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Foul PlayFoul Play (Barlow Sisters #3)
by Jordan Ford

Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Romantic Suspense

She’s playing a dangerous game…

She’s following her heart. He’s looking for redemption.
Can they beat a bad rap and slide home safe?

Chloe Barlow has always wanted to give back. But when she volunteers at the local soup kitchen, her good deed is repaid with a violent attack. The biggest surprise comes when Armitage’s resident bad boy saves Chloe and leaves a sweet note in her locker the following day. Could Chloe’s classmates have been wrong about him the whole time?

Vincent Mancini hasn’t cared about his reputation in years. At least, not until Chloe looked in his direction. With his older brother in jail and a rocky home life, it was always easy to accept the troublemaker label. But it turns out Vincent’s brother may be innocent and with Chloe agreeing to a date, things are looking up for the troublemaker…

Chloe is determined to prove her classmates wrong about Vincent by clearing his brother’s name. But as their investigation takes a dangerous turn, Chloe could end up with something much more serious than a broken heart…

Foul Play is the final standalone book in the Barlow Sisters Trilogy, a series of simmering YA contemporary romance novels. If you like forbidden love stories, complex characters, and high-adrenaline mysteries, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s sports romance series.

My Review:
I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

I couldn’t wait to start reading the third and last book in this series! At the end of book 2 we got a hint of what Chloe was up to and I was to excited to finally get her story. Foul Play is a perfect ending to this series. It’s filled with an amazing romance, two great characters, a bit of mystery and suspense and three epilogues!

Foul Play is Chloe’s story and it wraps up the mystery. This book was a bit more focused on the mystery and suspense than the previous books. Chloe is convinced that Vincent’s brother is wrongly convicted of murder and she wants to find out what happened. It all comes together in this book and there are some ties back to the previous books and some hints we got there that tie into the mystery. I thought the mystery was well done, I was surprised by part of it and not so much by another part of it. I liked how it all got wrapped up with a satisfying conclusion.

Chloe is the youngest sister of the three, she is really sweet and has a huge heart. She believes the best of people, wants to help people and fights for justice. She brings light and laughter wherever she goes and it just seems perfect she would fall for the school’s troublemaker Vincent Mancini. Chloe and Vincent are so different, but they are so perfect for each other.

This book starts right in the middle of things. After an evening of volunteering Chloe gets attacked and Vincent shows up to help her. She gets a glimpse of the real Vincent and what follows is an awesome romance. They slowly get to know each other and fall hard for each other. They are just so adorable together and they made such a great couple.

Vincent comes from a family who is involved with all sorts of crime. My heart broke for him and his bad home situation and that he had to deal with that. Everyone thinks the worst of him, so he just plays along with that. It was awesome to see when Chloe got a glimpse of the real Vincent and fall for that person and we slowly see that all the glares and angry behavior is mostly a front. He does have a bit of a temper, but I felt like that fit his character.

I loved these two together. Where Vincent seems dark, Chloe is all light and they work so well together. I especially liked how Chloe slowly changed Vincent’s outlook on life, got him to see that not everyone is bad and bring light to his dark life. And the ending was perfect. I also appreciated how the book was low on drama and there is this scene that felt so realistic where Vincent tries to do what he thinks is the right thing. The relationship struggles that they had felt realistic and I liked how for the most part their relationship isn’t easy, but they do stand together and there’s no miscommunication going on.

It was awesome how this book wrapped things up and then we skip a year forward and get an epilogue from all three sisters. I loved it! It was so awesome to see how they are doing a year later, what they’re doing and how their romance is going now. I think it was brilliant how the author gave each of them their own epilogue.

To summarize: This book was an awesome ending to this series. Foul Play tells Chloe’s story and it brings the conclusion to the mystery. The mystery got wrapped up nicely, with some surprises along the way and I liked how there are some hints in earlier books already. Everything falls on it’s place here. This book might be my favorite romance so far! I loved Chloe and Vincent together, she’s all brightness and positivity, while he has a more negative opinion of the world and has a bad home situation. I liked how great these two are together and I loved their romance. There was little drama, no miscommunication and the struggles they faces felt realistic. The book wraps things up nicely and there is an epilogue from all three of the sisters, which was great! I you’re looking for a great Young Adult Romance series with great romances, a bit of mystery/ suspense and little drama, then I can’t recommend this series enough!

4 Stars


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4 responses to “Review: Foul Play by Jordan Ford

    • It was fun getting to know these characters better and see them fall in love. The mystery part was well done too. I do hope you get the chance to read this series, it’s so good! And I do agree it’s nice knowing a series is only a trilogy at time,s as it is easier to commit to that.

    • I like opposites attracts romance too, I always find it interesting to see how two opposite people can fall in love. And it’s relatable too as a lot of couples seem to be opposites in some ways.

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