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A month or so ago I told you all about my author newsletter addiction. I think that post made it clear that I read a lot of author newsletters, from reading all those newsletters I did got a feel for things I like to see in newsletters and I wanted to talk about today.

What I like to see in author newsletters

  • Something about the author. I like finding out things about the authors who’s newsletters I follow, this doesn’t have to be big things, but I feel like it it interesting to get some insight in the author behind the books and this often makes me connect more with the authors when they share some personal things as well now and then.
  • Ramblings. Not sure if this is the right way to describe it, but I love author newsletter that aren’t only hey check out my books/ sales/ new release etc but that also ramble a bit around that. Like they are talking to me while also sharing their news.
  • Conversational tone. One of my favorite things to see in newsletters is a conversational tone. Newsletters that read more like a blog post than a sell only. Yes I want to hear all about their books, but it is also nice if a newsletters I just easy and fun to read as well.
  • Pictures I always like seeing pictures in newsletter, whether it’s a picture from their books, something they’ve seen or any other picture. They can add something personal to a newsletter and break up the text a bit.
  • New Releases. I definitely want to hear about new releases. Hearing about new releases is often a reason why I sign-up for a newsletter. Social media isn’t always as reliable, so if I want to make sure I hear about a new release I often sign-up for a newsletter. I think it’s too bad when an author doesn’t e-mail their newsletter about a new release as this is one of the things I want to see. I read books by so many different authors that it can be hard to keep track of everyone their books and when they release, so I appreciate a reminder about new releases.
  • Deals/ discounts etc. Deals and discounts are one of the reasons I sign-up for author their newsletters and I always like seeing them. Even deals for other authors or instafreebie promo’s can be great to hear about. And when a book is on sale I can be more likely to buy it if I don’t own a copy yet.
  • Giveaways. I also like hearing about giveaways the author is running, doesn’t matter where the giveaway is, chances are I might be interested in entering and I might not hear of the giveaway else. As I mentioned before social media isn’t as reliable sometimes as not everyone sees pages their posts and I think giveaways are something most subscribers would like to hear about. I know I do.
  • Opportunities to get a review copy or join arc team. I don’t see this very often in newsletters, but I really appreciate this as a reviewer. I always find it hard to directly ask an author for review copies, but if an author mentions the opportunity to get a review copy in their newsletter, it can make it easier for possible reviewers to jump on that I think. And from an author perspective I also think newsletter subscribers often will be fans of the author or willing to try out their books, so it’s a good pool of people to see if they are interested in a review copy. Same goes with things like blog tours and such, I am most likely to enter tours from authors that I like, but I not always hear about them in time. I don’t have as much money to spare on books, so possible opportunities to get a review copy are thing I am interested in hearing about. And this also counts for arc team invites, I’ve been seeing this a bit mroe often in newsletters lately and I think that’s a good thing.
  • Freebies. I am not going to lie, I like getting free books. And as I mentioned in my post about why I subscribe to newsletters, the freebies can be one reason why I subscribe to a newsletter. Who doesn’t like getting a freebie? It’s a great way to try out a new author and I definitely think it can be a good incentive to join a newsletters. I like seeing freebies of any kind in newsletters as they are nice to receive.

How often do I like to receive author newsletters?

To be honest I am not too picky about newsletter frequency, whether it’s often or not. I am okay with both. As long as I don’t get a newsletter from an author every day or the newsletters are too similar, I am usually okay with any frequency. Although I do think there is such a thing as too few newsletters. There are some authors I hardly ever hear from or newsletters I signed-up for and then never heard back from. I think this is not only a missed opportunity for the author, but as a reader I sign-up for their newsletter for a reason and it’s usually because I want to receive their newsletters, so if I never receive a newsletter that’s weird. Personally I think anywhere between 2 or 3 times a week to once a month is a good frequency for newsletters.

Some of my favorite author newsletters

  • SJ Pajonas. I love Pajonas her books and I think her newsletters are great too. She doesn’t send out her newsletters too often, but the ones she does send out are always good. She talks about her blog posts, her books and also tells you when she has a new deal or discount. I like how organized and neat her newsletters look and I always enjoy scrolling through them. You can sign-up for SJ Pajonas her newsletter here.
  • HY Hanna. HY Hanna is an author I discovered this year and I not only like her books, but her newsletters are pretty awesome too. She talks about her books, but also shares tidbits about her life, recipes and blog posts. And pictures! Pictures of herself, her country, her past when she studied at oxford and pictures of her adorable cat Muesli. I always enjoy receiving her newsletters. You can sign-up for HY Hanna her newsletter here.
  • Diane Vallere. I like how she writes her newsletters, her conversational tone of the e-mails and how she tells you about her books without it feeling pushy. She just seems like a nice person from the way she writes her e-mails. You can sign-up for Diane Vallere her newsletter here.
  • Tracy Krimmer. I’ve only been subscribed to her newsletter for a few months now, but so far I really like her newsletter. Her newsletters are infrequent and to the point. She talks about upcoming books, shares teasers and bonus points for the opportunity to get a review copy of her next book if you reviewed her latest release. I always like it when authors announce ways to get a review copy in their newsletters. You can sign-up for Tracy Krimmer her newsletter here
  • Kelley Armstrong. This is probably one of the newsletters I have been subscribed to the longest. Armstrong sends out quarterly newsletters with new releases, giveaways and some fun other things. I wouldn’t mind getting her newsletter more often, but it is kinda nice to know when to expect her newsletters and her newsletter are often full with awesomeness. You can sign-up for Kelley Armstrong her newsletter here.
  • Athena Grayson. This is a relatively new newsletter I signed-up for, I like the conversational tone of her newsletters and how they feel a bit personal as well with how she tells things about herself. I already replied to her newsletters twice because of the way they were written. You can sign-up for Athena Grayson her newsletter here.
  • Jordan Ford. This is another newsletter that I signed-up for recently. I read See No Evil by this author and joined her newsletter before I bought the book. Her newsletters are great, I even kept some of them as I had fun reading them. She shares tidbits about herself or her writing and books and I like the writing style of her newsletters. I always look forward to a new newsletter by her, and the bonus goodies you get when signing-up are fun too, a yearbook for one of her series and short prequel for her other series. You can sign-up for Jordan Ford her newsletter here.
  • Tracey Alvarez. Another relatively new to me author and newsletter. I really have been enjoying her newsletters so much they are filled with sales, giveaways and some information about New Zealand now and then as well, which is fun. You can sign-up for Tracey Alvarez her newsletter here.

What do you like to see in author newsletters?


22 responses to “Lola’s Ramblings: What do you like to see in author newsletters?

  1. New releases, freebies, giveaways, exclusives (like a short story from a series I liked), and possible review teams are usually the only reasons I join author newsletters lol. Maybe the authors whose newsletters I get just aren’t making them exciting enough. I tend to stick to social media if I just want to kind of get to know more about the author as a person, but this was cool getting to see why you like newsletters πŸ™‚
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Book Review: Letting Lier and Finding Pax (The Solar Sailors Saga Book 1) by Harper MoonMy Profile

    • I agree that some newsletters aren’t that exiting, but I also found some authors who really put effort in their newsletters and make them fun. And it’s a great way to keep up with new releases, freebies, giveaways and such. I used to just follow authors on social media, now I usually just sign-up for their newsletter and maybe also follow them on social media.

    • I agree there definitely is a too often when it comes to newsletter, but I find most authors don’t sent out their newsletters too often. There are so many books out there, that it is nice to get a reminder about a new release or sale.

    • Goodreads works too for new releases, I am not on there as often and prefer to get things right in my e-mail. I don’t think I am subscribed to a lot of publisher newsletters.

  2. I really love your rambling posts, they are so insightful!

    I have no complaints about the frequency as well as long as they do not constantly share the same content, and recently I think that more and more authors are including links to their street teams on their newsletters, so that’s a good sign. Speaking of Freebies, I’ve once received a free coloring page inspired by the author’s book which I think is really creative and interesting! I actually downloaded and printed it out in hopes that I’d get to color it some day (when work isn’t killing me πŸ˜› ). And pictures speak a thousand words, I really liked it when the author included candid photos of themselves or crack jokes because it instantly makes their newsletter 10 times friendlier and funnier!
    Natasha Anne recently posted…Book Blitz – Secrets & Shadows BoxsetMy Profile

    • Thanks! I am glad to hear you like my ramblings posts :).

      Same here, I rarely mind the newsletter frequency, as long as each newsletter has something new and not the same content over and over again. I do know a few authors who always list their books at the bottom of each e-mail, which does seem to work and I don’t that mind that.

      I got a few coloring pages once when signing-up for a newsletter too, I thought it was very original. I haven’t gotten around to coloring it yet, but might do one day. I also still have a bunch of coloring books lying around, waiting to be colored.

      I really like it if authors share a bit of their personal side as well and pictures can really add something to a newsletter in my opinion.

    • Thanks so much!I am glad to hear you like my blog!

      I’ve been really enjoying your newsletters so far and think you have good content! Looking forward to the next one :).

  3. Truthfully, I barely notice the frequency of the newsletters b/c I get so many, but there are some I tend to prefer reading more than others. Like you, I enjoy updates and pictures, excerpts from WIP or out take scenes from stories along with the releases and sale announcements. I do like to see if there are reviewer opportunities just in case.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…#HolidayDelight in your Mailbox! #GiveawayMy Profile

    • I usually recognize from who the newsletter is, but I usually am okay with either frequency and like you said I get so many newsletter each day I don’t really notice or mind to much if someone send them more regularly, although I do think there’s such a thing as too often.

  4. These are actually some really great tips to put in a newsletter for an author! I too, would rather an author be more personal/conversation with me in a newsletter because he/she is talking to us, the reader, anyway. I don’t like it when some authors throw books in your face and tell you to buy them (as long as its done in a proper way, such as the author giving us Promos, discounts, or just being a genuine human being and just keeping us up-to-date with his/her books) Personally, I’ve been spending WAY, WAYYY too much on books anyway these days so I probably need to totally slow down since I’m already running super low on funds… I”m going to take some of your pointers here for when I do my author newsletter one day! Thanks L!!! YOU DA BOMMBB!
    Keionda @Keionda Hearts Books recently posted…Book Review: Hidden Deep By: Amy Patrick. Also, I’m clearly a Fat Kid. Just Sayin’.My Profile

    • Thanks! After reading your comment I decided to link to this post in my newsletter for authors as like you said these also could be read as ideas for what to put in your newsletter.

      I really like the authors who have a more personal or conversational tone in their newsletters. I do want to hear about their books and sales, but even better if the newsletter is fun to read too.

      And I hope this helps for when you’re starting your author newsletter one day.

  5. I do like newsletters that let you get to know the author a bit more – it makes it more fun. I subscribe to author Stephanie Kuehnert’s newsletter, and I recommend hers! She does it once a month usually but she always has a newsletter only giveaway and those are nice!

    Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance recently posted…Looking Toward 2017…My Profile

    • It really is fun to get to know the author a bit more in their newsletter. I’ll have to check out that author you mentioned, now I am curious to see how she does her newsletters.

  6. I think what I like to see in newsletter is news on upcoming books or scheduled delays so that readers know that a book isn’t going to be published as posted. Normally I have to go to the authors website or facebook to find out about delays of publishing dates. But I do love it when they give you freebies or amazon deals.
    loverofromance recently posted…Book Review-The Warlord by Elizabeth ElliotMy Profile

    • Yes it’s always nice to hear about scheduled delays when they happen. I haven’t seen many books that got delayed, but if they did I usually hear it on facebook pages as well.

    • I love your newsletters and it was the first one I added when I decided to list some of my favorite newsletters. I took a lot of inspiration from my favorite newsletters when I listed what I liked to see in newsletters.

  7. I love getting author newsletters, as long as there is good content. If the newsletter is nothing more than, “you haven’t heard from me in a week, buy my book,” unsubscribe is in their future. Things I love to see:
    New Releases/Coming soon
    Recommendations for similar authors (I’ve had authors that share new releases of their friends within the same genre).
    Short stories (Nalini Singh usually has a really short story in her newsletters). Paige Tyler did a story where she released a chapter day for Halloween short story.
    Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons recently posted…Fantastical Audiobook by Kristen Ashley (REVIEW)My Profile

    • I’ve had a few authors share books by other authors a few times, which can be great! I even bought a few books that way. And short stories or extra’s like that are always fun! I like it when authors give away extra’s like that.

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