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The Logan CollectionThe Logan Collection (Saven #1.5)
by Siobhan Davis

Read some key scenes from Saven: Deception narrated exclusively from Logan’s point of view.

This short story collection features the following:

My Angel
The Library
The Lady in Red
Drop-Dead Gorgeous
First Kiss
Keeping her Safe
She’s my Eterno

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My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

The Logan Collection is a collection of a few scenes in Saven Deception told from Logan his point of view. It is necessary to read this after Saven Deception as else it will be very confusing. It tells only certain scenes from Logan his point of view and it isn’t a whole book. So if you have read Saven Deception it will be easy to understand where each scene takes place. And before each scene there’s a short little note from the author explaining where this scene takes place, which I thought was helpful to remember where and what happens at this point.

I think novella is a nice addition, it shows Logan his perspective in some key scenes and I think seeing his point of view made me better understand his view on the matters and explains his hot-cold behaviour towards Sadie more. There are some details in this book that you never learn in the novels as the topic isn’t brought up there or Logan and Sadie don’t talk about, so I think this novella really added something. There are also a few hints of foreshadowing concerning the mystery surrounding Sadie, which I thought were well done.

I think this novella really sheds some light on Logan, I felt like I got to know Logan a bit better and understood his behaviour more. It sheds light on how he thinks and acted and his reasonings behind it. It also was great to see how he interacted with Neve and Hadyn and how close they are. And I appreciated finally knowing the exact conversation between Logan and Neve as in Saven Deception it remains a mystery what they exactly communicate and why Logan goes along with things. It also show the depth of Logan his feelings and while in Saven Deception I got a bit annoyed at his behaviour, this novella explains it a bit more and I think his behaviour makes a bit more sense now as now I know why he acted like that. I liked to see his point of view and how he viewed Sadie.

To summarize: the Logan Collection is a nice addition to the series. I would recommend it to everyone who has read Saven Deception and would like to understand Logan a bit more. I felt like this novella gave me a good glimpse into Logan and why he acted a certain way in Saven Deception. There is a small hint of foreshadowing and I liked reading these scenes from his point of view. The book was nicely build up with before each scene or chapter a bit of explanation where it takes place in the novel Saven Deception so it was easy to get a feel of when each scene takes place. Overall I thought seeing Logan his point of view added to this series and I am glad I got to read this novella.


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14 responses to “Review: The Logan Collection by Siobhan Davis

    • It was pretty short, but it really added a new perspective and made me understand Logan better. I am glad I read it πŸ™‚

    • Oh that’s exciting you got this one too! It’s definitely worth to read it after Saven Deception for some extra insight into Logan his character.

    • I thought it was a fun addition to the series. It’s always fun when you get a little extra to a series you already enjoy.

    • It’s nice at least you got both the first book and this novella for free. I am looking forward to hear what you think of it once you get around to reading them!
      I just finished book 2.5 in this series and it’s definitely a series that keeps getting better with each book!

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