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JOMO: Celebrate the Joy of Missing Out!
by Jessica Misener

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: non-fiction/ motivational
Age Category: not applicable
Type of romance: no romance

Discover the perfect idea for a fun night in with more than 350 activities to do with friends, your partner, or alone, all from the comfort of your home.

We’ve all heard about FOMO (fear of missing out) but now you can make the most of your night in with this must-have bucket list for every homebody, featuring fun and entertaining activities to keep you pleasantly relaxed and stress-free every time you decide you’d rather not leave the comfort of your home.

This simple list-based guide book includes over 350 things to do to keep your nights in fun for everyone. Featuring advice for entertaining friends (get some snacks and host a game night), spending time with your significant other (put together some homemade pizza and watch a movie or a sports game), or even enjoying a relaxing Friday night at home alone (all you need is a bubble bath and a good book). Whether you’re a card-carrying introvert or just a habitual homebody in search of some new ideas and interested in starting a new, more relaxed schedule, these activities are sure to spice up your nights on the couch.

You’ll find the perfect idea for your night in—where there’s no line for the bathroom and pants are always optional. Celebrate the year of the homebody and discover new ways to recharge and avoid stressful plans (and people) all while remaining comfy, cozy, and content at home.

My Review

I received a free copy of this book through Netgalley and voluntarily reviewed it

This book is exactly what the description promises. It’s a book full of tips for activities you can do at home. It was fun to read through all the ideas for activities and there’s a wide variety of tips in here and it’s a good way to start thinking about things you can do inside your home.

When you open this book it’s just one idea after another with the title of the idea emphasized. I thought this worked well, you could just keep going, reading through the ideas until you decided to stop. Now that I finished it I can see how this lack of order or categories would make it difficult to look back for a certain ideas, I thought what some other reviewers mentioned and writing down ideas while reading this book is a good idea.

The ideas in this vary from learning a new hobby, trying to cook/bake something new, have a fun night in, relaxing, mindfulness, reading a book, watching a tv show and more. I did think a few of the tips fell under the same idea, this book has multiple ideas that recommend watching a certain movie or book. Or even baking or cooking something new or in a different way. I kinda liked the different recommendations under the same heading, but I did think the description of 350 ideas can be a bit misleading because of that. There are also a bunch of ideas that cost (quite a bit of) money to accomplish, so keep that in mind. And some of the ideas also require going outside first to get the goods needed to accomplish an idea.

With so many ideas that are in this book, there is something for everyone. There were some ideas that got me excited to try them out and others I already do or have done in the past. And the way the book was written it was easy to come up with my own ideas while reading or variations on ideas that are in the book.

To summarize: this book is exactly what it sounds like, a book full of ideas for things you can do at home. It was fun to read through this book and see all the different ideas. There were some ideas I was excited to try and it got my mind coming up with ideas myself while reading through these. There is a bit of overlap at times with certain tips covering reading a certain book, watch a certain movie or try to bake/ cook something new. While not really revolutionary, it was a fun read with plenty of ideas of how to spend your time at home.

4 Stars


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What are some of your favorite activities to do at home?

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    • It sure is a nice book for this time of the year. It is a shame you need some items for a lot of the tips, but that does make sense. Sounds like you’re already following some of the advice in this book then.

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