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Wild Is The BlueWild Is The Blue (The Adventures Of Blue Faust #6)
Cecilia Randell

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Science Fiction Romance/ Portal Fantasy
Age Category: New Adult
Type of romance: Reverse Harem

It’s time for a new kind of adventure…

It’s been three months. Three months of peace, three months of learning to wrangle her powers, three months of living with four men…

And Blue is bored. Well, only a little—it’s hard to be bored with two piquets, classes, training, overprotective men, and two more who pop into her life whenever they want. But, she is starting to wonder if her days of grand adventures are over.

She doesn’t have to worry for long. The Boss sends in a new assignment, one that will take Blue, Mo’ata, Forrest, Levi, and Felix to Cularna and straight into the machinations of the upper echelons of the Mercenary Guild.

At least she’ll get to meet Felix’s family, right? And she might get that ride on a spaceship she’d been promised…

My Review

I am really enjoying this series and excitedly started this book. Wild is the Blue is another great read in this series. I really enjoy reading about Blue and her family. And I liked seeing the romances and relationships develop and how all the character interact. There are so many awesome and interesting characters and it’s a joy to read about them.

I liked the slower start of this book and seeing how Blue and the rest are doing. Then slowly the new missions gets brought up. I thought this book would pick up a new plot line or adventure for the characters, but instead it’s sort of a continuation of the previous book. They know there are more people involved and they want to make sure they are stopped. The plot took some time to really get rolling and to be honest I felt like it was missing something, but luckily there are enough other great things that kept my attention. This book felt a bit like one of those middle books when it came to the plot, there is progression and set up for more, but it wasn’t as captivating in itself and I felt like there is clearly more and this will be continued in the next book and I just want to get there and see it. There wasn’t as good of a sense of victory or progress here and the ending felt a bit less strong due to that, even though they do make progress and there’s a clear set up for the next book.

Nevertheless I still really enjoyed this book. Blue is such a great main character and I enjoy seeing her develop throughout the series. I enjoy reading about her and seeing her interact with the other characters. I really like her romances with all of her guys and seeing how their family comes together is awesome.

This book focuses a bit more on Felix, we get to see their romance deepen and Felix has to face his past and they get to meet his family. He isn’t my favorite of the guys, but I felt like this book did a good job of showing more of him and deepening his character. Luckily there is plenty about the other guys too, there are some changes in Forrest after what happened in the last book and it was interesting to see that. There is also more about Trevor and I liked seeing more of him and how he would fit into their family.

There are also some more hints about who the next member of the harem will be, but it’s not quite developing into that yet. The other guys are a bit more on the background in this book, but I like how they’re still a clear part of the events as well and there are enough scenes with each guy. I like seeing how Blue’s relationship with each of them is different and also how they grow to think of each other as family and brothers. They make for such a great and close family and it’s just so awesome reading about them all, seeing the relationships deepen, see them in new situations and see how things develop and change when new guys get added.

In this book the characters visit Cularna and I liked seeing a bit of this planet. The world gets expanded with each book and I liked learning more about the mercenary world in this book.

To summarize: I really enjoyed this book. There’s more of Blue and her family and I really enjoy reading about all these characters. The plot of this book is a bit slow to start, but I actually quite enjoyed the first bit and just seeing how they’re dealing with daily life things. The new missions they get is actually a continuation of the plot from the previous book and I liked seeing things progress. Although to me this felt a bit like a middle book, with things progressing and moving ahead, but no big conclusion or wrap up although progress is made. I really enjoyed reading more about Blue and all the guys. This book focuses on deepening her relationship with Felix. I liked learning more about him, even though he is not my favorite of the guys, I felt like this book really added more depth to his character. There’s also more about Trevon and I liked seeing where things go there. There’s more hints of who the next harem member will be and there are some changes with Forrest which was interesting. I really like seeing Blue interact with all of them and how her relationship with each of them is different. I liked seeing her change and develop throughout the series and how they really feel like one big family and how the guys see the others as family too. I look forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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