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sunday post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What happened this week?

We finally have gotten some cooler weather these past two weeks. It’s really beginning to feel like fall now, which is nice. After the long summer we had I am ready for fall now! I had a mostly good week this week that got a bit less good towards the end. I spent a lot of time writing and scheduling blog posts, I got I think 2 Lola’s Kitchen posts and 3 Lola’s ramblings posts done this week. I am so happy to get some Kitchen posts written again and I have 3 of them schedule at the moment and plans for more. For the moment I am sticking with 1 posts once every two weeks approximately.

My boyfriend got two of his wisdom teeth removed this week, so I spent some time worrying about that. He has been in quite some pain so far and while he did got some pain medication and have been cooling it, the pain seems to come and go. It hasn’t made for a good few days and I hope he will be feeling better soon.

Blog Ahead
Yay it’s time for blog ahead again! I always love this challenge. I started Blog Ahead with 23 posts scheduled. I am hoping to end with that many at least and hopefully add a few more. We’ll see.

Posts I’ve written this week that count for Blog Ahead: none. I didn’t get to write any posts so far this month.

Picture of the Week

I bought this pastry this week when grocery shopping. It’s called a maple pecan braid, there’s some kind of filling on the inside and some pecans on top. It’s make of some sort of pastry dough and it’s pretty good. Did you eat anything good lately? Do you have something similar like this where you live?

What did I read this week?

Muffins and Mourning Tea

This week wasn’t too good of a reading week, but with 2 books read it wasn’t too bad either, especially as one of them was a really good one and I also made some progress on my current reads. Besides those listed above I also finished How the Ghost Was Won by Erin Hayes, cover isn’t revealed yet, so I haven’t included it above. It’s a western paranormal read with a bit of romance and some great twists at the end. Muffins and Mourning Tea was another great read in this series and I am already looking forward to the next book!

What did I cook for dinner this week?

This week I blogged about:

Review: Faerie Wrath by Emma L. Adams
Review: Dating for Decades by Tracy Krimmer
Lola’s Ramblings: Do you check your spam?
Reading Challenges 2016: third quarterly recap
My To-Be Read List #26: poll

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Lola’s Advice: How to Run a Giveaway
– Review: I am not Afraid of Wolves by Erin Hayes
– Review: His To Protect by Karen Rock
– My To-Be Read List #26: the winner

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:

Review Opportunities:
Secret Baby Scandal by Joanne Rock
Micah by Lee DuCote
Across Borders by Lee Ducote
Don’t Call Me Kit Kat by K.J. Farnham
Before I Shatter by Mandy Peterson
Name of Ra by Kelsey Ketch
Single Chicas by Sandra C Lopez
Here Comes the Witch by Ani Gonzalez
Check the full list of open review opportunities here.

Cover Reveals:
Newborn by Edward Hoornaert – 7 October
Happily Ever Alpha – 15 October
Amanda Lester and the Red Spider Rumpus by Paula Berinstein – 18 October

Book Blitz: In the Line of Duty by Carolyn Arnold – 3 till 9 October
Blog Tour: The Best Part of Me by Jamie Hollins – 10 till 23 October
Book Blitz: Saven Box Set by Siobhan Davis – 11 till 18 October

Book Haul:

Due South Boxed SetPets in Space

I got the Due South Boxed Set while it was discounted for only 0.99$. I’ve been curious about this series and already got the first two books when they were free, but I couldn’t resist getting the next 3 books as well for that price. the sale still runs til today if I am correct. here’s the link to amazon.
Pets in Space I got for review and I am so excited about this one. I mean it’s pets and space, it sounds like it will be a fun anthology. And I know a few of the authors who are part of this set.

Freebies I grabbed:

I got the following freebies this week (they were free when I got them): Blood Lust (Paranormal), Cipher (paranormal/ dystopia), Alien Prince’s Bride (science fiction romance/ aliens), The Immortals (Urban Fantasy), Marcus (Science Fiction Romance), Love Potion #9 (Paranormal Romance Anthology), A Generation of Vipers (Paranormal), Betrayal’s Price (Paranormal Romance) and The Mystery of Hollow Inn (MG Mystery).


50 responses to “Sunday Post #198

  1. Wow you were really productive! That’s awesome! Sorry about your boyfriend’s wisdom teeth pain though :-/

    Hmmm I don’t know if I’d like that maple pecan braid? I probably would lol. I used to basically hate all nuts, but I eat them in things now. I still generally prefer foods not to have them (except almonds, I’ve come to like those), but I’m ok with some. Though I’m not big on jelly-type fillings, so it would depend on the filling.

    We both had slow reading weeks.

    I also got Betrayal’s Price while it was free lol. Actually I had a really great freebie week. I keep a list on Amazon to keep track of sales, and I ended up getting like 6 books for free that I’ve wanted for a while, all in one week.
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…The Weekly Update: 10/2/16My Profile

    • I always keep the last week of the month for writing and scheduling new blog posts, it’s always nice to see how much I can get done in that week.

      The filling of the maple pecan braid wasn’t jelly like. It was soft, but more like how honey gets when it’s gets a bit harder? It’s hard to explain. I like some nuts like pecans, but it really depends on the food and if I like nuts in it.

      What a coincidence we both had a slow reading week, let’s hope next week is better again.

      I usually just look at my previous orders in amazon at the end of the week when I am making my sunday post. I sometimes get freebies from kobo too though and might forget to list those or instrafreebie freebies. It’s nice when you can get a book you wanted for a while for free πŸ™‚

  2. Cheers for cooler weather. Makes it easier to get things done and sleep. Oh, your poor boyfriend. I went through having all my wisdom teeth out at once (I told the dentist to take them all at once b/c I wasn’t coming back-too chicken). Glad you can be there to help him.

    Your pastry looks good. My hubby surprised me and brought me home an herb bagel with veggie spread and a second Cinnamon bagel for me to save for another days. I haven’t had bagels in a while so it was neat to get two for one week.

    Good that you got some posts done and yay, we’re doing Blog Ahead, too. Good luck to you! I’ve got a few extra post ideas to work on and I hope to send Shari extra reviews so we can fill things all the way through the end of December.

    Oh neat on the Pets in Space anthology. I look forward to your thoughts on that one. I grabbed several freebies this week and a paranormal romance boxed set that was being sold for charity (saves on the guilt of buying when it’s for a good cause, LOL).

    Have a good week, Lola!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Family Portraits by Pamela Lynne #SweetDelightMy Profile

    • I have been sleeping a bit better this week, except for the last few nights as my boyfriend didn’t sleep too well due to the pain and I slept a bit restless too and then had two nightmares as well.

      Oh that’s nice your hubby surprised you with two bagels. Sounds like a good surprise! I like bagels.

      It was nice to get some posts written this week, it sure made me feel productive. Yay for you joining blog ahead as well! I hope we both do well!

      The Pets in Space anthology will be my next read, I am really excited about this one. And that’s a good reason to buy a book and not feel guilty about it when it’s for charity.

  3. WOW 23 posts scheduled already!!! I have one, yes I said it one. I need to get moving today to get a bunch more to fill up October. I am hoping this week to start blog ahead.

    The weather is a getting much better here. I think next week we are in the low 70’s and by the end of the week it will be in the 60’s. I am loving this weather, just need to take the Air Conditioners out of the windows so I can enjoy the breeze.

    I had all my wisdom teeth out, lots of pain and all puffy. He will feel better soon, lots of rest and ice packs work also.

    Have a great week, Lola! Happy Reading! ox

    • I always try and keep up with my schedule and stay ahead, I wouldn’t be able to blog without being ahead it would stress me out too much. At the end of the month I am at my best as I usually work on blog posts the last week of a month.

      Good luck with Blog Ahead! I am glad to hear the weather there is getting better too.

      I am glad my wisdom teeth seems to do well and don’t have to get taken out. It sound very painful. He is using lots of ice packs to keep it cool and it’s barely swollen, so that’s good.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #198My Profile

    • Our dentist had been telling my boyfriend to get his wisdom teeth out for a while now too and he finally decided to go ahead with it. It’s mostly preventative, so it’s hard to gauge how necessary it is.

    • He really has been in a lot of pain, but it finally seems to be getting less the last few days.
      I am sorry to hear you have Celiac’s and can’t eat baked goods πŸ™

  4. We have similar types of pastries here but most of them are filled with fruit, chocolate or a cinnamon nut mixture. I don’t think I’ve seen any maple flavored ones here.

    A few years ago I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed at once. It was painful but after it all healed I was glad I got it done.
    Mary Kirkland recently posted…Review: Target Beauty BoxMy Profile

    • I think here they only take out two wisdom teeth at once, so he has to g back another time for the other two.

      I think this is the only store where I’ve seen the ample flavored ones, they are quite good. They are more common with fruit here as well.

  5. Sorry to hear about your boyfriends wisdom teeth, I hope he feels better soon. I should join the blog ahead challenge, I always feel like I’m running behind.

  6. I’m sorry about your boyfriend’s wisdom tooth pain πŸ™ I didn’t have any pain really when I had mine removed – but I’ve heard that if you get dry socket it can be unbearably painful… Do you know if he has dry sockett? I hope not!

    Your pastry looks so yummy – I have a weakness for pastries like that! I hope you learn how to make it so you can share πŸ™‚ lol!

    I haven’t managed to make any posts for blog-ahead yet either, but I also have 0 posts scheduled… So I’m in way worse shape. I’m really hoping to get caught up this month!

    Have a great week! And I hope your bf gets to feeling much better!
    Berls recently posted…Sunday Post | Teacher of the MonthMy Profile

    • Not sure if he had dry socket, I don’t think so. I think the position of his tooth was just really unfortunate, hence why it had to be removed, but that also meant it hurt a lot. He still has pain, although it has gotten less luckily.

      I would have to see if I can find a recipe for a pastry like this. I usually just buy it, but I assume there should be a way to make it yourself as well.

      At least with 0 posts scheduled you don’t have to compensate for any posts you already have scheduled. I am just happy if I end the month with the same amount as I have now. Good luck with Blog Ahead!

  7. Glad it was a good week blog wise, sorry to hear about the wisdom teeth. That can be tough. I had two out once but was very lucky, I’ve seen some people who’ve had a lot of discomfort with that! Those freebies sound fun, hope there’s some good ones!

    Muffins and Mourning Tea- that title cracks me up!

    Good luck with Blog Ahead!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #162My Profile

  8. I feel for you BF. I had two of mine removed last year and I’m 34. I still have to get my other two out. It’s not fun and then it takes up time and of course I’m a mom with a very active son and no family in the city/state we live in. Hope it gets better for him.

    Good luck in the blog ahead. Have a great week and welcome to October!
    Angela @ Angel’s Guilty Pleasures recently posted…Delectable Delights β€” Honey Mustard SalmonMy Profile

  9. Oh dear… I know only too well how miserable toothache can be, so I hope your boyfriend feels better very soon. The pecan plait looks really good – I love them but I’m trying very hard not to eat sugary things, as I’ve discovered they mess with my concentration and focus when I’m working. As for your blogging schedule – I’m agog – I often try to have a few in hand, but as I went away during September a couple of times and I’ve been flatout since, I haven’t had time to stock up again. Congratulations on being so organised:) Take care.
    sjhigbee recently posted…While the Morning Stars SingMy Profile

    • He’s doing better now, still a bit of pain, but not as much anymore. It must’ve been nice to have a few blog posts stocked up when you were away so you had that time covered, but I can imagine it’s harder to get some new ones stocked up again.

  10. Sorry your boyfriend is in pain. I had to get all four of wisdom teeth out a few years back and it does suck, but it’ll get better! I’m glad you had a good week for the most part though. I’m doing Blog Ahead as well – mainly for my other blog – but I’d really like to get some November and beyond posts scheduled for BOTH of them.
    Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance recently posted…October is Harry Potter Month!My Profile

    • By now be is doing better, but it still takes a long time to recover it seems. Blog Ahead is such a great challenge, glad to hear you’re participating as well!

  11. I hope your boyfriend is feeling better. My daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled last year and it took a couple days to recover. You are doing a great job with blogging ahead. I took a blog break in September but now thinking of ways to blog ahead. I’ll have to look for more meme’s to participate in. Muffins and Mourning Tea has a cute cover and it sounds really good. I’ll have to check out your review. I hope you have a great week Lola!
    Kathy recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up #105My Profile

    • It took him about a whole week to feel better again, now he still has some pain, but not as much anymore. I always try to stay ahead, as that works best for me, else I stress over things.

  12. It’s great that you had a pretty great week AND cooler weather. πŸ™‚ We’ve been having cooler weather for awhile but we have snow in the forecast for this week. Yay! I hope your boyfriend is doing better. Getting wisdom teeth out is never fun. A necessary evil though, I suppose. Good luck in Blog Ahead! And I hope you have a great upcoming week!! <3
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Review ~ Breathe ~ Kristen AshleyMy Profile

    • Wow you’re getting snow already. We haven’t had snow last year, so I hope we’ll get some this year.

      My boyfriend is still in a bit of pain, but it’s going better.

    • He still has some pain and needs to take some pain killers each day, but it’s going better luckily. His teeth was positioned weirdly which is why it had to be removed, but I think that’s also why it hurt so much. I am glad mine don’t need to be removed.

    • I usually only have one week a month that I get so many posts written. I try and focus on writing posts in the last week of the month. So that’s the only reason I got so many posts done ;).

  13. I am really loving the cooler weather as well. I love Fall.
    Wow, you got a lot of freebies. I’ve started being a bit picky with free ones because they are almost always part of a series and I really don’t need more as my Kindle is full of them in my tbr stack. Having said that, I did just get one more tonight! I can’t help myself! One click addiction is real! Hope you have a good week!
    Lorna recently posted…Release Day Review: Dangerously Charming by Deborah Blake (@Mollykatie112, @berkelypub)My Profile

    • I already have too many freebies as well, but still can’t resist getting new ones. I do try to only get the ones I might actually read.

  14. We are cooling down in the evening here.

    I don’t think they do a good enough job of letting people know how much having your wisdom teeth removed is going to hurt. I know some people who expected to return to work the next day. Thankfully I had time off, since I had all 4 done and it was pretty awful.

    Sunday Summary #22

    • It’s nice to have some cooler weather.

      I totally agree. We thought it wouldn’t be that bad and would be back to normal the next day, but it was way more pain than we expected. They sure could prepare people better about how much it is going to hurt

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