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Dear Writer, You're Doing It Wrong Dear Writer, You’re Doing It Wrong (QuitBooks for Writers #3)
by Becca Syme

My Rating: 5 stars
Genre: Non-fiction/ self-help/ self-publishing

I know what you’re hoping…

You’ve got goals and hopes that have pushed you this far in your writing career. It might be “to make a full-time living” or it might be “to get my books in the hands of readers”, but whichever side of that continuum you fall into, there’s something worthwhile about this pursuit for you.

But it’s not happening the way you thought. And you’re not quite sure why.You’re pretty sure there’s something wrong with you, or you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing. You might have tried some of the things “everyone” says to try and it’s just not happening the way they promised it would.


You’re wondering why you’re not actualizing your goals or hopes the way you thought you would. Well, I can tell you why, because I have coached thousands of writers. Six- and seven-figure authors, major award winners, midlisters, and new authors… all across the spectrum of success, method, and personality.

The good news is, there are patterns to the way our brains think, and you are both refreshingly unique and also thankfully just like other people in a way that makes your thoughts and fears very normal. We want to dig into those and figure out what’s not working for you and why.

In other words, you’re in the right place. Join me inside these pages to figure out what you’re doing wrong, and how to fix it.


My Review

After loving the first two books in this series I bought this one on release day and started it not much later. This is another great book for authors. I love this series and I wish I could convince everyone to read these.

Where book 1 and 2 address more general concepts that can easily be applied to multiple professions or types of people, this book felt more aimed at authors in particularly. I liked the more broad approach of the earlier books, but I also like the more author focused approach in this one. In book 1 the author already addressed her Question the Premise concept and this book basically expands on that and gives specific examples and topics and then the author shows how to ask yourself questions about whether you need that or whether it’s helpful for you. This is everything from whether you need to run ads, do book signings, have a street team and more.

The way the author addresses these topics gives a good feel for how she approaches them and I think it gives authors a good idea on how to reflect and find out whether those things are for them or how best to handle them. It gives authors the tools to evaluate for themselves which techniques or advice to accept and incorporate.

I personally loved the chapter on author assistants. As an author assistant myself I thought it was great to see how she approached this topic and she poses some great questions for authors to consider whether they need an assistant. I also liked her perspective toward assistants, how she seemed to value them and how she also emphasized the authors role in making sure everything goes smoothly.

I also liked her chapter on newsletters and she recommended Newsletter Ninja, which I read and loved. But really most of these chapters are fantastic and I like again the focus she puts on individual differences and how you have to decide whether something is worth it for you, but also if you have the type of personality to do it well or be able to hire someone else for that task. There is plenty of advice, but no strict rules, these are more broad guidelines. She asks questions, so that writers can ask those questions of themselves and figure out how to handle things best. I really like this approach and focus on individual differences.

I liked slowly making my way through this book reading a chapter or two a day, which was a nice way to experience the book. There are so many great tips and bits of advice in here. It’s not only a very informative book, but I also enjoy reading these. I like the authors honest writing style, the way she isn’t afraid to give some hard truths, but also is encouraging as well.

To summarize: I wish I could convince all authors to read this series as these books are awesome. Filled with great advice, information and enjoyable to read as well. I love these books and this third book is no exception. It deviates slightly from the vibe of the first two books, the focus is more on specific marketing activities and poses questions so authors can determine how to handle those. I like the focus on individual differences and how she doesn’t give firm advice, but more tries to encourage writers to figure out what works for them and their priorities and wishes. There is no judgement here, just understanding and encouragement to figure out your way. I like the author’s writing style and how she doesn’t shy away from hard truths, but also is encouraging and focuses on how everyone is different. I especially liked her chapter about author assistants as an author assistant myself and I liked her perspective on these and how she seems to value assistants and also poses some good questions and things authors can think about before deciding whether they need an assistant. I also liked the chapter on newsletters and how she recommended a newsletter book I read and enjoyed. I can’t recommend these books enough and I really hope you pick up a copy!

5 Stars


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