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Bonbons for Your BrainBonbons for Your Brain
by Diane Vallere

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Non-fiction/ humorous/ motivational
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Are you craving something sweet?

Something satisfying?

Something that will make you laugh and think and feel like you made a new friend?

National Bestselling author Diane Vallere brings you a collection of insightful essays designed to entertain. BON-BONS FOR YOUR BRAIN is filled with short, standing-in-line-length essays divvied into categories for fashion & beauty (truffles), goal setting (dark chocolate), creative aspirations (artisan), health (70% pure cacao), things to think about (nougat), and just plain nutty (pistachio).

Diane shares the positive outlook and unique way of looking at life that informs her five humorous mystery series and ongoing quest for personal growth. Nibble on this content one essay a day or binge on the whole book. With zero-calories, it’s the perfect indulgence to satisfy your inner hunger.

Grab your copy of BON-BONS FOR YOUR BRAIN and start snacking!

My Review

When Diana Vallere published Bonbons for Your Brain I was intrigued, although not quite sure what to expect. Now that I started reading more non-fiction books this year I eventually decided to give it a try. Bonbons for Your Brain is an entertaining non-fiction read. It is humorous at times, inspiration and relatable. And has some great pieces of advice and wisdom hidden among the pages.

Bonbons for Your Brain is a book made up of short essays of a few pages long. All have a title and are sorted in categories. I simply started the book at the start and made my way through the stories, often reading a few of the stories at one time. It’s one of those books you can easily open up and read for as long as you want, you can read just one story or multiple in a row. It was a very low key way to read knowing there was a an easy point to stop so often.

I like Diane Vallere’s writing style. I’ve read multiple of her books, but this non-fiction read actually makes me think most of her newsletter as it has a bit of the same conversational style. I like reading her newsletters and I also enjoyed reading this book. I liked the funny stories, the relatable everyday struggles and events, the nuggets of wisdom and advice hidden among the pages. Even though at times I had no clue what that brand of dress or shoes she meant or which celebrity she was talking about, that didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the stories.

Now that I finished it I wish I would’ve paid more attention to which stories where my favorites as that would be a fun thing to mention in my review. But at the same time there are quite a lot that I really enjoyed, so it would make for a long list. I like how with the conversational style and humorous tone the book has this light feel, but the author does dwell on some deeper topics as well. Like what you want out of life, following your dreams and setting goals. It was a fun read that made me feel entertained, but at the same time had that undertone of more motivational or inspirational bits as well. It worked quite well here.

I actually have a hard time categorizing or saying who I would recommend this book to. As this book has a bit of everything, the every day conversational tone, as well as motivational or inspiration bits or maybe even some self help pieces in there. There’s also a bit about her life and journey as an author. If I had to recommend it I would probably for with: if you like reading books that feel honest and real, with short essays that details real life experiences and funny stories with some good pieces of advice mixed in, I would recommend this one to you.

To summarize: I enjoyed reading this one. It was quite unlike any other non-fiction book I ever read. Written in the author’s entertaining writing style it’s a collection of short essays that cover a variety of topics, from clothing to celebrities, from funny life stories to nuggets of advice and wisdom to more. I like how it had this light tone with the often fun to read stories, but also had some great nuggets of advice and motivational bits hidden in there. It also gives a bit on insight into the authors personality and I quite like her writing style. If you’re looking for en entertaining non-fiction book that’s a bit different from most books I would recommend this one.

4 Stars


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What’s the last non-fiction book you read?

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