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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What happened this week?

This was a bit of a mixed week. The weather has been gloomy for most of the week with lots of wind and rain and I am kinda done with all the rain and wind by now. I am struggling mood wise and I am having a bit of a winter dip. Nothing I do really seems to help, I struggle waking up with so little light, but I set my devices a bit brighter again and try to get enough light and vitamin D in. I also managed to hurt my shoulder and struggled with shoulder pain and a headache for most of the week.

I had a fun lunch with my boyfriend this week. We went to a nearby place for lunch, the place we wanted to go to was closed, so we found a new one. We had a good lunch and afterwards we walked around a bit and bought a few more things before returning home. I took the whole day off and it really helps to take an extra day off now and then, even though I often feel a bit guilty about doing so.

Work has been going well, after taking a day off I had extra energy and got a lot done during the rest of the week. I made good progress on some tasks for the authors I do assistant work for. I did some work on an upcoming tour and put a new sign up live for a middle grade book blitz.

2022 Reading stats

I finally got around to creating some stats of my reading in 2022. I made this graph for main genre that I read. Fantasy combines all paranormal and fantasy books.

I also looked up which sub genres I read most of and those were science fiction romance (17.5%), contemporary romance (15%), paranormal romance (15%), cozy mystery (11.9%) and urban fantasy (10.6%). Which kinda fits with what I thought I read most as those are my favorite genres.

Another interesting stat was that 76.3% of all books I read in 2022 featured adult characters.

And I made this graph for my ratings, that’s a lot of 4 stars. IThis year I am trying to give more 5 stars. It was interesting to see how many books I DNF’d 8.8%, I used to be so bad at DNF’ing and it sure comes easier now. I think this graph shows well that I usually pick books I enjoy, or I DNF them and then have some 3 stars and a few really good 5 stars.

What did I read this week?

The Truthspoken HeirPetrichor BloomsDrinking Blood For Squeamish VampiresApprentice of the Dead

This week I blogged about:

Review: Mystic Persons by Ada Bell
Review: The Gingerbread Witch by Laura Greenwood
Review: Pawsitively Poisonous by Melissa Erin Jackson

Review: Mystic Persons by Ada BellReview: The Gingerbread Witch by Laura GreenwoodReview: Pawsitively Poisonous by Melissa Erin Jackson

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Review: Pumpkin Carving for Superstitious Witched by Laura Greenwood
– Review: Shelf Life by Kelly Jensen

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:

Review Opportunity: Lily Makes a Way by Susan Count
Review Opportunity: Scattered Legacy by Marlene M Bell
Review Opportunity: Silver Hollow book by Jennifer Silverwood
Review Opportunity: Close Your Eyes by Chris Tomasini
Blog Tour: Killer Case Files by Jamie Malton – 13 till 26 February
Book Blitz: The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper by S.M. Morgan – 20 February till 5 March – New!

How was your week?


14 responses to “Sunday Post #526

  1. I have been beating the winter blues with some gaming. I hope the rain and wind stop soon for you. We have had some crazy weather, it was warm all week and the last two days has been really cold. I need it to pick a temp so I know what to wear each day.

    I love stats. you had a good reading year in 2022.

    I hope you have a great week, Lola! Happy Reading! xx

    • What games have you been playing? I’ve been playing some games too and reading ofcourse. This week was a lot sunnier which was good.

      2022 really was a great reading year 🙂

  2. I don’t tend to get the winter blues, but I know many who do. I read an article on ideas to beat the blues and some of the suggestions you did- you got out on your date and tasted something new. Yeah, fresh air, fresh tastes, adding light from candles or twinkle lights was another suggestion and even upbeat music.

    Always interesting to see the reading year in stats form. Sometimes there are surprises when you thought the result would be different. I’ve done better about DNF-ing, but I also didn’t try as many new-to-me authors in 2022 as I usually do.

    Way to go on a good stack of reading last week.

    Have a good week, Lola!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…🎧 Westward the Tide by Louis L’Amour #LouisL’Amour @petkoff @kakuralasombey @DanJohnMiller @PenguinAudio @sophiarose1816 #LoveAudiobooksMy Profile

    • I read a lot of articles about it too, but many of the things I was doing already. Good to know going out and trying something new was on the list you read, I’ll have to try and do that more often. And I hadn’t heard about the upbeat music either.

      I am glad I am doing better about DNF’ing. Oh and my review books were 48.8% this year if I remember correctly, I remember we were talking about balancing. I think 50/50 is a good balance for me.

  3. The winter blues are HARD… I don’t like the cold, the rain, the snow (which we rarely get thank goodness), any of the things that come with Winter (except Christmas). So I sympathize – sounds like you managed to pull yourself out with some time off! I have learned that time off actually makes me more productive, so it’s totally worth it. I use days off as a reward for meeting goals.

    Very interesting about your reading – I think I’d find my ratings probably distribute similarly, though with fewer DNFs and maybe more 3stars? My genres, I really don’t know. I read a lot of mystery last year actually. And I’ve really drifted further and further from YA reading these days.

    Have a great week ahead !

    • The weird thing is that I don’t even mind the cold, rain and snow usually, but my body just seems unable to deal with not as much sun. I really struggle to wake up and my mood just goes down. I am glad the extra day off helped and I do feel a lot more productive after a day off, so that’s a good way of looking at it.

      I’ve gotten better at DNF’ing and I easier put a book down when it’s not for me. I am hoping to get more variety in my ratings though as it feels like almost everything gets a 4 star now or I DNF it. I am trying to give out more 5 stars this year and already got 2 this year :).

  4. Oh! Interesting to see that fantasy and sci-fi were big pieces of the pie! I know you like both. 🙂 I feel ya on the gray and rainy days, though I prefer them to snow any day. It’s so nice to get out into the sun. Do you have Happy Lights over there? You may find them helpful with the winter blues.
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…Sunday Update – January 15, 2023My Profile

    • It was no surprise to me either that both fantasy and scifi were big pieces of the pie. I hadn’t realized scifi romance was my biggest subgenre, but at the same time I know it’s one of my favorite genres to read so that makes sense.

      I actually prefer snow days as it looks a lot brighter then. The gray and rainy days just feel so dark and gloomy. We had some nice sunny days this week.

      I haven’t heard about Happy Lights, will have to look up what they are.

    • It’s definitely hard to fit books neatly into one genre, that’s why I picked separate big genre categories for main genre (non-fiction, mystery, contemporary, scifi and fantasy) and then for subgenres I use the real genre. So a scifi romance book is main genre scifi and then as subgenre scifi romance. That seems to work for me. And even then things like paranormal cozy mystery I just consistently fit in mystery instead of fantasy even though it would fit in both.

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