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Magick RebornMagick Reborn (Blood And Magick #1)
by Katerina Martinez

Rating: 3 stars
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Sometimes fate drops your future on your lap; other times fate hides it right under your nose.

When Madison traded up for a gorgeous Victorian house in the New Orleans French Quarter, she thought she was getting away from her toxic life. Sure, the house was old and run-down, but it was hers, and it was exactly the fresh start she wanted.

But then she meets Remy, a mysterious, sexy witch with power, class, and charm to spare, and everything changes.

Unknown to Madison, her arrival in New Orleans sets in motion a chain of events that throws everyone’s life into disarray—not just hers. Now, pushed into the middle of an ancient war between vampires and witches, she must unravel the secrets of the house she’s inhabiting before the forces awakened by her very presence rise from their centuries-old slumber, hungry and eager to feed on everything they can find.

Starting with her.

Inspired by fantastic authors such as Karen Marie Morning, Richelle Mead, and Shannon Mayer, Magick Reborn is the first book in Katerina’s brand new Blood and Magick series of urban fantasy novels. Like deep mysteries, plenty of steam in your romance, and watching your heroine become a badass? This is the book for you!

My Review:
Ever had a book that started off on the wrong foot and then when you continued you ended up really enjoying it? That’s what happened with this book. When I picked up this book I read the first 2 chapters and wasn’t impressed. I couldn’t get into the story, it felt like small pieces of explanation were missing, the conversations felt a bit stilted, it all felt a bit jumbled, the world didn’t come alive and I didn’t care about the characters. I decided to give it a few more chapters and I could always DNF it if I still didn’t enjoy it then.

And after that the book improved a lot, the story is the strongest part of the book in my opinion and as soon as the story picked up steam I really started to enjoy this book. The story is very engaging and I found myself wanting to keep reading to see what would happen next. Madison changed her whole life and moved to New Orleans for a new start, but her arrival there sets things in motion. There is a bit of mystery surrounding the house, magick, vampires, what happened in the past and more. It nicely set up the series and when I reached the end I was happy to already have bought book 2 as I definitely plan to continue the series. My rating is more of a 3.5 stars as I did really enjoy the story, but just felt like I didn’t quite enjoy the book as a whole enough to give it a 4 star.

The story definitely was this book it’s strongest aspect in my opinion, the other parts were nice too, but just not as good as the story. For me it was the story that drove this book and that kept my attention. The characters all seemed interesting enough and I liked how there was a bit of doubt about some characters their intentions and some grey area’s. Things weren’t as black and white, which was nice.

I just never fully cared about the characters and would’ve liked a bit more depth, a bit more insight into their personalities. I also would’ve liked to get a bit of a feel for Madison her past, I felt like the story was very focused in the here and now for her and while it was nice to just start the story right when things start happening, I felt like a little bit of build up of information about her past would’ve been a nice. We do get some hints about historical events regarding to the vampires and witches, but I never felt like we got a good feel for Madison and what her life had been up to that point. I guess it’s not really relevant, but I think that’s why the start felt a bit jarring, as I didn’t know what she was moving away from and we don’t really hear much from that.

The story driven approach did seem to carry with it a nice slightly dark and mysterious atmosphere that fit the book. And the cover seems to fit that well. While I didn’t got as much of a visual image of the city as I would’ve liked the focus is pretty much on Madison her house and a big part of the book takes place there. I was able to form a good image of the house, which was nice. I could vividly visualize that house and how everything inside it looked and where the rooms were in relation to each other. Although I am not sure if that was because of the actual descriptions, as I seemed to call up that image as soon as I heard of the house and just filled in the details when the story progressed.

The world building was interesting. I liked how I got a feel for the history of this city and the two races. We get a bit of a feel of what witches and vampires are capable of. But I wanted more. The vampires are pretty much like the typical vampire, so it was easier to get a feel for what they could do. But the magic and witches all seemed to stay a bit unclear. It wasn’t always relevant for the plot, but I just wanted to understand better how it all worked. It is hinted that there are different types of magick, but we never get to hear which ones. And some magick just seems to happen by willing it so, then they have their third eye vision and some magick is more spell like. I just wanted to understand a bit how it all worked as now it felt a bit incoherent at times.

To summarize: When I started this book I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it as the start didn’t quite hook me. It felt a bit off, like some small pieces were missing and the world didn’t come alive. Luckily after the first few chapters things improved and I got into the story. I really enjoyed the story and it was very engaging. It grabbed my attention and kept it and I was curious to see where things would go. But on the other hand I also felt that the characters could’ve used a bit more depth at times, I wanted to get more a feel for their characters and that was difficult at times. The world building also didn’t fully make sense, and while that wasn’t the focus of the book, I just wanted to better understand how it all worked. But despite all the issues, I mostly did enjoy this book and got swept up in the story and wanted to keep reading. And I am curious how things will continue in the next book. If you’re looking for a great story focused read about vampires and witches with a bit of history, mystery and magick mixed in, I would recommend this book

3 stars


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Ever had a book that started off on the wrong foot where you ended up really enjoying it?

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27 responses to “Review: Magick Reborn by Katerina Martinez

  1. Yes! I’ve read a number of books where I’ve wondered whether I’ll manage to stick with them to the end, only to settle in and really enjoy them. Most memorably ‘Wolf Hall’ – the odd viewpoint gave me real problems for the first couple of chapters, but I loved the character and persevered and I was so glad I did! But more often, I’ll start a book with a brilliant beginning only to find that it cannot sustain that momentum/great writing…
    sjhigbee recently posted…While the Morning Stars SingMy Profile

    • That was definitely the case here, I really wondered if this was going to be a DNF and then things turned around and I ended up enjoying it.

      I can imagine an odd viewpoint can be very jarring the first few chapter sand then once you get used to it you can enjoy it more. But yes the opposite does happens as well that a book grabs you from the start and then doesn’t live up to that start.

    • The cover sure is pretty. I did still enjoy it, even though it could’ve been better. I hope book 2 is even better than this one.

  2. Glad it turned around after the first few chapters and gave you a good story. Always tough when not all the elements are working for you, but good that the story line was strong enough to pull it through and make you want to keep going. Maybe getting it all introduced was the weak spot and now the rest of the series will be strong.

    Yes, I’ve had books that look like a DNF turn into a pretty decent or even a fantastic read after I give it a longer chance. This is why it’s so hard to decide when to DNF a book for me because I always wonder if I should give it a little longer. 🙂
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Wolves’ Knight by P.J. MacLayne #TGPULMy Profile

    • I am really glad things turned around after the first few chapters. The story definitely was my favorite part of the book and I will pick up book 2 to see how things continue. it has enough of my attention to make me want to know what happens next. I do have the feeling this series will be better from now on, I hope so at least.

      Yes this is also the reason why I struggle so much with DNF’s as sometimes the book can end up being really good later on.

    • Also I just noticed earlier today I won one of the giveaways you hosted on your blog :), Stranded With the Cyborg. The e-mail ended up in my spam, so I didn’t notice it until now. Just wanted to let you know. I am really happy to have won as I am curious about that author her books.

    • It definitely can be tricky when a book doesn’t grab you from the start, but I am happy this one got better as I continued.

    • Yes I am hoping book 2 will be even better. I already have that one too, so I am hoping to read it soon-ish. The story really kept my attention so if only for that reason I want to read book 2.

    • I am glad I stuck with this one as it really improved after those first few chapters. Like you said sometimes it pays off to continue, other times not so much.

    • I still mostly enjoyed it as the story was really good, but I would’ve liked a bit more character depth and better world building, that could’ve easily bumped this up to a solid 4 star. I am looking forward to read the next book.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #219My Profile

  3. Yes I have ended up loving a book that I put down and got talked into reading again-most notably, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, that I read back in high school. First chapter bored me to tears. My mom told me to try again and to this day it’s one of my favorite books ever. Of course there’s been others. I am sorry this wasn’t better for you. Maybe the second one will be better 🙂

    • Sometimes a book just starts the wrong way and then it gets better or if you pick it up in a different mood you enjoy it more. I did really like some parts of this one, so i will read book 2 and hope it’s even better.

    • It was enjoyable, it just could’ve been better. I am glad this one got better as it progressed and I am hoping book 2 is even better. And exactly at least it’s another book off my tbr 🙂

    • Me too, I am glad I stuck with it and that it got better. This one’s great for when I am in the mood for something plot driven. I already have book 2, so I hope to read it soonish.

  4. I have definitely had that happen with books, it’s one of the reasons I don’t like DNFing. Glad this one got better for you!

    Sometimes it does help to have some background info on characters. And that’s too bad you didn’t really connect to the characters. But at least the story and the atmosphere sound like they were good.

    I actually just finished a book in which the world building wasn’t really explained and I was confused about the magic and whatnot, so I definitely understand what you’re saying about that!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…The Weekly Update: 2/26/17My Profile

    • Me too, I’ve had this happen with some books and it always makes me wonder if a book gets better if I consider DNF’ing.

      The story kept my attention and the atmosphere was well done, even though I was a bit sad I didn’t connect better with the characters and the world building wasn’t really explained. Maybe it will get better in book 2? And else it’s still a fun read just for the story.

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