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Faerie WrathFaerie Wrath (The Changeling Chronicles #4)
by Emma L. Adams

Rating: 4 stars

When ghosts start appearing all over town, my witch friend Isabel and I are pulled in to help the necromancers exorcise the wayward spirits. With the dead refusing to stay dead, it’s easier said than done.

And there’s something worse hiding on the wrong side of the grave.

As an old adversary puts a dangerous plan in motion, I’m forced to learn more about the magic I stole from Faerie’s darkest corner. But every step brings me closer to the veil, and if I’m not careful, I’ll be ripped away from the people I love and trapped in Death forever.

My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Another great read in the Changeling Chronicles series. In this book Ivy has another problem to solve, the dead are rising and the necromancers aren’t much help. She thinks she knows what’s going on, but ofcourse no one is listening to her. Except for Vance who always has her back. I disliked Lady Granville with how she so easily dismissed Ivy her warnings and ideas just because she wasn’t a mage. She really rubbed me wrong.

This book is again filled with lots of action, a fast paced story and magic. There are some great twists towards the end and I liked how the story developed. Like the previous books it starts of with something going wrong, then investigation and then it escalated into big trouble at the end. It’s a bit of a pattern every book has, but it works. I also liked how this one tied in with one of the previous books quite nicely and introduces a new problem that doesn’t get fully solved in this book.

Ivy is a great character to follow, by now she understands her magic a bit more, but there are still scenes were you feel she is a bit out of her depth. But I like seeing her improvise and finding a way out of whatever difficult situation she find herself in now. And I love Vance and Ivy together, they are great and I like how they fight together and have each other their backs. There is little focus on the actual romance, but the bit of romance that there is fits the tone of the book perfectly.

While book 3 focused on a problem with the shifters, this book focuses more on necromancy, necromancers, ghosts and undead. It was interesting to read more about that. The necromancers have played a role in all the books so far, but never as much as in here, with all the rising dead and ghosts around. And we get to know even more about the faeries, half faeries, faerie magic and even the veil and the death realm as well.

To summarize: all in all this was another solid read in this series and I am already looking forward to book 5! There an old adversary causing trouble and Ivy has to figure out what exactly is going on and what to do against is. Vance has her back, but the rest of the mage council isn’t inclined to listen to her. It’s filled with action, magic, supernatural trouble and more. This book focuses on the undead and it was interesting to see more of those and the necromancers. It nicely builds upon the previous books and we learn even more about the world.



What’s the last book you read that featured the undead?

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20 responses to “Review: Faerie Wrath by Emma L. Adams

    • Yes it was quite frustrating no one listened to her, as at least then they could have been prepared a bit more. The necromancer and undead thing was quite interesting as we hadn’t seen as much of those in previous books. And I like Ivy and Vance as a couple, they sure work well together.

  1. Sometimes books in a series do get into a pattern, but it’s not always a bad thing. As long as each story still grips you, sometimes it’s kinda nice knowing what you’re getting into with each book. So that’s good that it’s working for you in this series.

    I think this might be a little too much action and not enough character for me, but it sounds like a fun, action-filled series! And the way the two have each others’ backs sounds nice. It’s nice to read about loyalty like that in books 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the series so much!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Book Review: Chasing Rabbits (The Underground Book 1) by Erin BedfordMy Profile

    • Yes exactly! It’s kinda nice to know the pattern and each book fits it, but they are still great reads.

      There is character, but indeed it’s more story and action focused. I do think the characters are all interesting, it just takes a while to get to know more about them.

    • I agree a formulaic approach can be good or bd, it just depends on how it is written. Here it definitely worked and it’s more the general set-up of these stories that is similar, every time new things do happen.
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    • Yes you could say that there is a bit of prejudice. Ms Granville is a mage and some mages think as themselves as better/ higher than others and the main character isn’t a mage even though she has some magic. She’s a bit different when it comes to her magic, so the mages don’t always like that. And Ivy keeps having her flaws, but she changes throughout the series. Please let me know if you get the chance to try this series. I am really enjoying it so far!

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