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Dear Writer, Are You In Burnout?Dear Writer, Are You In Burnout? (QuitBooks for Writers #2)
by Becca Syme

My Rating: 5 stars
Genre: Non-fiction/ motivational/ self-publishing

I know what you’re feeling right now…

Chances are good, if you clicked on this title, you’re confused, frustrated, overwhelmed… maybe even angry.

Not because I know something about you personally. Not because I’m spying on you, or I’ve re-programmed your Alexa or Siri to dictate your conversations to me and keep them on my hard drive. No. I know what you’re feeling, because it’s the same thing we’re all feeling right now.

How do I know this?

Because I have coached thousands of writers. Six- and seven-figure authors, major award winners, midlisters, and new authors alike. And there are patterns to what writers think and feel about our careers and our books. Those patterns are why I’m here, writing to you.

If you are overwhelmed, tired, frustrated with your career or your sales… if you’re stuck or stalled… come and join me inside these pages, and we’ll talk about why.

Why is key.

We’ve got this. It’s tackle-able. Let’s get you out of this pit.

– Becca

My Review

After reading Dear Writer, You Need to Quit it wasn’t long before I picked up the second book in this series. Dear Writer, Are You In Burnout is just as good as the first book. There’s something about this these books that just resonates with me. They are so well written and I like how inspirational and motivational they are even though they address some hard topics.

While it’s marketed for writers I think it really has some universal wisdom that is applicable to everyone no matter what you do. Earlier this year I hit a major slump where I had trouble getting anything done, I had the suspicion it might’ve been a burnout and this book only furthered that idea as I really recognized some of the things the author described about a burnout. Reading this book also brought in perspective what had caused it and it really gave me insight into the whole process and also why what I am doing differently now is hopefully helping.

This book does a great job explaining the whole process of burnout in a way that just makes sense somehow. The metaphors with the energy pennies and plate size really helped to explain the whole process to me and gives a great insight in how the whole thing works. And just like in the previous books I love how she emphasizes how everyone is different. Not everyone gets energy pennies from the same things and not everyone has the same plate size, that’s just how it works. Somehow it’s just very freeing and accepting to hear this. In a sense I think I knew this, but it’s just not the same as hearing someone else acknowledge it too.

With the pace the publishing industry in general nowadays where it seems to focus on producing more content and faster, I really think this book is an important read. It explains the process of burnout well and after reading this book I had a better understanding of the whole burnout process and also what you can do to prevent it or to recover faster. I think it’s a must read for everyone who might be on the road to burnout or even those who have been there.

Just like with book 1 I got through this one very fast, I just wanted to read more and understand more of this whole process. The writing style is very pleasant and I enjoyed reading it. I enjoy learning more about things like this, so yes even thought it’s a hard read at times it’s also enjoyable. And very insightful. It really makes you think about things, in a good way.

To summarize: Another awesome read! These books really resonate with me somehow. The way the author explains the whole process and the metaphors she uses just make sense and it was really insightful and gave me a better understanding of the whole burnout process. I think no matter your profession there’s information in this book you can use and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. The writing style is pleasant and it’s such an informative read. I like the accepting tone of the book, the motivational vibe and the message that everyone is different. I quite enjoyed reading it and while it’s strange to say this with a non-fiction book, but I can’t wait for book 3 in this series. I want more of the type of information that I found in this series so far.

5 Stars


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10 responses to “Review: Dear Writer, Are You in Burnout by Becca Syme

    • I do think it’s great these books also apply to non writers. Book 3 is a bit more writer focused than the first 2. I do think burnout is an important topic to be aware of, so you can try and prevent fully burning out.

    • I’ve been reading more non-fiction since last year and I really like it when I find a good one and even better if I enjoy reading it too.

    • Burnout is the worst. I am sorry you had to go through that as well. And I definitely think it’s good that this something that’s getting talked about more nowadays.

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