Bookish Resolutions Challenge: June Recap

June 30, 2015 Challenges 10

The 2015 Bookish Resolutions Challenge hosted by A Reader Lives A Thousand Lives and Because Reading is Better Than Real Life.

Every month on the 30th I will be doing my recap of that month. You can check out my goal post here

June Recap

  • Accept no more than 1 book with a deadlines each month. I failed this one in february already.
  • Read at least 3 (cozy) mysteries. No progress on this, still at zero cozy mysteries read. I did read two romantic suspense books though, so we’re going in the right direction.
  • Read at least 3 historical romances. Made it! Links to the books I read for this challenge are below:
    • The Mine by John Heldt. It’s actually a bit of a crossover book with time travel and historical romance elements, but I thought the historical romance elements where prominent enough to count it as historical romance.
    • In for a Penny by Rose Lerner, which was a lot of fun.
    • Palace Secrets by Ravyn Rayne – review will be posted later this month.


  • Read at least 20 review books this year. Last month I decided I am going to try and reach the 40 review books. At the moment I have read 40 review books! So I easily reached double of my goal already! While I am reading a lot of review books I still accepting new ones as well, so I am still not really making a dent in the pile.
  • Organize at least 30 tours with Lola’s Blog Tours. I organized 24 tours so far. I am pretty sure I am going to reach this goal, which makes me happy 🙂

How are you doing with your (bookish) resolutions so far?

10 Responses to “Bookish Resolutions Challenge: June Recap”

    • Lola

      I really need to make some progress on the mysteries goal, but beside that it’s going well. And the tours goal is the one I am probably happiest about how well it’s going!

  1. Lanie

    You’re always doing so well with your challenges! Who cares one didn’t work out for you, the rest you’re totally nailing and you’re doing a fantastic job with your tour business. I’m very impressed by your awesomeness:D!
    Lanie recently posted…Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Be PositiveMy Profile

    • Lola

      Thanks! I think it’s because I made a mistake a few times by setting my goals too high and nowadays I know how to set my goals reasonable, so I can reach them and have a bit of a challenge, but not stress too much. I hadn’t expected I would read so many review books, but then I almost made my goodreads goal and I started reading on my ipad as well this year and that really helped get mroe books read and mostly review books.
      And I am so happy I am doing well with my tour business. I organized 22 tours last year, so reaching that 30 goal would be really nice and proof how much my business is growing 🙂

  2. Lanie

    Wow, and we’re still pretty early in the year! You’ll totally surpass 30 I bet:D You can do it!

    I think reading on any device definitely makes reviewing books easier! You can take em where ever and they always seem shorter than when reading a paperback.:D
    Lanie recently posted…Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Be PositiveMy Profile

    • Lola

      I hope I can surpass the 30 tours 🙂

      With the ipad comment I meant I switched from only reading one book at a time to now reading two books. I used to play games on my ipad during breakfast and now I read on my ipad, which makes me read about a book each week more, which is nice.

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