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sunday post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What happened this week?

It was a good week mostly. I felt productive and got a lot done. Three new review opportunities went live on my site this week and a book blitz! Later today a new cover reveal will go live as well. And two cover reveals took place this week. I also got a nice chunk of assistant work done. So overall I got a lot of work done and am feeling happy with the amount of work I’ve done this week. Too bad that meant I had less time for blogging and have fallen behind on comments again. I had a pretty good reading week and managed to finish 3 books, a 5 star, a 4 stars and a 3 star read.

My boyfriend got his other two wisdom teeth pulled this week, which was the not so good part of the week. He was in some pain again and I didn’t sleep too well. But so far far this time was a bit less bad than the first two teeth.

Picture of the Week

This is one of my favorite types of licorice. They are called Harlekijntjes, which means harlequin/ jester. They are soft and sweet. Do you like licorice and what’s your favorite type?

What did I read this week?

See No EvilBetrayalsBloodless

This was a good reading week for sure, See no Evil was a great read with a fun premise. Betrayals was my third 5 star read of the year, loved this book! Can’t wait for the fifth and last book in this series to be released next year. Bloodless was the second book in a series about Henri who was a vampire and now is cured. It was a fun read, but something was missing to fully keep my attention.

What did I cook for dinner this week?

This week I blogged about:

Lola’s Advice: How to Promote your free or cheap book
Review: Secret Keeping Sakura by SJ Pajonas
Review: See no Evil by Jordan Ford
My To-Be Read List #27: the winner

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Review: The Illusory prophet by Susan Kaye Quinn
– Review: November by Audrey Carlan
– Lola’s Ramblings: Is a 3 star rating a positive rating?
– Lola’s Kitchen: Banana Bread Recipe

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:

Review Opportunities:
Across Borders by Lee Ducote
Don’t Call Me Kit Kat by K.J. Farnham
Name of Ra by Kelsey Ketch
Single Chicas by Sandra C Lopez
Here Comes the Witch by Ani Gonzalez
Newborn by Edward Hoorneart
Necromancer by Graeme IngNew!
Teach Your Heart by Tracey AlvarezNew!
Naughty or Nice by Jessie LoganNew!
Check the full list of open review opportunities here.

Cover Reveals:
Finding Kyler by Siobhan Davis – 21 November

Finding Kyler by Siobhan Davis 9 till 15 January – New!

Book Haul:

The Royal TradeThe Jakkattu VectorChosen by a Dragon

I also got The Solar Express: An Alien Stepbrother Science Fiction Christmas Romance by Erin Hayes for review, but there’s no cover for that one yet. I got the Royal Trade for review. I got The Jakkattu Vector for review and will be reviewing it during a tour for the book, I already started reading it and so far it’s good. I bought Chosen by a Dragon on release day, I really enjoy her books so far, so I try and buy her new releases as long as I still have amazon gift card money left.

Freebies I grabbed:

I got the following freebies this week (they were free when I got them):


52 responses to “Sunday Post #204

  1. Nice to see you busy with your business and hopefully you’ll get time for catching up on the blog soon. I notice with me projects and work comes in waves instead of steady.

    Good to see the new reviews and cover reveals for you.

    Ahh, hope your boyfriend feels better soon. Wisdom tooth removal really does get you down for several days.

    Neat licorice name. I like black licorice okay, but I prefer the fruit flavors.

    Looks like you did have a good reading week and neat to see the five star in that group. And a nice stack of new review books should keep you busy for a while. I picked up a few review books this week, but they are for into next year so I have some time on those.

    Have a good week, Lola!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Miss Darcy’s Companion by Sophia Meredith #SweetDelight #GiveawayMy Profile

    • Yes business sure comes in waves, but that’s also the thing I struggle a lot with as the busy weeks are great, but with the quieter weeks I can start to feel down or worry a bit.

      Luckily he doesn’t has as much pain as with the first two teeth, but it’s still a pain.

      The licorice with fruit are probably my favorites. we have this ape shaped licorice here that’s banana and licorice and it’s really good. Fruit and licorice is a good combination.

      It really was a good reading week and I was happy to get another 5 star read in this year. The Jakkattu Vector is for later this month and it’s as part of a tour so I have to read that on time and the other two release later this year I think, but I usually just read them when i get to them.

  2. I love black licorice! Every year around Easter I buy a big bad of black licorice jelly beans, it’s something my uncle got me hooked on. Sorry your boyfriend is in pain, I need my teeth looked at but my dentist keeps canceling my appts. I actually need to reschedule again, but haven’t bothered. Great looking reads, and thanks for the freebie links. Have a great week!
    Shandy recently posted…Sunday Cup of…My Profile

    • I quite like licorice, although I don’t like all types of them. I haven’t tried licorice jelly beans though.
      That’s annoying your dentist keeps cancelling your appointments, I hope you get to go soon.

  3. I LOVE the taste of licorice, but as I’m in the process of drastically cutting down my sugar intake, sweets are out. However I thoroughly enjoy peppermint and licorice tea and in late summer I nibble on the fennel flower buds for a delicious licorice hit:). Glad the business is going well and hope your boyfriend soon feels better. Have a great week.

    • I strongly dislike peppermint tea, but we have a tea mix here with anise and peppermint that’s okay. I hadn’t heard of eating fennel flower buds before, I only know fennel as a spice.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #204My Profile

      • It grows in the garden more or less as a weed, but the leaves and flowers have a lovely licorice flavour and also works as a flavour enhancer when used in cooking. And it’s a really, really pretty plant that the insects and butterflies love:).
        sjhigbee recently posted…While the Morning Stars SingMy Profile

        • Oh I didn’t know that! I think I used fennel seeds in recipes a few times, but didn’t know you could grow it as a plant in your garden as well. I might have to see if I can find the plant over here for on our balcony.

  4. I like Licorice more the black than the fruity ones but I don’t eat it that often. My husband eats it all the time. We have a Fennel which is a leafy like green that tastes like licorice and we usually put it out during the winter holidays. It’s my favorite things to nibble on πŸ™‚

    Busy week for you. I hope your boyfriend is feeling better. I had all four of mine taken out at once. That was fun *rolls eyes* My husband still has his but he hates the dentist so they might never come out if needed. πŸ™‚

    I hope you enjoy your new books.
    Have a great week, Lola! Happy Reading! ox
    Michelle @Because Reading recently posted…I’m not talking politics, so don’t even try ~ WIR & TSPMy Profile

    • I don’t eat licorice too often either, but I bought some licorice a few weeks ago when I was sick. It’s great for when you have a sore throat. Isn’t fennel a spice? I googled it as I only knew of it as a spice, it seems it is a spice and some weird green plant like thing too.

      Here it’s standard to get wisdom teeth removed per two. Although I can see how all at once might be better in some ways as then at least you’re done with it all at once, but I imagine the pain is worse then too and you can hardly eat then. I hope mien never have to get out as I hate the dentist and get scared at the idea of getting teeth pulled already.

  5. Sounds like you had a very productive week. I will confess that I laid low this week and sort of hid away with a book until all the craziness over our politics blew over. … I’m still waiting for everyone to go back to normal on the blog/author social media sites.

    I can’t wait to read your view on 3 star reviews. There’s so much debate over what 3 stars mean that I think it will be interesting to see what your take on it is.
    Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) recently posted…Review: Into the Blue by Chanel CleetonMy Profile

    • I can totally understand why you laid low, there sure was a lot of politics talk everywhere.

      That’s why I wrote the post, there seems to be so much varrying opinion about the 3 star rating that I thought it would make for an interesting discussion posts and I am looking forward to hear what everyone thinks!

  6. I like red licorice but I’ve always hated black licorice. It just doesn’t taste good to me. I love gummy candies though! Especially the Kasugai gummy brand from Japan. I don’t buy them much though!

    Your poor boyfriend! I had my last 3 wisdom teeth out the last day of March this year. It was not fun. But surprisingly didn’t hurt as much as I expected since my pain tolerance is basically nil. It was mostly annoying being hungry all the time and not being able to eat ‘real’ food for the first 4 days. I was supposed to stay away from solid food for 7 days, but part-way through day 4 I’d had enough and made naan with butter which worked really well surprisingly!
    Silvara recently posted…People Who Flame You For Your OpinionMy Profile

    • Here licorice is quite common and I’ve always liked it, although I don’t eat it that often. I don’t think I’ve had that brand of gummy candy, but now you make me curious about those, even though I don’t eat a lot of gummy candies.

      It seems to vary really from person to person and from each produce to the other how much pain it costs. My boyfriend was in a lot of pain with his first two wisdom teeth, but these two hurt but not that bad. I made mashed potatoes and soup with bread for dinner the first two days and then we had fried rice and it was no problem.

  7. I’m not a big licorice fan but I have a friend who can eat Twizzlers all day long (not sure if they have those there). Sorry to hear about your boyfriend’s teeth- I can relate to the poor guy having to go back for another go! At least it’s over. Glad you had a good week with work too. Betrayals looks good- does Kelley Armstrong ever have a BAD book? lol I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad review of one of hers.

    Bloodless sounds interesting too, a vampire who’s been cured? That would be interesting. Looking forward to your Ramblings post this week- that’s a good question!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #168My Profile

    • We have something similar to twizzlers here, but not twizlers itself.

      And yes we’re happy this was the last time and it’s over now and the pain was less bad this time.

      I am sure Armstrong had some bad reviews on goodreads and amazon, but I personally have enjoyed all of her books that I read so far.

      The premise of Bloodless is pretty original with how she’s a vampire who has been cured.

  8. You had quite the week! I was happy to see a 5-star read in your post. I know it’s been a while since you’ve had one and they’ve been few and far between lately. And I’m also glad to hear this wisdom teeth pull for your boyfriend was easier than the last. My first was better than my second, when I got mine pulled. So weird how that happens.
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…Sunday Update – November 13, 2016My Profile

    • yes the 5 stars have been quite rare this year, so it was nice to have another one. i actually adjusted my best reads of the year post that i have scheduled for the last day of the year to include some of my favorite 4 star reads as well as it felt silly only listing 3 books.
      It was nice his wisdom teeth weren’t as bad as the first time. It’s weird how it’s the exact same procedure and it can hurt a lot more of the two times.

  9. Sorry about your boyfriend’s wisdom teeth :-/ Glad it wasn’t as bad as before though, and that’s great that you got so much work done and new tours and things πŸ™‚ Speaking of work, I’ll probably go email you after I finish responding to Sunday Post comments lol.

    Blegh, I don’t like licorice! Unless Twizzlers count. I think we may have had this discussion before? Lol.

    We once again managed to read the same number of books. It’s so weird how we keep doing that. That’s awesome that you found a five star read! I got contact about The Jakkatu Vector book but turned it down. I think I was kinda on the fence but decided it didn’t quite sound like my thing. Oh, I did download The Debt Collector though! I had it on my Amazon wishlist since you had recommended it to me I think and I saw it went on sale πŸ™‚

    Have a great week!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Author Chat + Giveaway: Magic, Humanity, & Friendship // An Interview with Connor Drexler + Win a Signed Paperback of Mad God Walking!My Profile

    • He was still in pain, but luckily it wasn’t as bad as the first time. And it was nice to have such a productive week :). I’ll read your e-mail later today.

      I don’t think we have twizzlers here, or at least I’ve never eaten them. I googled them to see what they were, here we have something similar, but it’s usually mostly black licorice and then some red fruity candy around it. I think I might have asked about licorice before indeed.

      We really seem to have the same type of reading weeks lately with reading the same number of book, such a weird coincidence. It was great to have a 5 star read again, I love Kelley Armstrong her writing style so if I want to read a really good book I usually pick up one of hers.

      I’ve been in a sci-fi mood as well lately and I had heard of the author a few times, so I decided to accept the Jakkattu Vector. I was a bit on the fence about it as well at first. So far it’s good, just a bit weird at times? The world building is interesting and we get slowly more pieces, but there are two different point of views and I don’t quite see how they are connected and every time the pov switch I just wish we got more of the previous one.

      Yes I am so glad you go the Debt Collector. I wanted to dm you about it, but wasn’t sure if you wanted to read it or not. I think you’ll enjoy it though, it’s a bit dark and gritty. And it’s such a good deal to get the whole season for free.

  10. Sounds like business is nice and steady which is great. Ouch your poor boyfriend, teeth problems are so painful and expensive! Well here anyway. I’ll pass on the liquorice as it’s one of the few sweets I’ve never liked. I’m chewing on a peanut flavoured cereal bar here though and it’s yummy. Hope you are having a good week and enjoying your books.
    Trish @ Between My Lines recently posted…Boost It Tuesday – Grow your Facebook Page! #11My Profile

    • Last month business was a bit slow, so it has been nice to have a few good weeks in a row now.
      Same here, getting your wisdom teeth out is painful and expensive. Glad mine are standing correct so far and don’t need to get out.
      A Peanut flavored cereal bar sounds pretty good! I like peanut butter, but haven’t seen it in a cereal bar here so far.

    • I managed to keep up with the Cainsville series, but still haven’t read her latest YA series. I love the Cainsville series, I think I gave each book in the series a 5 star rating. It’s so good. I hope you get to give book 3 another try soon.

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