Lola’s Kitchen: 5 Recipes to make this fall

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Lola’s Kitchen is a feature on Lola’s Reviews where I talk about all things related to food, cooking and baking. These posts can be recipe posts, tens list posts about food or recipes or more discussion type posts about food. I love cooking and spend some time in the kitchen almost every day, so I wanted to give it a place on my blog as well. The banner for this feature is designed by Michelle from Limabean Designs.

As it’s October I wanted to do something fall related for a Lola’s Kitchen post and as I’ve shared some great recipes previously on this blog that are perfect for fall I wanted to use this chance to spotlight those recipes. All recipes link to the recipe post on my blog.

5 Recipes to make this Fall

  • Pumpkin and Apple Risotto. Pumpkin is probably the most typically fall vegetable. This risotto combines pumpkin and apples in a delicious dish. I like making risotto and this fall version with pumpkin and apple is one of my favorite ways to make it. It’s warm, hearty and has lots of cinnamon, pumpkin and apples.
  • Hot Lightning AKA Mashed Potatoes with Apple. Here in the Netherlands it’s common to eat “Stamppot” when it gets cold. “Stamppot” are dishes that consist of mashed potatoes and some veggies usually. In this case mashed potatoes with apples. Hot Lightning is one of my favorite fall recipes. It’s not too difficult to make and the combination of mashed potatoes and warm apples is perfect for a cold and rainy day.
  • Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Cookies This list wouldn’t feel complete without these delicious cookies. Cinnamon sugar and pumpkin turn these cookies into a true fall delicacy. I discovered these cookies last year and I can’t wait to make them again this year. If you have too much pumpkin for the Pumpkin and Apple Risotto for example you can use the leftover pumpkin to make these cookies. The cinnamon and pumpkin in these cookies go well together.
  • Vegetarian Pie. I think oven dishes or casseroles like this one are great for fall weather. They are warm and filled with veggies. This Vegetarian Pie is a bit like Shepherd’s pie with a twist with sweet potato slices on top of a sauce with lots of veggies. Perfect for the colder weather!
  • Carrot Souflé. This Carrot Souflé makes me think of fall because of the pretty orange color and carrots seem to be a good vegetable to eat during fall. This soufflé is soft and filled with flavor and while it takes some time to prepare it’s mostly a put it in the oven and forget about it dish.


Pumpkin and Apple Risotto close-upHot Lightning close upCinnamon Sugar Pumpkin CookiesVega-pie-close-upCarrot Souffle

Halloween Pinterest Board

And Fall ofcourse means halloween! Last year I started making this Halloween pinterest board after seeing all the fun Halloween recipes in my feed. If you’re looking for some creepy or fun inspiration fo this Halloween, have a look at my board :).

What’s are your favorite fall recipes?

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26 responses to “Lola’s Kitchen: 5 Recipes to make this fall

  1. How nice! I do tend to change my cooking and baking habits with the season and even my cravings. I never told you that I tried White Lightning and my family out west loved it.

    Pinterest has some fun ideas and some are so simple like those lollipop ghosts. I love quick ideas like that. Thanks!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Bluewater Blues by H.B. GordonMy Profile

    • Fall just makes me want to cook more with pumpkin or warm hearty dishes, so I think the season can definitely influence what I want to eat and cook.

      I am so happy to hear you tried out Hot lightning and your family loved it!

      Pinterest is great for things like this and some are quite simple indeed and fun too.

  2. You know, I don’t know if I’ve ever actually had pumpkin. I think I’ve had some cookies from the store that had pumpkin in them, but I don’t recall eating something with actual pieces of pumpkin. I’d probably like it though since I like most vegetables. That pumpkin and apple risotto sounds great, and I’d love to try it! I’ve never made risotto myself though. I think I’ve only ever had it maybe once on a cruise. (Lots of I-thinks and maybes and probablys in that paragraph lol.)

    Of course those cinnamon sugar pumpkin cookies also sound great.

    I don’t like mashed potatoes though. I’m not really a picky eater, and I do like potatoes made in other ways, but for some reason I have *never* liked mashed potatoes.

    The vegetarian pie and carrot soufle sound great though 🙂 Now you’re making me want some carrots. I don’t care for raw carrots (like, I would eat them if I were starving, they’re ok, but I’d prefer something else), but I do like them cooked.

    Delicious looking recipes!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Book Review: Sire (Beautiful Monsters Book 2) by Jex LaneMy Profile

    • I quite like pumpkin, most of the recipes I tried with it turned out well. And pumpkin cookies are great, although the pumpkin flavor isn’t too overwhelming there usually, so not a great way to gauge if you like pumpkin, but if you know the taste of pumpkin you will recognize the flavor in the cookies probably.

      I hope you get to try the risotto! I like making risotto as there are so many variations you can make.

      I just made the pumpkin cookies this weekend, they turned out really good. I added even more cinnamon to this time.

      I am a picky eater, but I do like mashed potatoes. In fact I prefer mashed potatoes over most other ways of eating them.

      Same here I don’t care for raw carrots (I think I actually mentioned that in that recipe), but cooked in a dish I do like them.

  3. I love the apples with mashed potatoes idea! I love both and can see them going really well together. I’m iffy on pumpkin rissoto. I don’t think I’ve ever had pumpkin in any form besides pie… So idk if I like it or not. Lol. So I should try it!
    Berls recently posted…A satisfying end… Home #reviewMy Profile

    • I thought the idea of combining apples and mashed potatoes was a bit weird at first, but it also got me curious. It really is a great combination and it’s one of those dishes I make regularly, but it’s best in fall ;).

      I really like pumpkin, although it also depends on what kind of dish you add it to. It does well soaking up flavors from sauces, so in curries or pasts sauces it does well. And if you roast it in the oven first it gets nice soft, sweet and flavorful which also works well in dishes.

      I made pumpkin pie once and didn’t like it though, but maybe I did something wrong? The texture of the filling was so gross. I hope you give pumpkin a try once 🙂
      Lola recently posted…Review: Pets in SpaceMy Profile

    • It’s really good, mashed potatoes and apples are such a great combination. I’ll have to make it again soon.

      I made the pumpkin cookies this weekend, they turned out really good :). Yum! Glad to hear your kids enjoyed them last year.
      Lola recently posted…Review: Pets in SpaceMy Profile

    • It’s a savory dish, although this variation is a bit more sweet due to the apples. It’s basically a name for a group of dishes, all containing mashed potatoes and other vegetables like sauerkraut, kale, or carrots and onion.
      Lola recently posted…Review: Pets in SpaceMy Profile

    • I am not a fan of mushrooms myself. But I do agree that pumpkin is great for risotto! I should make risotto again soon, but I have to buy new rice first.

  4. I wish I liked pumpkin, but I don’t. The mashed potatoes and apples sound interesting though. Fall for me means making chicken noodle soup and beef stew-both of which I have made recently. I know you are a vegetarian so those definitely won’t work for you. I do love reading about the foods you make because they are so different from the things I make. Thanks for another interesting post Lola!

    • Sorry to hear you don’t like pumpkin :(. But there definitely are lots of other great dishes to make during fall. Soup and stew do sound like great dishes for this time of the year. Although I would skip the meat indeed. Glad to hear you’re enjoying my food posts, I am so happy to hear that 🙂

    • I think I also have a typical shepherd’s pie recipe on the blog, forgot to include that here.

      Oh let me know how the sweet potato chili turns out, sounds promising!

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