Lola’s Kitchen: Spiced Pointed Cabbage Recipe

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It’s rare when I eat pointed cabbage. I tend to stay with those few veggies I like and vary with those, but once in a while I buy and pointed cabbage and make this recipe. It’s the only recipe I know that involves pointed cabbage. This recipe is based on a recipe by one of my mom’s previous boyfriends named Hans. Hans liked his food salty and with lots of aromat and sambal, so most of the time it was way too salty or spicy for the rest of us. So imagine our surprise when he actually cooked something good, namely this spiced pointed cabbage recipe. Even though I couldn’t cook at that point I knew I wanted the recipe so I asked it and wrote it down. And now years later I still make it now and then. It’s really simple, yummy and doesn’t take too long to make. Perfect for days when you do want to cook something fresh and yummy, but don’t have much time.
Spiced Pointed Cabbage and rice


  • Pointed Cabbage – 1
  • Garlic – 6 gloves
  • Vegatarian meat replacements or meat – 200 gram
  • Low salt vegetable bouillon cube – 1
  • Olive Oil

This recipe serves 2 people, you can easily half it or double for more people. I usually serve it with rice.
Spiced Pointed Cabbage Ingredients


  1. Slice and dice the pointed cabbage and garlic.
  2. Heat some oil in a wok and bake the garlic. Crumble the bouillon cube into the oil.
  3. If serving with rice, start heating the water now and add the rice.
  4. If using meat add the meat first, bake for a while and then add the pointed cabbage. If using meat replacements, add the pointed cabbage first and then in the last few minutes add the meat replacements. Bake the pointed cabbage and bake until it’s softened and shrinks, about 10 minutes.
  5. Serve with rice and eat.


Sliced garlic


The Pointed cabbage

Pointed Cabbage

Make sure to remove the core when slicing the pointed cabbage

Slicing the Pointed Cabbage

Baking the garlic and bouillon cube

Garlic and bouillon cube

Baking garlic and bouillon cube

Adding the pointed cabbage

Adding the pointed Cabbage

The end result, after bakign for 10 minutes and adding the meat replacement

Spiced Pointed cabbage

How do you like to prepare pointed cabbage?

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14 responses to “Lola’s Kitchen: Spiced Pointed Cabbage Recipe

    • Yeah I am still happy I thought to ask the recipe then. It’s a great dish. I should see if I can find more recipe with cabbage in it.

    • I hope you like this recipe then :). It’s the only way I know how to prepare cabbage, I should try to find some mroe recipes with cabbage.

    • I haven’t tried either of those recipes, will have to look them up once to see if it’s somethign I want to try making. Cabbage rolls sound fun to make!

    • Oh I am looking forward to see that recipe post, it sounds delicious! Ad putting it in soup also is a good idea. thanks, I will have to try and use cabbage more!
      I had a hard time translating the pointed cabbage, here they sell it in most supermarkets. It’s a cabbage, but then pointed, it also tastes slightly differently. It looks neat indeed!

  1. I love the sound of this one – we need a bit more variety in our recipe selection and as well as the stock cube, we regularly have my husband’s wonderful gravy left over from the Sunday roast, which would also work very well if it is a bit diluted:)). Thank you for sharing, Lola:)

    • Sounds like this dish would probably work well with gravy too indeed. Let me know how it turns out if you decide to give it a try!

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