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Newsletter NinjaNewsletter Ninja: How to Become an Author Mailing List Expert
by Tammi Labrecque

My Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Non-fiction/ Publishing

Are you struggling with email? Newsletter numbers getting you down? Fewer people opening your messages? No real reaction when you launch a book?

There’s another way–a better way.

Imagine having a large list of happy readers who devoured every email you sent. Or launching a book and activating an army of fans who did the selling for you. You could be that person, with the help of Newsletter Ninja.

Newsletter Ninja is a comprehensive resource designed to teach you how to build and maintain a strongly engaged email list–one full of actual fans willing to pay for the books you write, rather than free-seekers who will forget your name and never open your emails.

* Learn new ways to think about your email list
* Re-energize your existing subscribers
* Embrace not just the basics, but next level methods
* Improve engagement and watch those open/click rates soar
* Build a happy list of passionate readers
* Launch your books into the charts

You’ll get a handle on open rates, click rates, and engagement–while also learning about yourself, your readers, and what you’re really selling when you send an email. (Spoiler: it’s not your books.)

Whether you’re building a mailing list, want to grow an existing one, or simply want to raise your email game, Newsletter Ninja has solutions that will work for you.

My Review

I picked up Newsletter Ninja as another author who wrote a non-fiction I had read recommended it. I like newsletters (and sign-up for way too many of them) and with a title as Newsletter Ninja and that cover I knew I had to read this. And I am glad I picked it up as I not only enjoyed reading it, but it also was a very informative book.

I really like the newsletter style that Tammi Labrecque recommends in this book and also notice some of the author newsletter I like do some of the things she explains here, whether intentional or not. And it reminds me of how sometimes something an author shares about themselves or a book can make me even more likely to buy their book. Having said that I do think this style might not be for everyone, but even so I think almost everyone will learn something from this book. As there are lots of tips, tricks, ideas and information about all things newsletters.

Newsletter Ninja talks about the whole newsletter process. From setting up a newsletter, the onboarding process, to the actual newsletters, newsletter subscribers, how to get subscribers and how to keep them, but also a bit about re-engagement and when to remove subscriber. And ofcourse her newsletter philosophy of selling yourself and connecting with fans and how to do so. I like how to the point the whole book is and she has a pleasant writing style. I had fun reading the book and feel like I learned a lot. I even got some new ideas for my tour company author newsletter.

The book also had a very uplifting and encouraging feel and while reading it I really felt like what she was saying makes sense and I could see why her technique works for newsletter and why. I also notice some author newsletter I am subscribed to who do some of the things she outlined and realized that’s part of the reason why I like their newsletter. It gave me a better insight in some newsletter techniques too, which was quite interesting.

To summarize: I really enjoyed reading this book and it was very informative too. While not for everyone, I think most authors can still learn a few things from this book. I personally really like this author’s newsletter philosophy and I realized some of the author newsletter I really like use some of her techniques. Besides the actual newsletter technique/ philosophy, this book talks about the basics from starting your newsletter to the actual newsletter, getting subscribers, cookies and also things like re-engagement and removing subscribers. Everything you want to know about newsletters is in here basically. If you want to change up your newsletter, learn more about newsletter or get some new ideas to try out for your newsletter I would definitely recommend this book and I think it’s a great resource.

4 Stars


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