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What happened this week?

Happy new year! 2020 sure had it’s ups and downs for me and was a difficult year in many regards, but there are also some good changes and decisions I made and hopefully those lay the foundation for a great 2021.

I did my best reads of 2020 post this week. I always love doing that post and talking about the books that stood out to me last year. It really was a great year for reading. I read a lot of books and had some awesome reads.

This week I still worked a bit less and tried to relax a bit more. I had a few days were I was feeling overwhelmed, but it got better as the week progressed. I spent some more time gaming and some time in the kitchen this week. I still got some work done as well, I had a new tour that started, two media kits for future tours that I sent out, worked on a new media kit as well as plenty of email and some assistant work. I also closed my Christmas giveaway, picked the winners and ordered their books, which was fun.

And this week a new author contacted me for assistant work. It’s an author I already know, but haven’t worked with yet. I am really excited about this opportunity. And as I recently stopped working for another author I had plenty of space for a new one.

Then Friday morning I woke up with a sore throat. So not the best start to this new year. I just hope it’s not Covid-19, but so far it’s just a sore throat and no other symptoms or worsening yet. So fingers crossed I just caught a cold or something.

Food Corner

I spent some time in the kitchen this week, which was great. I hadn’t taken the time to make extra things besides dinner, so it was nice to set some time aside for that this week. Early in the week I made some glazed ham for my boyfriend this week. Then later in the week I made some mini cheesecakes, which taste great and I just love the look of them.

glazed ham

Mini Cheesecake

What did I read this week?

Mystic PiecesDear Writer Are You in BurnoutLearned Behaviors

Mystic Pieces was an awesome start to this new paranormal cozy mystery series. I liked the main character and there are some great side characters too. The mystery was intriguing and I liked the psychic aspect. Dear Writer Are You in Burnout was a re-read as I wanted a refresher of all the good information in this book. I felt like I was getting close to another burnout and I hope I can avoid this, I am doing a lot better after this week. Learned Behaviors was a nice MM contemporary romance book, it didn’t fully grip me, but for the most part I enjoyed reading it.

This week I blogged about:

Review: Master of Ghouls by Jordan L. Hawk
Lola’s Ramblings: The Best Books I Read in 2020

Review: Master of Ghouls by Jordan L. HawkLola’s Ramblings: The Best Books I Read in 2020

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Review: Saving Their Wolf by Tori Knightwood
– Lola’s Kitchen: Marinated Pork Chops Recipe

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:

Review Opportunity: Spooks by Athena Flores
Review Opportunity: Kiss of Salt by Smita Bhattacharya
Review Opportunity: The Road to Hell by Christopher C. Starr
Review Opportunity: Who Let the Demon Out? by Naomi Bellina
Review Opportunity: Knitted and Knifed by Tracey Drew
Blog Tour: Death and Decluttering by Nancy McGovern – 4 till 24 January
Blog Tour: Heaven Falls series by Christopher C. Starr – 10 till 23 January
Blog Tour: The Twelve Tasks by Katharine E. Wibell – 18 till 31 January
Blog Tour: The Grimm Cases by Lyla Oweds – 18 till 31 January
Bookstagram Blitz: Fractured by Shay Siegel – 25 till 31 January
Blog Tour: Takakush by Raine Reiter – 1 till 14 March
Book Blitz: Love and Other Moods by Crystal Z. Lee – 10 till 23 March

Book Haul:

WonderstruckBat Out of Hell

I got both of these for review. Wonderstruck from Netgalley and Bat Out of Hell from the author. Both are later books in series I started.

What was your first read of 2021?


26 responses to “Sunday Post #420

    • Happy new year to your too! I am really happy with the new author. The sore throat only lasted for a few days, so not sure what it was, but luckily I am feeling better now.

  1. Happy New Year, Lola! I hope the sore throat clears up quickly – I’m conscious that I notice each sniffle far more than I used to… I hope you have a really great week – lovely to start out with more author work coming your way:))

    • Luckily the sore throat cleared up in a few days. I sure am conscious of every sniffle and cough nowadays. I am glad to have started the new year with a new author :).

  2. Glad you had a good positive takeaway from 2021 and have plans to start with a new author. Hope the sore throat goes away. I had to gargle some salt water for a few days a month ago and it helped get rid of mine before it got worse. Your glazed ham and cheesecakes look delicious and glad you enjoyed a good reading week for your first books of the year. So far so good for me, too.

    Have a good week, Lola!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Sophia Rose’s Top Ten Debut or New to Me Authors of 2020My Profile

    • I am glad I got to start the new year with a new author to work for. Luckily my sore throat went away after a few days.

      Glad to hear you had a good reading week for your first books of the year as well 🙂

  3. Congrats on the new author. I am hoping you feel better soon! Honey with Lemon also helps with a sore throat but warm salt water like Sophia suggested works also. My nose has been dry and clogged since September and I can’t seem to get it to go away. I think my house need a really good cleaning and it’s so dry from the heat, need some moisture in the air. Leaving bowls of water around helps with that.

    The ham and cheesecakes looks so yummy! I plan to get back in the kitchen this week since I think we are just done with take-out for a while.

    Have a great week, Lola! Happy Reading! xx
    Michelle recently posted…The Sunday Post ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR! ~ Week in READview! 2021My Profile

    • Thanks! My sore throat went away after a few days luckily. That sounds annoying that you have a dry nose for so long. Hopefully the water bowls help a bit.

      It was nice to spend some time in the kitchen last week :).

    • It was a good week with enough relaxing and a new author. How fun you also made some mini cheesecakes! I like making them like this. I am feeling a bit better now, thanks!

  4. Hi Lola! Glad you still have a couple of days rest. I need to start working a bit tomorrow, but only formally back at school next Monday!

    I love A cat’s guide to bonding with dragons. Will have the promo post out tomorrow and link back to you.

    I’ve just signed up for a review request for Knitted and Knifed. Sounds like fun and the “cat perspective” reviews are a lot of fun to do and seem to work nicely as well.

    Have a good week and happy reading!

    Elza Reads
    Mareli @ Elza Reads recently posted…The Sunday Post #24My Profile

    • Good luck with being back at school! I am glad you were part of the tour for A Cat’s Guide to Bonding with Dragons. I hope you’ll enjoy Knitted and Knifed!

    • Thanks it was a nice week and I am glad with the new author :).

      Seems it stayed with only a sore throat luckily and I am feeling a bit better now.

    • It was nice to relax a bit more around the holidays. My sore throat went away after a few days, but I’ve been dealing with some lack of energy. I hope I feel fully better soon.

    • I am really happy with the new author work. It was nice to have some time to do some extra cooking, as I really enjoy that :). I wish I could ship you one of the cheesecakes, they were delicious. It seems like it was just a sore throat for now, but every time I get a bit ill I worry about COVID.

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