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Okay let me explain the title a bit more as it sounds a bit vague. Most authors have written or will write more than one book. If you read one book by an author will you check out their other books as well? Even if they don’t sound like your kind of book? Or what if the author writes multiple genres? Does having read one book by an author means you are more likely to pick up their other books? And on which factors does it depends on whether you’ll pick up their other books as well?

Do I read all books by an author?

In general if I have read one book by an author and enjoyed it (3-5 star rating) I am more likely to pick up their other books. I would say I am pretty author loyal and if I really enjoy a book I will check out the authors their other books and read them as well if possible and they sound good as well. If I enjoyed the book, but it didn’t leave a big impression on me I might not be in a hurry to check out an author their other books, but I am more open to reading more books by them. Ofcourse the more I enjoyed the book I did read the more likely I am to check out an author their other books. And as I read a lot of new to me authors each year, it still happens that by many of them I never read another book by again, so circumstances do play a role as well. If I really enjoy an author their books or would consider them one of my favourite authors I will likely read anything else by them if I can. There are some authors where I will read everything they write, not matter the genre or blurb. For some authors I don’t even read the blurb of their new books. Although these are most often the author where I’ve read multiple books by already, so I am more sure I will enjoy their other books as well.

On which factors does it depends whether I will read an author their other books?

  • How many of their books have I read so far? The more books I have already read by an author and enjoyed the more likely I am to pick up more of their books. As it means I will likely enjoy those as well.
  • Do their other books sounds like something I will enjoy as well? Whether I pick up another book by an author often depends on the blurb of the book as well, does it sound like a book I would enjoy? There are also authors where I really enjoyed the book or books I have read of them, but one of their books or series simply doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy so I won’t read it. It can also happen that I enjoy some books by an author and others not. So it does depends on what their other books are about whether I will pick them up or not.
  • How much did I like their writing style? One of the most defining factors whether I will enjoy other books by the same author is often the writing style. If I really enjoy an author their writing style I am more likely to pick up their other books as it’s often one of the things that stays the same even across multiple books and genres. And often when I like an author their writing style that makes it more likely I will enjoy their other books as well.
  • How much did I enjoy the book(s) that I did read? The more I enjoyed the book or books that I already read by an author the more likely I am to pick up another book. Although there are exceptions to this rule as well. There are books I really enjoyed and then never picked up another book by the author again or just lost interest for some reason.
  • Can I easily get/ buy their other books? With this I mean that the easier it is to get other books by an author the mroe likely I am to actually buy and read them. If I read a book by and author and said author offers me another book for review or maybe I see it on netgalley or a freebie or sale I might be more likely to pick up one of their other books. While if it is less easy to get their other books I might be more reluctant or wait longer. Or I add their other books on my wishlist, but might not get them as soon.
  • How many other books do they have? Sometimes it matters how many books an author has released. If I have read one book by an author and they have written only one or few others I might be more likely to read all of their books, simply because all of their books is less. There are authors that have written so many books I am less likely to read them all. Even if really enjoyed the books by that author that I read and would like to read more, it probably will take me ages to even make a dent in all the books that authorhas written. So I usually stick to getting the books I can through netgalley for example and continuing the series I already started.
  • Which genre their other books are. If the books are in the same genre that usually means I am more likely to enjoy those as well. While on the other hand I also enjoy trying out different genres written by the same authors. And one of my favourite things is trying a new to me genre or a genre I am not as familiar with by reading a book from an author I already know. It’s like this fun mix of familiar and new to me. I usually like it when authors write multiple genres.

These are general trend there are always exceptions. Sometimes I simply forget about an author or don’t plan to read any of their other books for whatever reason. In many cases I like to read multiple books by the same author. If I find a new author I like and notice they have written more books, it always makes me happy as that means more books to read by the same author. And at the same time I read a lot of new to me authors each year, so while I like to read multiple books by an author I already have read an enjoyed books by, I am also willing to pick up books by authors I’ve never read books from before.

Do you read all books by an author?


38 responses to “Lola’s Ramblings: Do you read all books by an author?

  1. I think I’m mostly the same as you in this respect, as I related to all the factors you listed as reasons why you might pick up an author’s other books. However, if I read a new author’s book and it is OK but not amazing, in all likelihood I won’t read another. I may intend to, but there are that many new author’s books I want to try, and so many author’s books I already love that I don’t tend to get round to it, which is a shame if the first one I read is maybe the one I would have enjoyed least.
    Laura recently posted…Manga Mini Reviews: Death Note Black Editions โ€“ Volumes 2-4My Profile

    • I agree if the first book I pick up by a new to me author is just okay it’s harder to pick up another, unless I get offered a review copy for example or it’s discounted. And sometimes it does happen that later book in the series or by the same author are better than the first one you try. Same with books by authors I don’t enjoy, it’s hard to convince myself to give another one of their books a try, while I might enjoy those.

  2. If I like an author I will try and read as much of them as I can. I agree with most of the factors you listed. If an author has a ton of books I probably won’t get to them all but I will read a bunch. If I like their writing style I will read anything even genres I might not pick up as much. Also, I am more likely to read a lot of their books if they are at my library. I remember reading Rainbow Rowell and Lauren Oliver, loving them and then binge reading all of their books – which sometimes cross genres. I will still read anything they put out. Great discussion.
    Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog recently posted…ARC August Sign Up and Goals!My Profile

    • There are a few authors who’s writing style I love so much I will read almost every genre if they decide to write in it. One of my favorite books of this year so far was a thriller book by one of my favorite authors, which is a genre I hardly ever read, but I loved this one.
      It’s great when you can binge an author their books like that. I used to do that more often when I was younger, but I still like to read as many books by an author I like as I can. It just takes me longer to get to them all.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #187My Profile

  3. If I enjoy one book by an author, I am definitely more likely to pick up more of their books even if they’re all not in the same genre. What will bug me is if the first book I read by them is great, but then the next is awful (and I’m willing to give some leeway here, but if I DNF the second book, it’s pretty much done for me). That might kill it for me. But overall, I’m fine with continuing on with an author even if I didn’t like something about one of their books, like a theme or a character.
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…Teaser Tuesday: Sweet SleepMy Profile

    • I usually like it when authors genre hop as it’s fun to see how they write in different genres. If I don’t like the first or second book by an author it’s harder to pick up more books by them. I guess it also depends on why I don’t like the book.

  4. I do like to read more from an author that I’ve enjoyed, one example for me is Liane Moriarty. I liked the first book I read of hers so much I grabbed another one, and will probably continue to read more of her stuff. And I agree, if an author has a ton of books I may not get to them all, but if they only have a few others there’s a good chance I’ll read all of them! Especially if I keep liking them as I go…

    Some authors I really liked the book of theirs I read but haven’t tackled their other books yet, either because they didn’t maybe appeal to me or whatever, but I may still watch their new releases and may still read more of them. The Blue and Eight Hundred grapes are in that category- I loved those but haven’t read anything else by the author yet.
    Greg recently posted…Wednesday ReviewsMy Profile

    • The less books an author has written by the time i discover them the more likely I am able to keep up with their books. Else I usually just start a series and try and keep up with those, but it’s hard to read a whole author their backlist if they have too many books.

      I remember a few books I read years ago that I loved and then never continues the series or picked up anything else by the author and I am not even sure why. It just happens and now I am no longer as excited about those books as I read them a long time ago.

    • Writing style is one of the most important factors for me too, some authors just have a writing style that works for me. Although there are also some authors who’s books I really enjoy where there writing style isn’t the best, but I still love the stories.

  5. Ani

    I’m the same as you in a lot of the things you listed when it comes to reading an author’s other books, or even all of their other books. There are some authors I absolutely love and will read (and probably have read) every book they’ve published, and will automatically buy their newest books–these authors, of course, have fewer books published.

    But I’m also all about accessibility, and so if there are some authors who have written over 30 or 40 books, and I happen to love something about them, I will read as many books as I can gain access to through the library or used book sales, unless there are exceptions–I just don’t have that kind of money nor shelf space to purchase everything from every author I love.

    I haven’t quite narrowed it down yet, but there are certain qualities about authors that definitely DO make me come back to them again and again. And so even if, say I read a book by a new author or a new to me author and I loved it, if that quality isn’t there, I may not necessarily go out of my way to find other books by said author. But I will definitely keep my eye out on their works and consider adding them to my TBR list for later. The same goes for authors whose first book I read isn’t that great, but there’s a certain quality to their writing style or story ideas that kind of appeals to me–again, I won’t go out of my way to find their other books, but I’ll still consider reading them when an opportunity presents.
    Ani recently posted…Can You Read a Series in a Month? ChallengeMy Profile

    • I have a few auto-buy authors like that as well. Although I might miss a book now and then. But sometimes it’s hard to actually get them all. Libraries here don’t have english books usually and money is limited, so I have to be picky where to spend it. It’s a shame it isn’t more doable to get all the books from authors you love.

      For some of my favorite indie authors I managed to get on their arc list and it’s amazing to be able to read all their books that way.

      It’s hard to narrow down sometimes what about a book makes it enjoy or what in an author her books is the thing you keep coming back for. And most books that I give a 3 or 4 star rating are authors I would read again if possible, but especially the 3 stars ones won’t be one that get priority when I have money to spend, but if the opportunity is there I might still get them.

  6. Ah, we’ve talked about this, so I think you already know my answer lol. I’m not an author person. I decide what to read based on what sounds interesting to me. Some of my favorite authors, as in ones who’ve written my favorite series, do write books in other genres, but I have no desire at all to read them.

    The only way I’m affected by authors is that I might be more inclined to try a book if I like their other books and the book is still something close to my taste but something that I might’ve been iffy on or not bothered with. For example, one of my favorite authors is writing a YA series about shifters. I almost never read books just about shifters as they’re one of my least favorite paranormal creatures, but it is at least still in the paranormal genre, so I do plan to read it because I know that her writing is great and dark and all those things that I like. Whereas I wouldn’t read other shifter books.

    Oh, and loving an author’s books leads me to look into their other books, see what else they’ve written, which in turn could lead to me reading to more of their books if they sound interesting. But I don’t even always check for an author’s other books. It just kind of depends, I guess. Like you mentioned, there are some things that stay more consistent among books and series, like an author’s writing style, or the things they do best (e.g. character development), so it depends on what it was I liked about the book and how much I liked it. But also like you said, sometimes I just kind of forget to even look up an author. Or they have too many other books and I know I can’t afford them, etc.

    But anyway, no, I don’t ever automatically read books just because of the author. I always base my decision on the individual books or series.
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Bloggy Musings: 5 Ways Iโ€™ve Changed as a Blogger After One Year of BloggingMy Profile

    • It’s interesting to hear form someone who isn’t an author person as it’s so different from me.

      Ah I am sorry to hear you don’t like shifters, they are one of my fav’s. But maybe you will like that book you mentioned as you like her writing style.

      I read most genres, so if an author writes another genre it’s most likely a genre that i read as well. If an author writes a genre I usually don’t read it really depend son how much I enjoyed that author their books so far. But as my only 5 star read of this year was a thriller by one of my fav authors, it pretty much proves my point that I can enjoy genres I usually don’t read as long as I like the author their style who writes it.

      I usually will look up an author if I really enjoyed their books. But with 3 stars it just kinda depends, sometimes I do and sometimes not. It also depends on what I did like and didn’t and how likely it is to see that in other books. It’s a shame when authors have a lot of books as I know I likely can’t afford them all and make time to read them all. I usually prefer to discover an author early in their career as that makes it easier to stay up to date with their books.

    • That happens too sometimes to me where I like one series by a author and don’t care for the other. But if I really like one of their series, I will give another one of them a try.

      I actually sorta enjoyed the first Merry gentry series, although not enough to continue the series and didn’t like the first Anita Blake book. After reading those two I don’t think I picked up one of her books again.

  7. No, I only read the books that interest me. For example I liked Cherie Priest’s urban fantasy series but I won’t read her steampunk series because I don’t like the genre. If a favourite UF author writes several series in the genre I’ll try them or if they write in a new genre I enjoy like adult dystopia, I’ll read it if I like the sound of the plot. But I won’t blindly read everything by an author if plot and genre don’t appeal to me.
    chucklesthescot recently posted…Book Review: A Tale of Two Preppers by Susan GregersenMy Profile

    • Guess that makes sense if you don’t like the genre. If I like the author enough I usually am willing to try a genre I usually don’t read. Then again there are very few genres I don’t read.

  8. Yep on a lot of that. If I enjoy an author (especially 4-5 star) I’m very likely to read more of theirs in the future. Might not be right away but they do go on my list and I try to keep up with their current releases and slowly get to the backlist. For serious favorites I’m doing a Read All The Books challenge where you do just that and read their whole backlist. Kinda fun ๐Ÿ™‚
    anna (herding cats & burning soup) recently posted…Interview w/ Kira A Gold– Dirty Quotes & Man Candy Galore!My Profile

    • Same here most of the 4 or 5 star reads will be authors I would like to read more of. And even quite some 3 stars, depending on how much I enjoyed the book and why. If I find a new author I usually try and keep up with their new releases too and then slowly try and get to the backlist.

  9. For most authors I like to read, I will continue with reading them. But on ocassion I have had to put an author aside. Normally it happens with HR. There are a couple authors, that change their writing or how they write a story based on what is “popular” or what their publisher is pushing them to do. And if I see a trend in recent releases that I don’t like, then I just put the author aside. Or sometimes when an author changes genres and it doesn’t work very well, I will just stick with the one they are good at. But for the most part, I stick with an author especially when they are one of my favorites to read. Great points you mentioned here.
    loverofromance recently posted…Book Love (32) Forever and AlwaysMy Profile

    • Sadly I’ve had a few authors like that as well, when i didn’t like the direction their writing went into and stopped reading their books. And some authors who I read lots of books from and then suddenly lost interest. I mostly have had positive experiences with authors who genre hop, but I can imagine that it doesn’t always work out well.

  10. There are many authors that I’ve read all of their books. There are some others that I just haven’t caught up yet, but I’m trying my best to get there. I also agree that genre makes a big difference. Nalini Singh is one where I’ve read all of her paranormal books, but I haven’t tried her contemporary romance series yet. I might one day, but right now, I’m still stuck on my paranormal kick right now, so maybe one day.

    Some authors who write so fast, it is hard to keep up and then I really start to fall behind. This happened with Kelley Armstrong last year. She had six books release in 2015 and I only got to two of them, but I do really want to get more of them. I love her work. She has a bunch coming out this year too.
    Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons recently posted…It Audiobook by Stephen King (REVIEW)My Profile

    • I have a lot authors like that as well, were I still haven’t caught up. And some authors have written so many books I might never catch up, I usually try and focus on new releases first in those cases.

      I agree Kelley Armstrong seems to publish a lot recently. I still haven’t read her last YA series and some of her standalone books. She’s one of my favorite authors, so I try and get my hands on everything she writes. I do own most of her full length books I think, with a few exceptions, just haven’t read them all yet.

  11. I’ve never made it a point to read all of a specific author’s entire body of work. Not even JK Rowling! But, I don’t think I really have any kind of process for determining whether or not I pick up another book by the same author either. It usually comes down to “Did I enjoy this book a lot?”. If the answer is “yes”, I’ll pick up another book by the author when I’m in the mood.
    Jackie recently posted…These Books Are To Die For, or My #SaveOurCozies Reading ListMy Profile

    • Circumstances have a lot to do with if I pick up another book by an author or not. I tend to over analyze these things ;). And sometimes it really is as simple as did I enjoy this book and pick up another book by the author if you’re in the mood for that.

  12. It all depends..on lots of things. If I love a book by an author, I will definitely look for other books. Genre is important to me-if it’s something that doesn’t do it for me, than I probably wont read it. I have one favorite author that wrote a couple of paranormal series, that I loved. Then she wrote a series, that was just not my thing at all-skipped those. Now she is back with contemporary romances and I am reading her again.I have a couple of favorite authors that I would read the telephone book if they wrote it! So, yes it all depends on lots of things ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lorna recently posted…Audiobook Review: Cursed by Jennifer Armentrout (@Mollykatie112)My Profile

    • As I read most genres, genre isn’t as important for me, especially if I really enjoy a author their books. But at first i will stick with the genres I like most. And there are also authors who’s writing I love so much I would read anything by them, in fact my favorite book of this year was a thriller, which I normally don’t read. But Kelley Armstrong wrote it, so I picked it up and loved it!

  13. My favorite authors? I will read anything they write. Unless it’s a series that I’ve read the first book of and hated, then I avoid that particular series. But otherwise, the moment I know a favorite author has a new book in the works, it goes into my “must buy” list. This is because with very few exceptions, my favorite authors are ones that I have loved or at least liked, everything they have ever written that I’ve read. There is one trilogy that I hated by one of these authors, but I blame that on it being co-written by an author I hadn’t read before. *laughs*

    For new-to-me authors, or ones that aren’t on my favorites list, if I liked one book by them a lot, I’ll try another one. If the 2nd book I read by an author is one I end up not liking, or even hating, I may give them one more chance, especially if I really liked the first book. But if the 3rd one I read I don’t like either, then I figure the first book was a fluke and don’t read anything else by that author, unless there is a sequel or spin-off of the book I actually liked.

    If the first book was just kinda “eh”, then I’ll only read another by that author if it’s either recommended by friends, or I happen across it and like the synopsis. Mostly because if the book just didn’t grab me, I’m unlikely to remember the author’s name, and therefore won’t be actively looking for other books they publish.
    Silvara recently posted…Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampires #2) by Chloe Neill (review)My Profile

    • Yes that makes sense that if you didn’t enjoy the first book in a series by one of your favorite authors you won’t read the rest. And just like you I have quite some authors were I enjoyed all their books so far and most likely will enjoy the rest of their books as well. And sometimes they might write a series I enjoy less, but I like that feeling of knowing that by picking up a book by an author you like you are almost guaranteed that you will like it. It’s a nice feeling.

      And there are only so many books you can give a try by the same author before concluding you don’t like her books. I feel that if I don’t like the first book I read by a new to me author I am unlikely to pick up their other books. I don’t think it happened to me so far I enjoyed the first book and then the next two books not, but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be likely to read anything after that. As that means the majority of the books you read by that author weren’t enjoyable.

      For 3 stars I often will read the next book sometimes, depending on which side of the 3 star rating they fall. Upper half I often will continue the series if it had enough things I like. If they fall on the lower side I am less likely to pick up another book by that author.

  14. I actually call my Priority TBR “Authors/Sequels” since it is mostly made up of sequels and books by authors I have already read and enjoyed. If a book really sounds like something I’m not interested in, then I will skip it; and if I read 2 disappointing books in a row, the author generally gets bumped back down to the regular TBR instead.

    (I just wrote a 3 part series about my TBR and somehow this particular point got left out, oh well.)
    Got My Book recently posted…text: Love It or DNF It: Living With Chronic TBR Overflow (Pt 3) | My MusingsMy Profile

    • Oh that’s interesting you actually have a TBR list for those books. And there is so much to write about TBR lists, it’s almost impossible to include everything. But it is interesting to know.

      And I am similar if I read 2 disappointing reads in a row I am less likely to pick up more books by that author or at least not as excited about their books anymore.

  15. If I like one book, I look for others and see if they’re in the genre I like, or if I find that the other stories are interesting. I’m pretty loyal, though. I think it helps that I read series (and that each book makes me love the author more :)). Like you, I also think about factors like the authors writing style, genre, etc.
    Jee Ann @ The Book Tales recently posted…Foray Into Danger: Snakehead by Bianca MoriMy Profile

    • I am also a pretty author loyal reader, if I find an author who’s books I like I usually am willing to read as many books by them as possible. Yes I also like series and if it’s a good one it definitely helps you like the author more with each book.

  16. Great post Lola! I think I’m a lost like you, in that I have author loyalty but circumstances definitely play in to whether or not I’ve read all their books. For example, I love Jennifer L. Armentrout, but she’s written 46 books! And she’d written more than half of those before I ever read her. So I’m going to take a while to catch up. There are also some authors that, while I enjoy them in some genres, I’ve found I don’t really enjoy their other books. But I did try them, because once you’ve made me happy once, I’ll try out your other books.
    Berls recently posted…Love at the Spinster House #reviews #coyer #2016hwMy Profile

    • Yes that sums it up nicely, I am pretty author loyal, but circumstances do play a role. I didn’t realize Jennifer L Armentrout had written so many books by now, when I read one of her first book she only had a few books out.
      If I enjoyed an author their books in one genre I am willing to try them in other genres too and indeed if their books don’t work in that genre for me then I don’t read any more of them, but I am usually willing to give it a try.

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