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Mystic PersonsMystic Persons (Shady Grove Pyschic Mystery #6)
by Ada Bell

My Rating: 2 stars

Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Enjoy this small town paranormal cozy mystery by best-selling author Ada Bell.
All Aly wants for Christmas is her memories…

The world is different. Aly knows who she is, but not much else. She’s got a new home, a new job–and a new boyfriend. Still, she’s excited to be spending the holidays with her entire family this year. If only there weren’t that pesky dead guy in the bathroom.

They thought that spell went well, and by all initial accounts, it did. But Aly forgot magic comes with a price, and this one’s a doozy. Somehow, a man is dead. No one has any idea who he is or how he died. Not to mention how he got into Kevin’s primary suite. The two of them have to sort things out, preferably before Mom and Dad fly in for an extended Christmas stay. It’s difficult enough to balance school and work and family life without also trying to hide a body. Can Aly use her powers to find out what happened in time to save the holidays?

Mystic Persons is the sixth book in the Shady Grove Psychic Mysteries series. This small town paranormal mystery with an amateur female sleuth will appeal to fans of Stella Bixby, Annabel Chase, Amy Boyles, and Lily Webb.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

I really enjoyed this series, but unfortunately this latest installment was a miss for me. There is a big twist at the end of book 5 and I was wondering how that would play out and I am sorry to say it didn’t work for me.

It felt like this was almost a different series or book than the previous book, as I didn’t feel like I knew the characters anymore due to what happened. It felt like the first 5 books suddenly weren’t relevant anymore and that was jarring. I had hoped maybe something would happen that would improve things for me, but sadly I didn’t like the ending. Which leaves me very disappointed as the rest of the series was great and I am sad this book ended things on a low note for me. I think this book is the last one or at least it wraps up the overarching plot line. I also was sad there wasn’t much of the small town of Shady Grove which had been the setting of most of the previous books.

This book has again a mystery to solve and most of the actual book was easy to read. Aly tries to solve another murder, although the circumstances of this one the deadline was a bit odd. Aly is sort of forced to solve this mystery instead of voluntarily getting involved. I liked how she uses her visions again to figure out some clues, although the mystery wasn’t as gripping as some of the others. I liked how Aly used her visions to figure out who had done it.

To summarize: While I really enjoyed this series, unfortunately this book didn’t work for me. Due to a huge twist at the end of book 5 things are totally different now. I felt like I didn’t know the characters, their connections and stories anymore. It was kinda confusing keeping track of what happened and who was who now. It just didn’t work for me at all. And I really didn’t like this twist. I kept hoping for something to change things again or improve things for me, but I am sorry to say I wasn’t happy with the ending. The mystery was okay, although the way it was set up and the deadline felt a bit odd. I liked how Aly’s visions are vital in solving the mystery. I was just sad none of the usual side characters were along to help solve the mystery except for her brother Kevin. The writing and pacing is solid just like the rest of the series, but the twist ruined things for me. This is a great series, but this last book sadly didn’t work for me.


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4 responses to “Review: Mystic Persons by Ada Bell

  1. Sad that this final one was a big disappointment after the twist. I’ve read a few where it felt like they were detached from the previous books in the series because some element came out of nowhere. At least you finished and have it read.

    • It was such a shame this final book was a disappointment, where the rest of the series was so good. The big twist just didn’t work for me sadly.

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