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Faerie Realm (The Changeling Chronicles #3)
by Emma L. Adams

Rating: 4 stars

I feared that using my magic would bring me closer to the faerie realm I tried so desperately to escape. I was right.

I made a promise to a faerie, and they’ve come to deliver. A powerful talisman has disappeared, and without it, the faeries in this realm are losing their magic. Getting involved wasn’t on my plan, but if I refuse to help the faeries find the talisman, I’ll die.

To make things more complicated, shifters are being killed by a mysterious masked faerie, and all signs point to a connection with the missing talisman. To find the killer and help the half-faeries, I must unlock the full extent of the magic I once feared, even if it means leaving the Mage Lord determined to stand at my side. Even if it takes me to Faerie’s most dangerous path…

My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

This series keeps going strong. Faerie Realm was the exciting third book in this series. It kept my attention from start to finish and there wasn’t a dull moment. It’s fast paced and filled with action and trouble like the first two books and I really enjoyed it. Especially the second half was really good and I just wanted to keep reading. There are some plot points that continue from previous books, so I would recommend to read this series in order. But each book also has it’s one plot line/ problem that gets resolved mostly at the end of the book.

I really liked the plot of this one and might have enjoyed this book even more than the previous two. Ivy made a vow to the lady of the Tree and with how vows work for Fae she has to fulfill it or risk dying. And while faeries can’t lie, they sure can mislead and the plot has some nice twists. I also liked how Ivy dealt with everything in this book. She can be a bit reckless at times and always speaks her mind, but she’s also smart and I liked how she figured out what was going on and did her best to fix everything.

Ivy as a character keeps growing in every book and I really liked how we see her relationship with the Mage Lord develop in this book, it sure was worth the wait. They are great together! And I liked how the events in this book bring them closer together. I also liked how Ivy had to deal with her past and had to face her fears. Her past and fears have been part of the previous books, but they play an even bigger part in this one. I feel like she grows as a character and I like reading about her.

And just like we get to know the characters better in each book we also get to see more of the world. There’s a plot line involving the shifters in this book and I liked getting to know a bit more about that. And a twist involving the shifters at the end that was very interesting. We also get to see more from Faerie which was nice as well. And Ivy gets to know her magic a bit more. There are some epic battles involving swords and magic.

To summarize: this was another great book in this series. It’s one of those series that starts strong and keeps being strong and even getting better with each book. I really liked the direction this book took, with a new issue for Ivy to solve and some sub plot lines from previous books that continue. There are some interesting twists and a lot of action, magic and danger. I liked seeing Ivy handle the issues in this book and I think she grew as a character. The romance progresses a bit in this book and I liked seeing that. There are also new things we see and get to know about the world. And I can’t wait to read the next book as this series continues to be very good!



What’s the last book about Fae that you read?

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26 responses to “Review: Faerie Realm by Emma L Adams

    • I hope you give it a try, it really is a great series! The magic and Fae aspects are really done well and the series keeps going strong. I just finished book 4, which was great too 🙂

    • It’s a shame when that happens a series loses steam. I am glad that isn’t the case here and it keeps getting better. I hope you’ll enjoy this one when you give it a try :).

    • Sorry to hear your current read is slow! This one was exactly what I was in the mood for fast paced and with some good twists. I just finished book 4 which was great too!

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series so much and that you liked this one even more than the last! That’s great that the character has continued growing in each book. And is she finally dating the Lord Mage yet? Lol isn’t the series in which I said I thought they’d have a romance in the first book? It does sound like a fun series though 🙂

    Do elves count as fae? Because I just finished a book about elves today. And before that the book I read was definitely about fae. Apparently it’s been a fae week for me lol.
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    • Yes she’s dating the mage lord, they got a lot closer in this book. They are great together. I just finished book 4 which was good too.

      Not sure? I usually see elves as different from Fae. That’s fun you had a Fae week. They can be great to read about. I like how the Fae here are quite nasty.

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