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DelinquentDelinquent: An Alliance Novella (Alliance #0.5)
by Emma L. Adams

Nineteen-year-old Kay Walker seems to have it all, including an assured future with the Alliance after he graduates from the prestigious Academy. But when he and his friends discover the lure of the Passages, the place between the worlds where monsters hide, they’re caught up in a contest with rival student Aric – which soon escalates into a deadly game.

A perfect life hides lies, and Kay becomes a target for alluring yet deadly magic he has no way of understanding. Magic is a force on its own, and on no one’s side…

My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

When I heard of this novella, I was instantly curious. This novella features an event that is hinted towards in the first two books, something that happened in the past and no one seems to want to talk about it and we never get the full details. Well in this novella we finally get that part of the story and I was really happy to get some answers about what really happened back then. It’s a great addition to the series and gives some insights in Kay and his past. The story builds up nicely and didn’t feel rushed.

The story takes place during the Academy, we also learn how Kay got to join the academy and even a flashback from when his father left. This all provided more insight into Kay his life and the person he is and becomes. I thought it was very interesting and it made me understand him more and realize why he acts a certain way. As the title suggests Kay is a bit of a delinquent back then. Even though it’s forbidden he and his friends sneak into the passages even though it’s forbidden. Everyone knows this is going wrong, but the way the story was written I could relate to and understand why they acted this way. And Kay is ready to accept the consequences of his actions when things go wrong. Then Kay suddenly finds out he has magic and has no idea how to control it.

I liked getting this glimpse in Kay his past and this story makes me wonder even more why his father left and where he went. It also makes me understand his actions more. We also see a bit of his friendship with Simon, which was nice. And his relationship with Kara. I really wonder what they saw in each other as they didn’t seem to be good for each other. He never told her anything, but I kinda liked how she didn’t take his shit and let him know what she thought of it. Although I still felt sorry for Kay as he goes through a lot in this novella and weirdly enough I think this novella made me like him more. Sure he does some stupid things, but he didn’t deserve any of what happened with the wyvern.

To conclude: I really liked this novella, it fills a gap in Kay his background towards which is hinted a lot in the first two books, but we never get the full details. I really liked getting some answers and seeing what happened back then. It sheds a new light on Kay and his past and I think it even made me like him more. We also see a bit of his life at the academy. All in all a great addition to the series!



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Do you like getting all the details about a characters past or do you rather have that some things stay a mystery?


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    • Exactly! I really liked how the author handled this, it would be too elaborate to fit into one of the novel, but like a novella it worked perfectly. And readers who don’t want to read don’t miss too much as it’s mostly backstory. Although in my opinion it was valuable backstory, so I am glad I read it.

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