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sunday post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What happened this week?
Wow can you believe it? This is my 100th Sunday Post. When I started my own blog I immediately decided I wanted weekly recaps and joined the Sunday Post, since then I only missed one week and I numbered the next sunday post with both numbers. So while this number not only indicates how many Sunday Posts I wrote, it also indicates how old my blog is, namely 100 weeks (almost two years)! A lot has changed since I first started doing Sunday Post. I added a few features, like the random picture of the week and my list of open tours and gradually I started writing more about my daily life and what happened during the week as well. Here’s to another 100 Sunday Posts, cheers! And a big thanks to Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer for hosting the Sunday Post, it’s the only meme I have been able to do for so long!

This week I did a lot of cooking an trying out new recipes again. I started off the week with Lentils soup, which was pretty nice and easy to make. Beside that I retried the Green Curry I also made last week, but with some extra touches this week to improve on it. I also made Red lentil Curry, Madras Curry Seitan, Harvest Madras Chicken Curry and a risotto with green beans and String Beans. The Madra Seitan Curry at first didn’t taste good, so I threw in some other spices and it ended up tasting more like a Tofu Korma with lots of koriander. It didn’t taste like the recipe planned to, but it was yummy.

And I made an epic blunder this week. Normally on tuesday I clean the rat cage, but as I wans’t feeling well I decide I could skip a week. The rats apparantely didn’t agree with me, because thursday morning their cage was such a mess I still had to clean it. Some shit fell on the floor and I promptly stepped in it, not realizeing I did until the shit was on my trousers as well. So I threw my trosuers in the washing machine and only when the program was finished realized my mobile phone was in my pocket and now had been washed as well. I had just gotten a new mobile phone from my mom because my old one was malfunctioning. I put it in a backet with rice hoping it would survive. When I got it out on saturday it didn’t so work, so I’ll have to buy a new one unfortunately 🙁

And then the next day we had another blunder, when I started up my computer on friday morning to start work the internet didn’t work. So we did the usual, restart the modem and then checked back. Still no internet, so we tried resetting it a few more times and still no internet. Then I figured out the phone did work and my ipad did had wireless internet, so the issue was with the cable. We assumed a cable breka or something liekt hat until I saw an internet cable dangling between our two desks. Yeah the cable wasn’t plugged in that goes from the modem to this piece of technology that distributes internet to more then one computer (no clue what it’s called). So our cable internet didn’t work, because it wasn’t plugged in. Such a stupid error and it costs us an hour of time.

And then there as the issue of my hitting the resources maximum with my hosting provider again. And Friday evening I tried to make Lemon Crinkle Cookies again, but couln’t find the recipe with my conversions, so had to print it out anew and do the conversions and the cookies were a total failure. Then on saturday I had to do grocery shopping at a different store chain then normal and it was so frustrating, I couldn’t find anything and I had to keep walking around in hopes of finding what I was looking for. So yeah this week had it’s fair share of frustrations and things going wrong.

There were soem great sci-fi posts all over the blogosphere again this week. I especially enjoyed Oh The Books their Which race from the Star Trek Universe are you? Quiz, I got the Borg ;). And Snowflakes and Spider Silk her sci-fi subgenre flow chart, it’s so awesome!
On my blog I had two sci-fi reviews, one Lola’s Ramblings post about my ten favourite sci-fi books, an interview with a sci-fi author and Read Play Blog #4 where I talk about my favourite sci-fi game. My moodreading ways raised their head this week and instead of started on True Calling which was chosen through the My To-Be Read List poll I started a sci-fi book that I won in a giveaway, which did lead to another review this week.

blog ahead
This week wasn’t as great as last week for this challenge, but I still managed to write 2 posts for December. I got the interview back for a tour from an author, so I scheduled that. And my Coyer winter gal post. I am having a bit trouble coming up with ideas for posts to write. I am still waiting on some tour materials one blog tour posts in December, but beside that I have all my planned posts for December scheduled. I should come up with some more ideas or start writing posts for January. I am having a few Lola’s Ramblings topics lying around, but haven’t had inspiration to write them yet. Hopefully next week is better.

Sorry this post has gotten so long, I had a lot to talk about this week!

Random Picture(s) of the Week
Sorry no pictures of the week, this week.

This week I posted about:
Review: Temptation (Debt Collector #13) by Susan Kaye Quinn
Interview: Mathhew Alan Tyler
Lola’s Ramblings: Top ten sci-fi books
Review: Legacy Code (Fractured Era #1) by Autumn Kalquist
Read Play Blog #4

What to expect next week on the blog
– Cover Reveal: Surfacing by Kristin Halbrook
– Review: Shattered (Debt Collector #14) by Susan Kaye Quinn
– Blog Tour: Flury by Tony Bertauski – tens list
– Lola’s Ramblings: Most favourite and least favourite genres
– Blog Tour: True Calling by Siobhan Davis – guest post

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours
Review Opportunity: Chills: a short story collection by Sahar Sabati – sign-ups open till further notice
Review Opportunity: Flawless by Jennifer McGill – sign-ups open till further notice
Review Opportunity: Paranormal Keepers by Jen Naumann – sign-ups open till further notice
Review Opportunity: The Luthier’s Apprentice by Mayra Calvani – sign-ups open till further notice
Review Opportunity: Daughter of Isis (Descendants of Isis #1) by Kelsey Ketch – sign-ups open till further notice
Review Opportunity: Cross Roads by Donald Wilson II – sign-ups open till further notice
Review Opportunity: Last House Burning by Katy Scott – sign-ups open till further notice
Review Opportunity: Click Date Repeat by K.J. Farnham – sign-ups open till further notice

Cover Reveal: Surfacing by Kristin Halbrook – sign-ups open till 16 November

Book Blitz: Click Date Repeat by K.J. Farnham – sign-ups open till 25 November
Book Blitz: Slip by David Estes – sign-ups open till 30 November
Book Blitz: Inspired by Night by L.E. May – sign-ups open till 7 December

Blog Tour: A League of Her Own by Karen Rock – sign-ups open till 30 November
Blog Tour: Wearing the Cape by Marion G Harmon – sign-ups open till 14 December

Book Haul:

shatteredShattered (Debt Collector #14)
by Susan Kaye Quinn

Format: e-copy
Source: for review
You can find Shattered on Goodreads

Recommended: start with Season One.

*pre-order of the full season available

What’s your life worth on the open market?
A debt collector can tell you precisely.

Returning to LA brings a chance for Wraith to stop Moloch… and the test that might finally break her.

Contains mature content and themes.

Shattered is approximately 13,000 words or 52 pages, and is the fourth of nine episodes in the second season of The Debt Collector serial. This dark and gritty future-noir is about a world where your life-worth is tabulated on the open market and going into debt risks a lot more than your credit rating.

It is recommended that you start with the first season, but each season is a complete story for that debt collector and can serve as an entry point to the series. There are five planned seasons in the Debt Collector series, the first four each from the perspective of a different debt collector with the fifth season bringing all four together.

Legacy CodeLegacy Code (Fractured Era #1)
by Autumn Kalquist

Format: e-copy
Source: won in a giveaway during The Telepath Chronicles release day party
You can find Legacy Code on Goodreads

Space is a brutal home.

Three hundred years ago, the Earth died, and the last humans fled. Beaten. Broken in more ways than one. Their descendants carry the Legacy Code—mangled genes that force them to abort half their unborn children.

When Era and Dritan Corinth get placements on the safest ship in the fleet and win a chance to have a child, they feel lucky. Until the day Era’s supposed to find out if her baby has the Defect, and the ship suffers a hull breach.

An investigation uncovers new threats. Dangerous secrets. Lies. Treason.

Era begins to question everything she’s been taught about the fleet, their search for a new Earth, and the Defect. But the answers she seeks were never meant to be found…

Legacy Code is a suspenseful, dark post-apocalyptic read that has earned five star reviews from fans of books like Hunger Games, Divergent, and Red Rising, and has been compared favorably to Wool, 1984, and the new Battlestar Galactica.

defect part one
Defect Part One (Defect #1)
by Autumn Kalquist

Format: e-copy
Source: for review
You can find Defect Part One on Goodreads

I never asked them to make me this way.

The corporation that gave me superimmunity called me Protected. But then the truth came out, and I lost my freedom. I’m a genetic experiment gone wrong.


Now the Corporate Coalition hunts me and those like me, and I’ve stayed hidden off-grid for eight years. But I can’t hide forever.

Something else is happening, something worse than every mistake made before.
And if I have to fight to survive…I’ll fight ‘til I die.

The Corporate Coalition will never take me alive.

Prequel to the bestselling Legacy Code series.

gifted kelley armstrongGifted (Otherworld #13.4 and Cainsville #?)
by Kelley Armstrong

Format: e-copy
Source: bought it myself
You can find Gifted on Goodreads

Contains two holiday stories, one Otherworld Pack and one Cainsville.

Gabriel’s Gargoyles – (Cainsville short story, Gabriel Walsh as 10 year old narrator.) Cainsville was where a boy could walk the streets safely at any time, day or night. Where everyone was genuinely glad to see you, and didn’t think you were odd if you wanted to keep to yourself. Because Cainsville was odd, too. For one thing, there are the gargoyles. Unlike the others, Gabriel doesn’t believe the carven creatures came to life to protect the town. It’s up to a boy to protect himself. Now he’s determined to find the last hidden gargoyle by winter Solstice. He’s also determined to get the perfect gift for his great-aunt Rose. And when Gabriel Walsh sets goals, he achieves them…one way or another.

The Puppy Plan (Otherworld novella, 9 year old Logan Danvers as narrator.) When Logan finds an puppy abandoned by the roadside a few days before Christmas, he knows it’s a sign. His sister Kate wants a dog more than anything. Their parents aren’t completely opposed to the idea. It’s just a bad time. A really bad time. Maybe next year. But now there’s this puppy in need of a home and a girl in need of a pet… So how does a boy who always plays by the rules give his sister what she wants most?


30 responses to “Sunday Post #100

    • I am glad I didn’t get human, because you know we are all human anyway so it’s more fun to get another result from the quiz.
      Thanks :). Reaching the 100th sunday post really felt like a big achievement. My second blogoversary is coming up soon, but I am not planning another special for that.

    • Thanks! It’s so fun to see how the number of Sunday Post also indicates how long I’ve been blogging. Now on to the 200!

      I was really panicking when we didn’t have internet, my whole business and blog depends on having internet. It was so stupid to find out the cable just wasn’t plugged in, my boyfriend just vacuum cleaned the house and the cable probably got loose during that.

  1. OH NO your phone! You seem to have had a heck of a week. {{{HUGS}}}}

    YAY!!! 100 Sunday Posts that’s awesome. I never kept track of how many I did, I don’t know why lol I will be 2 years in Feb I can’t believe my blog will be two. Holy Cow it’s such an accomplishment 🙂

    You and your yummy food making always makes me hungry lol. You really need to start doing a cooking post some of those recipes sound very tasty.

    I am stinking big time on the blog ahead, I really didn’t plan it out properly. At the moment I can’t think of anything else to do but I have a few idea but they are in the idea stage. Maybe this week will be more productive for me who knows 🙂

    Have a great week Lola!

    • Thanks Michelle! It was a hard week. I just ordered a new phone (the exact same one), but it was an expense I didn’t expect.

      My blog will turn 2 in December! It’s such an accomplishment indeed. I felt it easy to keep track of the Sunday Post with the number and as I am back with coming up with titles it’s an easy way to give them all a different title.

      I’ll think about starting some recipe or cooking posts, will have to look into copyright issues for recipes and what’s fair to share.

      I always note down posts like tour in my schedule and if I have an idea for a post, but after writing all those ideas I suddenly have no idea what to write anymore. Let’s hope for some inspiration this weke for both of us!

    • Thanks! I am really happy to ahve reached the 100 weeks milestone :). I already finished Legacy Code and it really surprised me in a good way, it was really good and I can’t wait for the next book!

      Let me know which race you got through the quiz! It was a fun quiz.

    • Yeah I was amazed how fast it seems we got to #100 already! I have to say I am not a fan of the cover for Gifted, but the author herself admitted she didn’t put much work in it as the short stories were planned to feature into an anthology, but they didn’t receive her submission.

  2. Congrats on your 100th Sunday post, Lola! That’s awesome 🙂

    yuck for the rat-shit on the floor and on your pants. And really? Your phone was still in your pocket? That really sucks!

    You did get some really nice books this week, though, and I hope you’ll enjoy them all. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…The Sunday Post #6My Profile

    • Thanks lexxie, it just felt great typing that #100!

      And yeah I couldn’t believe how I could be as stupid to throw my phone in the washing machine. I was just so annoyed at the moment, I didn’t think to check my pockets.

      I have already read Shattered and Legacy this week and they were both 4 star reads! I am looking forward to read the other two!

    • I am still glad I made the descision to branch out on my own! And joining the sunday post meme was one of the first things I did and even now two years later I still love this meme.
      I am glad the internet was easy to fix, I really started to panic when it didn’t work.

    • Luckily it was a cheap phone, but it was still an extra expense I wans’t counting on. I am still feeling so stupid about throwing my phone in the washing machine. I have soem posts ideas ready to write, but not really in themood to write any of them.

  3. How exciting – 100 Sunday Posts! Congrats! I’m sorry this week has been so frustrating – I had a not-so-great week too, so I know the feeling. Lets just hope we got all the bad out of the way, and the rest of the year is going to be fantastic 😀

    I’m going to go take that quiz, very curious to know what race I am – Borg would be interesting!
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun recently posted…Sunday Post | 63rd EditionMy Profile

    • I noticed you had a bad week as well, maybe this was just a bad week and we all have a great week next week. I can at least hope ;).

      Let me know which race you got! Ot was such a fun quiz! I can kinda see how I got the Borg as Seven of Nine is one of my favourite Star Trek Voyager characters and I admire how they try to work as efficient as possible.

    • Yeah I am certainly glad this week is over and let’s hope next week is better. I am so happy to have reached that 100 sunday post milestone.

    • It just seems like all these little things went wrong and combined it just felt annoying. And I am really happy the internet problem only was a stray cable and not something expensive.
      I’ve been able to relax a bit today, thanks :).

    • Thanks Alicia :). The Blog Ahead challenge is really helping me get some more posts scheduled, usually I have about 10 posts scheduled ahead.

  4. Oh gosh. That’s a run of bad luck, right?!! Sooo annoying about your phone. That would absolutely tick me off. And losing internet always freaks me out. o.O I hate it when only one device loses internet. Like a few weeks ago my iPod was hooked up fine, but my laptop just refused to hook onto the wifi. It took me aaaages to finally convince it to go online again. *cries* So much time wasted.
    I hope this week is better for you!
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted…Atlantia by Ally Condie || Actually….not about mermaidsMy Profile

    • I really had my share of bad luck this week. I still can’t believe I threw my phone in the laundry, but luckily my new phone arrived today!
      It’s annoying when you have to spend so much time trying to solve an issue. Losing internet is terrible and I really freaked out, on the other hand I did manage to do the laundry while we tried to solve the internet issue.

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