

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