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Scavenger PrincessScavenger Princess (Swag Stories #2)
by Carysa Locke

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: Reverse Harem

An escaped corporate slave, Andromeda Jones will do anything to remain free, even if it means living as a junker, surviving in the lower cities on the waste of her former owners, Laripim Shipyards.

She spends her days hiding the telekinetic Talent that makes her so coveted, and searching for anything she can salvage among the dangerous mountains of waste the shipyards produce. She spends her nights dreaming an impossible future with three pirate princes she’s never met, but who feel tantalizingly close.

Then she stumbles on a secret that will destroy her hard won anonymity. To save herself, she’ll have to embrace the Talent she’s ignored for years, sparking betrayal from friends, the notice of her enemies, and most dangerous of all, it will call her three princes to her. Are they her salvation, or just one more prison to avoid?

My Review

I love this world of the telepathic space pirates and bought this novella on release day as I couldn’t wait to read another story in this world. It took me a bit before I got around to reading it, but when i did pick it up I had trouble putting it down as it was such a great read.

Scavenger Princess can easily be read as a standalone, it has no clear connection to the main plot line and no recurring characters from other books in this series. I don’t even know where chronologically it takes place. Which makes it a great introduction to the series or a great extra for those who already love the series. If you read this after reading some of the other books, you’ll understand more of the world, talent and the pirates already, but if not I don’t think you’ll miss that.

Scavenger Princess follows the story of Annie, who was born as a slave and once she escaped ended up with a contract to someone. Now she’s trying to make enough money to buy out her contract and finally be free. Often she has dreams about 3 handsome princes who she loves and they live together on a space ship. At the start of the book something happens that changes her whole live.

I enjoyed this story. It was so fun to follow Annie’s story. I really felt for her, she was no longer a slave, but she was still stuck. It was obvious how she yearned for freedom and to see her have a chance to actually get it was amazing. I like how she was smart and capable. Her talent she hasn’t used a lot and now she suddenly has to rely on it. She knows very little of the pirates and other talented of why she dreams of these three princes. I would’ve liked to see her learn and discover more about her Talent after the events of this book, but that’s mostly because I liked reading about her and wanted more.

The story was very well written, with important events following each other in a nice order. Every scene was important and the pacing felt very well done. Although the end did feel a bit rushed, it almost felt too easy, but mostly I think I would’ve liked just a bit more explanation and story so I could feel the impact of everything that happened more. I don’t think it’s mentioned what happens to Jens, I think I know what happens, but it would be nice to see a line or so about that. I liked how there was an epilogue as well, it really was a great way to wrap the story up.

While there is a bit of romance, it’s not the main focus. We only see the start of their romance and then in the epilogue how they’re doing a 1 year later. As it’s only a short story that makes sense, but I would’ve loved to see a bit more of their romance developing as I really liked reading about these characters. I had a bit of trouble remember who was who from the guys at first, but the author did a good job giving each their own personality. And I liked how they cared about Annie and shown her care she hasn’t experienced yet.

To summarize: This is a great read for those new to this universe or fans of the series. This one can be read as a standalone. It follows the story of Annie and there are no recurring characters from the series. The writing is great and the pacing well done, if a tad rushed at the end. It was fun to see another piece of this universe and follow Annie’s story. I liked Annie as a main character, she was smart and capable and dreamed of freedom. She never had someone care about her like her three princes do and it’s great to see that happen. We only see the start of their romance in this book and I would’ve loved to see more as I liked reading about these characters. Each of the three guys had their own personality. The epilogue was great and I liked seeing that bit of of their future.

4 Stars


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    • It was a fun standalone read in this universe. The author writes novellas quite well too with how every page is important and the story also leaves you wanting more as it’s so good.

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