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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What happened this week?

This was a decent week. Again I was pretty tired this week, I wonder if I am getting sick, but besides the tiredness I feel fine. I also had a nasty headache yesterday, which put a damper on my productivity. But besides that it was an okay week.

While I felt a bit off this week because of the tiredness I still got some work done. There was a bookstagram blitz I organized that started this week and a cover reveal I organized that took place. I wrote some social media posts for an author and send that out. I also send out the media kit for a tour that’s starting next week. I finished with most of the assistant work for this month. I launched the combination packages on Lola’s Blog Tours this week and it will be interesting to see if people will make use of them. And I am going to do a trial month for another author next month for assistant work for social media posts, which I am excited about and I hope it goes well.

I baked some chocolate cookies last weekend and have another cookie recipe planned for this one if I feel up for making it. It also was a pretty good reading week and after reading a bunch of review books in a row on my ipad I am reading a book I bought now and then back to the review copies.

What did I read this week?

The Lost SaviorDon't Rush MeThe RidgeWriggle & Sparkle

I finished a lot of books this week. One of them I finished early this week and The Ridge was a very short one and Wriggle & Sparkle I’ve been reading as my evening book for weeks now. I am doing pretty well with one of my reading goals for this year this week, with finishing three reverse harem books and a MM romance. The Lost Savior and Don’t Rush Me were both great starts to the series. The Lost Savior is a sci-fi romance with aliens and I am excited to see where this series goes next. I really liked Beckett and Maddox, but the other boys are interesting as well, even tough they annoyed me at times. Don’t Rush Me was an urban fantasy read and has a slow burn romance, with almost no romance yet in the first book. But a great cast of side character and I am eager to see where things go next. The Ridge is part of a serial and the books are pretty short, but there are some things I am curious about even tough I don’t fully feel the romance yet and there are some well done descriptions in this book. Wriggle & Sparkle was a fun paranormal romance featuring a kraken and a unicorn, the romance was really well done and those two made for such a cute couple, but I found the plot of each story a bit lacking as with the shorter length of each individual story it was hard to really get caught up in the plot before it was solved already.

What did I cook for dinner this week?

  • Spinach Pasta
  • Risotto with curry spices ketchup, red bell pepper, corn and egg
  • Pumpkin and Potato Mash

This week I blogged about:

Review: The Reprisal by Kelly St. Clare
Review: Unknown by L.A. Kirk

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Review: Biscuits and Slashed Browns by Maddie Day
– Review: The Lost Savior by Siobhan Davis
– Lola’s Kitchen: Potatoes and Pumpkin Mash Recipe

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:

Review Opportunities:
Sweet Hollow Women by Holly Tierney-Bedord
Deck The Malls with Purple Peacocks by Amy Gettinger
N. N. Light’s Book of Daily Inspiration by N.N. Light
Modern Persuasion by Sara Marks
Raindrops on Roses by Millenia Black
Check the full list of open review opportunities here.

Cover Reveals:
Beyond the Moon by R.J. Wood – 12 February

Book Blitz: Raindrops on Roses by Millenia Black – 1 till 7 February
Destiny’s Gambit by R.J. Wood – 5 till 11 February
Something Just Like This by Tracy Krimmer – 14 till 15 February

Book Haul:

UpstagedHouse of GlassThe RidgePriestess AwakenedThe Little Library

Upstaged is the third book in a series I am reading and I bought it as soon as it released. House of Glass sounded like an interesting sci-fi RH read, so I bought a copy. The Ridge I got for review and already finished reading. Priestess Awakened sounded interesting and I bought a copy and I am currently reading this one. The Little Library I got from netgalley. It sounded like a fun MM romance and the blurb sounded good.

Did you bake or cook anything good last week?


26 responses to “Sunday Post #267

  1. Yeah, being tired all the time is a drag, but I hope it doesn’t mean you’re getting sick. Yay for launching your combo packages at the tour site.

    Well done on finishing the books this week. The Little Library does sound really cute. I read a few of her older books and liked her writing. Hope you like it.

    I made up peanut blossom cookies (peanut butter cookies with a Hershey chocolate kiss pressed into the top). I was craving peanut butter and chocolate together. 🙂 So I guess we were both in a baking mood this week.

    Have a great week, Lola!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Review: The Mating by Nicky CharlesMy Profile

    • I really hope I don’t get sick and that with some extra rest I can finally beat this tiredness.

      Good to know you liked some of her older books and her writing. I remember seeing some of the books by this publisher on your blog, but wans’t sure if you knew this author. I am looking forward to reading it.

      Oh that does sound like a good combination! Nice you also had a baking mood. I have a peanut butter cookies recipe to which I sometimes add chocolate chips when I want some peanut butter and chocolate. It is a great combination. Maybe I make those next week.

  2. Oh no, hopefully you’re not getting sick. But that’s great that you’re doing well with your reading goals! I feel like I’m doing well with mine so far too, so we’re on the same page as usual XD And you finished a lot of books, even if one was short!

    I can see how you might not like the format of W&S. Glad you thought they were a cute couple though! Are you planning on posting a full review? I can’t remember if you review everything you read or not.
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Update: Life and Books (1/28/18)My Profile

    • I really hope I am not getting sick and this tiredness goes away soon. I am happy I am doing so well with some of my reading goals so far and getting some RH and MM romances read.

      I just write and posted my full review for W&S on Goodreads. I kinda both like and not like the format, it was great for showing how everything progressed over a long time period, but I felt the investigation type of plot lines just felt a bit short and fast now. I do review everything I read :). Although I have a few reviews that I don’t post on the blog, but this one will be posted on my blog, early March I think.

    • I actually find cooking very relaxing, even while I am tired. But I would be happy to have a week were I feel better for a chance.
      Sorry to hear you also didn’t have a too great week and were tired. But yay for lots of reading!

  3. Sorry your head was giving you such an issue and you were so tired. I have had some sinus stuff going this week but that is because the weather is so off. I might have to stop avoiding the doctor and go to have him see what is going on. I actually sort of know already but I just don’t want to get it fixed. 🙂

    Glad your social media idea is working out so well. It’s exciting when new things kick off and I am so happy for you.

    I wanted to make cookies this week but instead am going to make a peanut butter something, I honestly can’t remember what it is called, lol.

    I hope you have a fantastic week, Lola! Happy Reading! ox
    Michelle @Because Reading recently posted…I’m about to bore you with how boring my week was ~ WIR & SPMy Profile

    • It’s tiring being so tired all the time. I hope next week is better. Sorry to hear you’re having some sinus stuff going on.

      I hand’t expected it to be such a big success, I had the idea already last year, but never got around to launching it then, so I am glad I went ahead with it now.

      I hope your peanut butter somethings turn out great! I like peanut butter. I might have to make some peanut butter cookies soon.

  4. I just got back on the cooking after being off for almost a month after me being sick and then my husband being sick. Cooking is not one of my favorite things and it’s hard for me to get back in the swing of things when I haven’t done it for a while. But I made some nice dinners and my own granola bars. So that’s been nice.

    I’m curious about Siobhan’s RH series! 🙂
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…Let’s Make Japanese Curry! – Recipe #Vegan & #VegetarianMy Profile

    • I love cooking and often find it relaxing, but it probably also helps that it’s part of my routine and I cook more one day so we can eat the leftovers the next day so I don’t have to cook every day. That’s nice you made some nice dinners and granola bars!

      The first book in Siobhan’s new series was pretty good and I expect it will only get better from here onward.

    • I felt a lot better this week luckily, so some extra rest seemed to have helped :).

      I wasn’t able to make the time to upload the pictures for the recipe, so I had to move it to a later week.

    • I think I dodged getting sick for now as I feel a lot better now, but I hope I don’t get sick later. A lot of people seem to be getting sick. Chocolate chip cookies sure taste the best homemade, although there are some good ones in stores too.

  5. Sorry to hear your energy levels are right down, Lola – I think it also is a lot to do with the weather, unless you are getting a lot more sunshine than we are… This winter seems to be dragging on forever. I hope you feel less tired this coming week:)

    • Maybe it’s because of the weather, we had lots of gray days here. Normally during winter we have some of those bright cold days, but this winter lots of rain and gray dull days. This week I felt a lot better luckily.

    • I felt a lot better this week, so hopefully that means I am not getting sick :). I hope your banana peanut butter muffins turned out well, that does sound good!

    • I hope so too, I like the sound of it. I really like cooking, although I mostly cook recipes I already know. I do like to mix things up now and then with a new recipe.

    • I actually felt a lot better this week, so I think I just needed some extra rest. And it sure was a good reading week. The spinach pasta is really good.

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