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What happened this week?

This was a pretty decent week. The maintenance stuff outside our apartment building seems almost done as this week there was less noise, or maybe they stopped because of the rain. The weather is feeling more like autumn now as we actually got colder weather and rain this week.

It was a pretty good week in terms of work too. I sent out 3 media kits for tours that are starting this week and did some hours of assistant week. And one of the tours I organized took place this week and I have a new review opportunity I was working on.

And this week I went out for high tea with my mom and sister. It was fun to catch up and the high tea was awesome with lots of delicious food.

My weird reading mood continued this week and I thought picking up a book I was really looking forward to would help, but it didn’t. I think I finally figured the cause for the weird reading mood as now that I picked up The Horse Mistress Book 3 I am enjoying my reading a lot more again. The strange thing is that I don’t binge read usually and this is the third book in this series that I am reading in the same month as book 1 and 2. I thought I needed a break before continuing, but it seems I just wanted to continue this series. On my Kobo I had started an anthology and realized I wasn’t in the mood for short stories, so after reading two stories I switched to a paranormal cozy mystery instead that I am really enjoying so far.

What did I read this week?

Renewing Forever

I only finished one book this week, but it was a long read. Renewing Forever was a nice contemporary romance read, but thanks to my weird reading mood this one fell a bit flat for me. I didn’t like one of the guys and was unable to feel the romance. I did really like the other guy and the writing is great.

What did I cook for dinner this week?

This week I blogged about:

Review: Three Mages and a Margarita by Annette Marie
Review: Dire Wolf Wanted by Carol Van Natta

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Review: The raging Ones by Krista and Becca Ritchie
– Review: Best in Show by Kelly Jensen

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:

Review Opportunities:
Death Island by Kelsey Ketch
Passage by Indie Gantz
Hiding by Jenny Morton Potts
Love & Alliances by Davina Lacey
The Port Elspeth Jewelry Making Club
The Beast of Black Pond by Nancy Gray
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Cover Reveals:
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Bookstagram Blitz: Recklessly Ever After by Heather Van Fleet – 29 October till 4 November
Book Blitz: Hex Marks The Spot by Ani Gonzalez – 29 October till 4 November
Book Blitz: The Second Chance by Catherine Mann – 29 October till 11 November
Book Blitz: The Unscripted Life of Lizzy Dillinger by Marianne Hansen – 5 till 11 November

Book Haul:

Tithed to the Dread LordThe Immortal CoilThe Dragon Mistress Book 1

I bought these three books this week. Tithed to the Dread Lord is a new release by one of my favorite authors. Immortal Coil got recommended to me by Kristen from Moonlight and Metaphors. And the Dragon Mistress is the newest book in the Eburosi Chronicles series that I am currently reading. I only still need the Lion books now.

What’s the last book you bought?


18 responses to “Sunday Post #306

  1. Yes, it does sound like this week was better for you. The High Tea would be fun.
    Even if your reading wasn’t as good, glad you figured out what was causing it. It’s interesting that you mention not usually being a binge reader, but yet wanting to keep reading the series caused your blah reading mood. I had that happen with Melinda Leigh’s books over the past month. All I wanted to read were those and it was tough reading books I needed to for tours even. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh, I do recognize a couple names in your haul so I have a feeling you’re reading will really pick up again.
    Glad fall has arrived for you.

    Enjoy the new week, Lola!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Young Delight: The Darkest Star by Jennifer ArmentroutMy Profile

    • The high tea was lots of fun. And I am glad I figured out what caused my slump and got out of it. It’s weird how this year i binge read series, usually I want a break between each book in a series, but this year i had multiple series that i just wanted to keep reading.

    • Sometimes it can be quite tricky to figure out what is causing a reading slump. Once I figured out the cause it was easy to resolve it by just picking up the book I wanted.

  2. I don’t like it when I hit an odd reading mood – I hope you find your reading mojo soon returns – I love the sound of the Yellow Chicken Curry you cooked this week – many thanks for the recipe:).

    As for books… I’ve just returned from Bristolcon and was VERY restrained – I only bought one book The Sky Slayer by Joel Cornath.

    • My reading mojo returned as soon as I picked up the third Horse Mistress book, seems I just wanted to continue the series. I really like that curry, it’s a bit nostalgic for me as it’s a dish we often ate when i was younger.

      It’s nice to have a week in which you buy less books for a change too.

    • It’s just strange as I usually tire when reading the same series so I hardly ever binge read, but it’s been happening more often this year. I guess I was just in the mood to stay in this world for longer instead of jumping into something new.

  3. Construction noise is so distracting. That’d be great if they were finally done. I’ve never been to high tea, but it sounds fun! Oh how funny that we’re being opposites lately. You normally don’t binge read but kinda have been with that series, whereas I normally do like binge reading, but lately I haven’t been, even when I have the opportunity. Oh you bought The Immortal Coil! I hope you like it, and your other new books too! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Bookish News: November/December 2018 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Releases to Get Excited AboutMy Profile

    • I think they’re done with our part of the complex at least for now. The high tea was awesome, there were some sandwiches and lots of sweet things too. I seem to binge read a lot more since this year, I sort of binge read a few series already this year, while normally binge reading doesn’t work for me at all. I also hope I enjoy The Immortal Coil, I am looking forward to reading it.

    • The last few years i didn’t binge read at all, but it seems I am getting back to it again this year. It’s great to just go on and follow a series you already started.

  4. Glad this week was a good one for you. I have never been to a high tea, I have always wanted to do that lol
    It’s so funny because I don’t usually binge read and that is all I want to do lately. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am switching up a little to a MG before getting into an intense RH that I am planning to binge read the heck out of! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great week, Lola! Happy Reading!

    • It really was an awesome high tea, all the food was really good and it was fun.

      Same here, I just want to binge read series and have been reading a lot more series and continuing them lately.

      I hope your MG read is fun and you enjoy binge reading that RH series you plan to read next.

    • It did have a bit of a slow start indeed. Book 1 had a much stronger start. I am sad I didn’t enjoy it more. I hope you’ll enjoy Renewing Forever! And The Immortal Coil really sounds good.

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