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Catching a WizardCatching a Wizard (Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs #2)
by Laura Greenwood

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Category: Young Adult
Type of romance: Reverse Harem

Heartbroken and rejected, Daphne has to find a way to carry on if she wants to stay at Grimalkin Academy following the events of Catching A Vampire.

With her brother still intent on finding the old family spell, and his best friend still trying to get Daphne to agree to a date, she has her hands full. Even if what she really wants to do is make a vampire forgive her.

Can they find the spell? And can Daphne convince Heath to forgive her?

Catching A Wizard is the second instalment in Daphne’s series, Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs. It is a slow burn reverse harem academy romance.

My Review

After reading the first book Catching a Vampire, I dove right into book 2. The ending of book 1 made me curious to see how things would progress. In Catching a Wizard main character Daphne is trying to win back Heath, who after a misunderstanding isn’t speaking to her anymore. Then there are two other boys who are interested in her as well and the family spell they’re looking for.

Just like the first book it’s a fast spaced smooth read. There is a bit of teenage drama with the multiple possible romances and guys who are interested in Daphne, but I found it felt realistic and wasn’t too much. I also liked how Daphne handled it all, never leading any of the guys on and being honest with them about where they stood, I liked that.

It was interesting to see the search continue for the spell they’re looking, there is an interesting twist related to that at the end and I am curious to see how that gets resolved. The ending is kinda abrupt again and I would advice to just pick up the box set as so far the series reads more like one long book. The endings each time do make me curious for the next book, so that part is definitely working.

I was surprised there wasn’t much about the teacher in book 1 that seemed to have taken a strong dislike to Daphne as I thought there would be something up with that, but maybe that gets revealed in book 3.

I like Daphne as main character and how she handled everything thrown her way. I like how her behavior feels mature even though she’s a teenager and I liked how she handled things. It was fun to see the romances develop. It’s still not a harem and while Daphne is interested in all 3 guys, she makes it clear she only has eyes romantically for Heath at this time. I liked seeing a bit more of the two other guys. I still didn’t like Cade, he’s only jealous so far and I don’t feel like I have a good idea of him. There are some scenes with Bradley and I liked getting to know him better.

To summarize: This was a solid sequel. I liked seeing how everything progressed, from the spell they’re looking for to Daphne’s love life. I like how Daphne is clear with the guys where they stand with her and doesn’t lead them on. This book does show her connection with the two other guys a bit more. I liked seeing a bit more of Bradley as well as seeing how Daphne tried to win Heath back. I am not a fan of Cade so far as he’s mostly jealous and we haven’t seen much of him besides that. There are some interesting developments with the spell they’re looking for and the book ends in the middle of things in a way that makes me curious for book 3.

4 Stars


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