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Catching a VampireCatching a Vampire (Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs #1)
by Laura Greenwood

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Category: Young Adult
Type of romance: Reverse Harem

Studying at Grimalkin has been Daphne’s dream since she was a little girl.

With her best friend unable to do the simplest spells, her brother determined to find an old family spell to turn them into cats, and hot dates with a vampire, her hands are full enough. Add to that two other guys trying to get her attention, and a teacher that seems to hate her, and Daphne’s school year isn’t quite going to plan…

Catching A Vampire is a slow burn paranormal academy with a reverse harem theme. It is book one of the Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs.

My Review

After reading Spell Caster and Spell Tamer by this author I was determined to try out one of her other series. As I was in the mood for an academy book, I decided to pick this one up. Catching a Vampire is a great start to this series. There’s a lot going on. Daphne wants to help her brother find a hidden spell to turn them into cats, she starts dating a vampire, one of her teachers doesn’t like her, then there are two others guys that start showing interest in her as well.

This was a fast paced read, but it was a bit on the short side. The ending was quite abrupt, but it did make me curious about what will happen next. This book does a good job of introducing the plot line about searching for the spell, as well as introducing Daphne and her friend Mona (who has her own series). The reverse harem romance is also set up with Daphne interacting with three different guys that I assume will all end up in her harem. I am also quite curious what’s up with that teacher that seems to have taken a dislike for Daphne.

I liked Daphne from the start. She has a clear personality and I liked that she knew what she wanted or in the case of her studies knew that she wasn’t sure yet. I liked how she liked learning new things and her competitive streak really shows in multiple scenes. There is some of the usual teenage drama and worries, but I felt like it was handled realistically. I also liked the dialogue and how natural it felt.

I liked the romance set up and meeting Daphne’s love interests, at least I assume these three will be her love interests. We get to know the most about Heath and he seems like a good guy. I thought they were cute together and I liked they both were nervous on their first date. It’s hard to say much about the other two, as we haven’t seem many interactions with them yet. There is one guy who isn’t very likable yet as her acts out in jealously, but I am curious to see how the romance will develop.

It was fun to read this book and I liked the setting at the Grimalkin Academy, although I had some troubles visualizing what the school looked like. It changed multiple times in my head from sort of Hogwarts to a school with campus and then back to a Hogwarts like school. I would’ve liked some more details about the school and what it looked like. I liked the concept with humans knowing about the paranormal, although it doesn’t really feel relevant for this book as it all takes place in this academy for witches and vampires. I liked reading about some of Daphne’s magical classes and hope to learn more about witches and vampires in the next book.

To summarize: This was a fun start to this paranormal academy themed series. I liked Daphne and how we get a good feel for her personality. Her behavior felt realistic and I liked how she acted, the dialogue felt pretty natural too. The story is fast paced and on the shorter side, but it did a good job introducing the characters and the plot. The ending is a bit abrupt, but did make me curious about the next book. I liked the romance set up and Heath seems like a good guy, I don’t have as good of an image of the other two guys yet. I look forward to seeing how this series continues!

4 Stars

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