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kraken fishingKraken Fishing (Camp Myth #2)
by Chris Lewis Carter

Welcome back to Camp Myth, the only summer camp built exclusively for young mythological creatures.

Having narrowly escaped from their encounter with a wild Phoenix, Felix the Fae, Argee the Cyclops and Moxie the Kitsune decide to spend a relaxing afternoon at Leviathan Lake. But when the trio accidentally plucks a baby Kraken from its watery home, they attract the attention of its monstrous mama!

Featuring over 50 pieces of original artwork, and a new playable race for Camp Myth: The RPG, this adventure is about to get legendary.

My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

I really enjoyed the first book in this series and this sequel certainly didn’t disappoint. It’s a fun story were the main characters Felix, Argee and Moxie get into some trouble and try their hand at Kraken Fishing towards the end. It was an enjoyable and fun story and I read it in one sitting. It was a bit short, but it does wrap up the main event of this book while setting the stage for the next book. This book read a bit like a novella focussing on one merit badge and one adventure. There is quite some action going and the pace is pretty fast. And I was just so happy to be back at Camp Myth, the setting of camp is done well and I liked all the various myth creatures that are featured.

There is some beautiful artwork in between chapters and I really liked looking at the drawings, I especially liked the drawings at the end of the book as those featured the main characters. Most drawings in between the characters are of random characters we don’t actually meet during the story.

While it is a short book the author still managed to add some character development, we learn the story behind Moxie her one tail and how Argee is afraid of water. We also meet a new character Kerwin, who was a sea creature with water on his head. I thought it was nice to see our group meet a new friend and he helped them back in return. There is also a nice development surrounding felix and some parts of the book focussed on him figuring out this new ability. Some counsellors and other characters introduced in the first book made an appearance again and while there is a huge cast of character it was still manageable to keep track of who was who.

To conclude: this was a really fun and enjoyable story, it displays a new adventure of the three main characters. And it was just a fun story with lots of action thrown in. There is some character development and we meet some new characters and see some familiar ones again. All in all a fun story which mixes camp fun with mythical creatures and lots of adventure.


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