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Demons in the BedroomDemons in the Bedroom (Paranormal House Flippers #1)
by Lidiya Foxglove

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: Reverse harem

Have you inherited a creepy old house that needs updated bathroom tiles, a new kitchen, and an exorcism?

Call me: Helena Nicolescu, the best house flipper witch on the east coast.

But I have to admit, I might be in over my head this time. I bought “Lockwood House” at an auction, and the magical community definitely knew something was up, because my rivals were all in on it, including Jake and Jasper, the infuriating wolf shifter twins who think they’re so much better at renovations than me. I overpaid and now I’m stuck with a mess. Floors caving in, 70s carpeting, and…the ghost of an incubus who won’t stop flirting with me while I’m trying to demo.

That’s not the only problem. The former owner’s son seems to be drawn to the place against his own will. My witch radar is going off big time, telling me he has demon blood coursing through his own veins. And the wolves must smell trouble in the air, because they keep sniffing around too. I’ll definitely never tell them that I keep uncovering disconcerting artifacts throughout the house. And more than anything, I won’t admit that they both look pretty good in a tool belt. Why does this house seem like it’s calling trouble to the doorstep?

I have eight weeks to get this done and then I’m putting this mansion on the market and moving on.

This is a medium-burn reverse harem romance!

My Review

I received a free copy of this book from the author and voluntarily reviewed it

When I first heard of this book I knew I had to read it. I’ve enjoyed books by this author before and the concept of paranormal house flippers just sounded like a lot of fun. And the book certainly delivers on that promise. It’s a fun paranormal romance book where the main character flips houses. The house flipping is an integral part of the story and moves alongside the mystery surrounding a secret item and books they have to figure out.

I had a lot of fun reading this one. I liked the whole house flipping theme and how you follow Helena around as she works on this house and gets it ready to sell. Intermingled with the house flipping plot line is a paranormal mystery type of plot line. I liked how this mystery is a big thing and how they get involved in it and how it involves more house flipping along the way. The way these two plot lines were connected was well done. And I liked seeing how both of these plot lines progressed throughout the book with Helena and the rest workign on the house and on uncovering more information. Add in some romance as well and all the elements are blended well together.

I really liked seeing what wizard houses are like. The main character has to flip a house that belonged to a wizard and it was fun to read a bit about what their houses are like and the unique challenged of flipping a magical house. It was such a fun twist and a fun way to bring more magical stuff in the plot line.

I liked Helena as a main character. How she was doing what she loved and her love for house flipping and magical houses really shines through. but also how she can be lonely at times. I liked how she uses some magic throughout the book as well and has a familiar.

I liked the set-up for the romance, although as it isn’t a reverse harem yet (it’s still being established) it can be a tad awkward at times as the characters figure out how to act and they all slowly grow closer. Helena only gets intimate with one of them and because of that person being a ghost that makes the whole situation even more complicated. And she kisses two others, but so far that doesn’t go further yet. I look forward to seeing how this develops into a reverse harem in the rest of the series.

I liked meeting the love interests and getting I feel for them. They also each have one or two chapters from their point of view, which also helped to get to know them better. I didn’t fully feel the romances yet, but I think that will come in future books. Helena’s relationship with the ghost mostly starts off with lust and only after that their relationship starts to develop a bit more. I liked Graham and how Helena introduces him to this world and he has to get used to the idea of magic. The wolf twins seemed to really care about Helena and I liked how there was a bit of relationship building and talking between the 3 of them. They have some fun scenes together and it helped that Helena already knew them. I look forward to seeing where the romances go in the next book.

It helped that I’ve read some other books set in this world already so it was easier to get into the world. I haven’t read the Witch Among Warlocks series yet that got referred a few times, but this series can be read as a standalone without reading any of the other series. It had a bit of a similar vibe as Tempted by Demons by this author and as I already read that book I had a better understanding of the world. Luckily there also is enough explanation done in a natural way where you get a feel for the world. I like this world and I am curious what happened to the wyrd realm as I hadn’t read about that before.

To summarize: This was such a fun read about paranormal house flippers. There is the house flipping plot line which is closely intermingled with the paranormal mystery storyline as that related to something they find in the house. It was fun to see these two plot lines progress throughout the book. I liked Helena as main character and seeing how much she loved flipping houses, she was capable and also used her magic. There also is some romance going on with 4 love interests for Helena, I liked getting to know the 4 love interests and look forward to seeing more as I didn’t fully feel all of the romances yet. Her relationship with Bryon seemed mostly based on lust so far, but there are hints it will develop further. Graham seemed promising, but they haven’t spend much time together yet, I did like seeing how she introduced him to the magical world. The wolf brothers I liked best so far as they seem to have known Helena for a while and I liked seeing them spend time together. I am curious to see how the reverse harem part will develop in the next book. This book is set in the same world as some of the author’s other books and while it helps to have a better feel for the world if you have read the others already I think this also works as a standalone. All in all this was a great start to this new series and I look forward to reading book 2!

4 Stars


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    • The paranormal addition to the whole house flipping theme was so fun and well done. I like the bit of mystery as well. I just got book 2 and am eager to start it and see how the series continues.

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