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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What happened this week?

This week was another busy one. Three new sign-up posts went live and two tours started this week, which kept me plenty of busy. And I did some marketing assistant work. Some other small things popped up, and I had some meh days this week. Then I got a headache yesterday.

On Monday evening my sister and her boyfriend visited and we had a fun time chatting and drinking tea and they even bought a cake. I also had made a cake so I gave them two pieces to take home with them. I am reading two good books, but not making a lot of progress as I had little time to read this week. I don’t really have a lot of news to tell as I mostly did a lot of work and that’s it.

Random Picture(s) of the Week

This is one of the chocolate bars I am really liking lately. Milka is a pretty popular chocolate brand here. This bar has tiny dried pieces of raspberry, pieces of hazelnut and small pieces of dark chocolate. It’s really good. Another one of my favourite chocolate flavours is chocolate with praliné. What is your favourite chocolate bar?

What did I cook for dinner this week?

This week I blogged about:

Review: Rest in Peach by Susan Furlong
Review: Grilled for Murder by Maddie Day
Lola’s Ramblings: 10 Dutch products
Lola’s Kitchen: Lemon Cinnamon Cookies Recipe
My To-Be Read List #22: poll

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Lola’s Advice: How to set up a street team
– Review: The Masked Maiden by H.D. Gordon
– Review: Vigilante Slimmer Scanner by SJ Pajonas
– Lola’s Kitchen: Couscous with veggies and egg
– My To-Be Read List #22: the winner

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:

Review Opportunities:
Indestructible by Emma L Adams
Saven: Deception by Siobhan Davis
Summer Haikus by SJ Pajonas
Dominic’s Nemesis by D. Alyce Domain
Secret Baby Scandal by Joanne Rock
Micah by Lee DuCote
Check the full list of open review opportunities here.

Cover Reveals:
Saven Defiance by Siobhan Davis – 17 June – New!
The Nogiku series by SJ Pajonas – 21 June

Blog Tour: Sunborn Rising by Aaron Safronoff – 27 June till 10 July – New!
Book Blitz: True Calling series by Siobhan Davis – 28 June till 4 July
Blog Tour: Across Borders by Lee DuCote – 28 June till 18 July
Blog Tour: The Daydreamer Detective Braves the Winter by SJ Pajonas – 11 till 15 July – New!

Book Haul:

Baking is MurderBaking is Murder (Bee’s Bakehouse Mysteries #1)
by Kathy Cranston

Format: e-copy
Source: for review
You can find Baking is Murder on Goodreads

Newly redundant and recently divorced, there’s never been a better time for Jessie Henderson to pack up her life in the city and move to Springdale, the small town where she spent childhood summers with her Aunt Bee.

Luckily for Jessie, Springdale is every bit as quirky and idyllic as she remembers, and Bee’s baking is just as mouth-watering.

Then the unthinkable happens and there’s a murder on the outskirts of town. Worse still, Jessie’s new friend is the prime suspect. The cops think the case is cut-and-dry, but Jessie’s gut tells her there’s more going on than meets the eye. Can she get to the bottom of it?

Baking is Murder is the first book in the Bee’s Bakehouse Cozy Mystery series. Each book is a standalone mystery.

The Crêpes of WrathThe Crêpes of Wrath (A Pancake House Mystery #1)
by Sarah Fox

Format: e-copy
Source: for review through netgalley
You can find The Crêpes of Wrath on Goodreads

In the debut of a delightful cozy mystery series, Sarah Fox introduces a charming new heroine who finds herself in a sticky situation: stacking pancakes, pouring coffee, and investigating murder.

When Marley McKinney’s aging cousin, Jimmy, is hospitalized with pneumonia, she agrees to help run his pancake house while he recovers. With its rustic interior and syrupy scent, the Flip Side Pancake House is just as she pictured it—and the surly chef is a wizard with crêpes. Marley expects to spend a leisurely week or two in Wildwood Cove, the quaint, coastal community where she used to spend her summers, but then Cousin Jimmy is found murdered, sprawled on the rocks beneath a nearby cliff.

After she stumbles across evidence of stolen goods in Jimmy’s workshop, Marley is determined to find out what’s really going on in the not-so-quiet town of Wildwood Cove. With help from her childhood crush and her adopted cat, Flapjack, Marley sinks her teeth into the investigation. But if she’s not careful, she’s going to get burned by a killer who’s only interested in serving up trouble.


36 responses to “Sunday Post #181

  1. Well, no news is better than bad news! At least you got to see your sister and her boyfriend 🙂 Sorry about the headache though.

    So a chocolate bar with little pieces of fruit and hazelnut sounds really good, except I’d probably only like it if the whole thing was made of dark chocolate lol. I’ve never been a big chocolate eater, but if I am gonna eat chocolate, it’s gotta be dark!

    You behaved much better than I did this week with only two books. But it seems like you’ve been getting lots of cozies, so that’s great! Enjoy your books and have a great week 🙂
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…The Weekly Update: 6/5/16My Profile

    • I was pretty tired and headachy when I wrote this post yesterday so I couldn’t think of anything to write about. It was fun to see my sister and her boyfriend again, we always have a lot to talk about. She finished reading a series which I had recommend to her.

      I prefer milk chocolate, dark chocolate tastes too strongly for me. I love chocolate, but no dark chocolate, except when it isn’t too dark or when it’s in tiny pieces like in this bar ;).

      I am glad I only got two books this week. I could use a few more weeks like this. I do still have one netgalley book pending (a fantasy book if I remember correctly). And yes coincidentally two new cozies this week :).

  2. Sometimes, uneventful weeks are the best, Lola. I look forward to having some of those very soon 🙂 Milka chocolate is good – but I have to be careful with nuts, as I’ve noticed that I may be allergic to some.
    Your new books look really good! I love the title Crêpes of Wrath 🙂 Nice wordplay.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Sunday Post Weekly Wrap-up #86My Profile

    • I agree sometimes an uneventful week is the best, although I wouldn’t really call it uneventful. Just a lot of small things I didn’t go into detail. Ugh it really shows I wrote this post while I had a headache.

      I really like milka chocolate, the cookies, oreo and this bar are my favourites. Oh that’s too bad you might be allergic to some nuts.

      I was trying to stay away from netgalley, but I just couldn’t resist requesting this cozy. That title and the pancake house job plot line sounds so fun!
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #181My Profile

    • Yes my headache went away this afternoon. I had to go back to bed after breakfast, but at least that helped.

      Glad to hear they have milka in the UK too! Their chocolate tastes great! I also love the bar with biscuit/ cookie inside them and the oreo ones, but recently this one has been my favourite.

    • Most are okay, I like chocolate, so it’s hard to find one I really dislike (although i am not a fan of white and dark chocolate). But there are definitely some bars I like better than others and this is one of them.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #181My Profile

    • It was fun to see my sister again and catch-up. And it definitely was good that there was lots of cake, cake is always good 😉

  3. That chocolate bar looks good although I don’t know if I’d like the raspberry pieces. I’d have to try it. 🙂 I tend to just like plain chocolate though, or if I’m eating fudge I’ll go for peanut butter and chocolate. Yumm lol. Sounds like you had a nice visit- how fun!

    The Crepe of Wrath looks fun, love the cover with the lighthouse in the background.
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #145My Profile

    • They are really sweet and add an unique flavour to the bar. I think it’s really good. I also like plain chocolate, but I seem to like combinations even more. Milka also has a bar with oreo which is really good too.

      I couldn’t resist requesting Crepe of Wrath, it sounds so fun and the cover looks great!

  4. MILKA! I love Milka bars and have had them on many occasions. And actually, I love chocolate and pralines. I feel as though pralines are underestimated as being one of the top dessert things of all time. When my husband buys me chocolate, he often gets me pralines because he knows I love them. <3 He's a keeper!
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…Sunday Update – June 5, 2016My Profile

    • It’s good that your husband knows what kind of chocolate you like. Milka is one of my favourite chocolate brands, the bar with biscuit, oreo and this one are my favourites recently.

  5. I hope that headache is gone. It sounds like your sister and her boyfriend’s visit was nice! The Milka bar looks so good. I haven’t heard of that brand before. I may have to try it. It looks like they sell it through Amazon. I hope you have a great week, Lola!

  6. I am not good with fruit cooked into anything with the exception of apple anything or blueberry bagels or muffins, so don’t think I would like your chocolate bar. My favorite would probably be a Baby Ruth or Mr. Goodbar-do you have those there? Pasta salad with corn and egg sounds really unique-wondering how you cook the egg? Hope you have a good week!

    • I usually like fruit into other dishes as well, although I can be picky. I don’t like blueberries for example, unless they are in something baked like pancakes or muffins. I like adding apple and/ or pineapple to some dishes.
      For the pasta salad, I make scrambled egg. If you click on the link it will take you to my whole recipe.
      We don’t have Baby Ruth or Mr Goodbar over here, never heard of those before.
      Lola recently posted…Lola’s Advice: How to set-up a Street TeamMy Profile

  7. It sounds like you’ve had a fairly hectic week, Lola! I hope you found time over the weekend to relax a little with a good book, before your headache came on. /:

    That chocolate sounds *kinda* fantastic! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a big brand chocolate with raspberries through it, which sounds like such a neat idea, especially since they go so well with dark chocolate, although I’m not sure whether it’d be very easy for me to find a vegan alternative these days. I should really look.

    Aah, Crepes of Wrath is such a cute title! I really like the almost cutesey-murder mystery theme that I’ve seen a little bit, recently, and I don’t know whether it only extends as far as the title/synopsis, or if there’s that same humour in the pages, but it’s quite interesting and something I haven’t seen before. I hope that one is a good read for you! x
    Romi recently posted…A source of inspiraton: shifting boughs.My Profile

    • Yes it was a fairly hectic week indeed. I did find some time to read, but not as much as I would’ve liked. I did got a bit of reading in this week so far, so that’s good.

      I can imagine finding a vegan version would be tricky, maybe you can make it yourself? The raspberries are really good in the chocolate, full of fruity flavour.

      I just couldn’t resist that title and the cute cover. The cozy mystery genre is the name for the cutesy murder mystery books. No gruesome details, but you do get the mystery part. I really enjoy those kind of books.

    • I really like this bar, just bought another one today as they were discounted, yum!

      I am looking forward to reading those two cozies, they sound fun!

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