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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What happened this week?

This was another busy and productive week. Two cover reveals I organized took place this week and 3 sign-ups post went live. I also got two new tours booked and hope to get those sign-up posts live next week. It’s almost like I am getting used a bit to being more busy by now. It seems my work routine has changed a bit and I can better gauge how long certain tasks will take me and sometimes set deadlines for myself or schedule my day a bit more than I used to do. I also have gotten better at prioritizing it seems, so it has been helpful. Sadly I did have a headache pop in for a day. But mostly that it has been a good and productive week.

Besides that there isn’t much to tell. I did a lot of work, got some reading done and basically had a pretty normal week. I mostly have been making recipes I already know lately, but I am hoping to try and bake a coconut cake later today, I hope it turns out well.

And remember that picture of the coconut ice cream I posted last week. We tried both flavors and really like this brand. The Indian winter is a bit too strong for me, but it does have a good taste and I really like the coconut one. We even bought two new flavors to try out this week as my supermarket send me a discount for them. We now got chocolate and banana as well.

Picture of the Week

Sorry no picture of the week πŸ™

What did I read this week?

Hear no EvilLethal TideWitch Chocolate Fudge

This was a decent reading week as I finished 3 books and all were 4 star reads. I finished Hear No Evil and Witch Chocolate Fudge on my ipad and am almost finished with my current read. I had a few small issues with Hear no Evil, but overall it was a great read and a good ending to the series. Witch Chocolate Fudge was just as good as book 1 and I am already looking forward to book 3. And I finally finished lethal Tide, I had been reading that one for a long time, but I did really enjoy it.

What did I cook for dinner this week?

This week I blogged about:

Review: Dark, Witch and Creamy by HY Hanna
Interview with Sir Kipling from the Lilly Singer series by Lydia Sherrer
Lola’s Ramblings: Book Comparisons
Lola’s Kitchen: Rice with broccoli and tofu in peanut sauce

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Review: Saven Deliverance by Siobhan Davis
– Review: Ozoni and Onsens by SJ Pajonas
– Review: Alien frog Prince by JM Page
– Lola’s Kitchen: Garlic Naan Recipe
– Review: Magick Reborn by Katerina Martinez

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:

Review Opportunities:
Here Comes the Witch by Ani Gonzalez
Newborn by Edward Hoorneart
Necromancer by Graeme Ing
Teach Your Heart by Tracey Alvarez
Naughty or Nice by Jessie Logan
Right Under Your Nose by Holly Tierney-Bedord
Fated Memories by Joan Carney
Remember by Joan Carney
Finding Kyler by Siobhan Davis
Making Bad Choices by Rita Stradling
Ensnared by Rita Stradling
Check the full list of open review opportunities here.

Cover Reveals:
All That Glitters by Tracy Krimmer – 20 February
Behind the lens by Cassandra Giovanni – 24 February
Follow the Music by L.C. Ireland – 28 February
Losing Kyler by Siobhan Davis – 1 March – New!
The Tribulations of Tompa Lee by Edward Hoorneart – 3 March – New!

Book Blitz: Trials and Tribulations – 20 February till 5 March
Book Blitz: Melancholy Ghost by Kat Mayor – 21 till 27 February
Book Blitz: Give Me Chaos by Jillian Ashe – 28 February till 6 March
Blog Tour: The Fairytale Chicago of Francesca Finnegan by Steve Wiley (Audiobook Tour!) – 13 till 26 March
Blog Tour: Issaura’s Claws by Katharine E. Wibell – 10 till 23 April – New!

Book Haul:

Pancakes and CorpsesLemonade and LiesPoison in PaddingtonA Darkness Absolute

It seems I am in a cozy mystery mood lately, I saw Pancakes and Corpses when leaving a review for another book and it sounded so good, so I grabbed it and book two too as that was only 0.99$. And then after that on the home page amazon listed Poison in Paddington and it was only 0.99$ too, so i got that too. A Darkness Absolute I had pre-ordered.

Freebies I grabbed:

Sorry didn’t make the time to type out my freebies for this week. Stop by my facebook post here to see some freebies I find during the week.


40 responses to “Sunday Post #218

  1. Delighted to hear that you have had another busy, productive week:). It looks like your business has nocked up to another level of activity – it’s a good job you are a very organised person. I’m glad to hear the different flavours of that coconut ice cream is so good:). I’m going to try and track it down here – though I’m not holding my breath. While there is a growing selection of foods for vegetarians, those of us who are dairy intolerant are not so well served… Have another busy, productive week, Lola. Oh – I’ve also featured your interview with Sir Kipling on my Sunday Post this week. My Sunday Post –
    sjhigbee recently posted…While the Morning Stars SingMy Profile

    • It really has been great to have had more busy weeks lately. I hope it’s a good sign that I am reaching more authors and hopefully getting mote well known.

      I am really happy the coconut ice cream turned out to be so good. I’ve been a vegetarian for many years now and it’s been amazing to see things change in how many products are available in stores for vegetarians.

      My prediction is that vegan products and dairy alternatives and gluten free things are next and will become more widely available. At least we can hope so. As I’ve been seeing those products more and more lately as well. Our supermarket actually sells quite some diary alternatives like coconut milk, oatly drink, rice milk, almond milk etc. It’s nice to see some ice creams with those as well now. I think it’s a good trend and I hope to see it expand more so people like you who are dairy intolerant have more choices as well.

      And thanks so much for featuring my interview on your Sunday post! I really appreciate it!

      • You’re very welcome – I thought it so witty and amusing and wanted others to appreciate it, too:).

        And of course, you are right – there are more products out there for dairy intolerant and vegans. I really enjoy having almond milk to cook with and drink and now there is even a decent vegan cheese:). Thank you for your suggestions and meal alternatives.
        sjhigbee recently posted…While the Morning Stars SingMy Profile

        • I appreciate the share!

          We can only hope that in the next few years there will be even more vegan and dairy intolerant products out there. I often cook with coconut milk as I often make curries. I haven’t tried vegan cheese yet, but I am curious how that tastes. I haven’t seen that here yet.

    • It has been great to have some busy weeks in a row.

      It was a good reading week with all the 4 star reads. I really like the pretty covers of those first two cozies!

  2. Coy Mysteries have the best covers. I love the pancakes and lemonade! I hope they are as good as the covers look!
    I am so glad you are busy and I completely agree when I have my calendar all planned out I feel more organized and seem to have everything in order I feel so much more productive. Still working on better management of my time. The kids take up a lot of it but I am slowing finding a better schedule to get stuff done.

    Have a great week, Lola! Happy Reading! ox
    Michelle @Because Reading recently posted…DNS, Printer and BEA Bummer ~ WIR & TSPMy Profile

    • I agree, cozie covers always look so fun! I really like the cover for the Pancakes and Lemonade, I hope they are good!

      Sometimes I work better when I have too much to do, as I seem to focus more and keep strict deadlines for what to do when. It’s been nice to have a few busy weeks like this πŸ™‚
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #218My Profile

    • Thanks Lexxie! I hope it will keep up.

      I don’t blame you for getting hungry. With those covers and the books often feature food I get hungry too.

  3. Glad you had a great week Lola! I’ve never had coconut ice cream. Sounds kinda good?

    I thought A Darkness Absolute was really good, and I love that cover. The US cover isn’t quite as good. Great book.
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #182My Profile

    • It’s pretty good! All the flavors have this light coconut flavor, which is really nice.

      I wasn’t sure which cover I would get, but it seems I have the UK cover for both books. I like these covers as they do fit the creepy feel of the books. I hope I’ll enjoy this one as much as I did the first book!

  4. It seems like that’s always how it goes. When things first get busier, it’s hard to handle it all, but eventually you start to get used to it and get the hang of it. Plus, the longer you do something, the more efficient you get at it. So maybe you’re also just getting more efficient at the different tasks.

    Glad you liked the coconut milk ice cream! I’ve never had banana flavored, but it sounds good. I have a different brand here, and I usually just stick with cookie dough. Pretty much always been my favorite ice cream flavor since I was a kid, and I still love it lol.

    Glad you had some good reads this week!

    • It’s been interesting to see the change, at first I was so overwhelmed, but now it seems easier to keep up as I have gotten used to this level of being busy. And yes that’s probably also part of the explanation I get more efficient at things.

      I hope to try the banana flavor soon, I haven’t tried it yet. I also like cookie dough ice cream, although I’ve only eaten Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream so far.

    • Yes it seems like I gotten a better feel for how long things will take and can schedule/ plan my days better. It’s nice.

      Yes I love those covers! They are so cleverly done and the books are great too!

  5. Glad to hear you can keep up with your flourishing business! I’m an overachiever too and my time management surfers because I think I can accomplished more than it’s possible. Coconut cake sounds good! Anything with coconut is heavenly! Especially if dark chocolate is involved. Could that cake be cover is dark chocolate? πŸ™‚
    Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium recently posted…#amreading – Reading slump and a format affair part II – those magical audiobooksMy Profile

    • Nowadays I can pretty well gauge how long certain tasks will take, so i can plan how much I can get done in a day.

      The coconut cake turned out pretty good, it just stayed pretty flat. Not sure why. But the taste was very good. And nope it didn’t have a cover, I don’t think chocolate would’ve fit with the taste of the cake. But I do have a recipe coming up for coconut balls with chocolate around them.

    • Yes I am excited to finally share the garlic naan recipe I just ate some yesterday as we still had some frozen naan.

      It’s been nice to have enough work to keep me busy. I can only hope it keeps up!

      I really enjoyed the novella :). I over halfway through the third daydreamer book so far and it’s so good! I keep going back and forth guessing who might be the murderer. I am pretty sure one is a red herring, but not sure which one.

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