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A Fortunate AccidentA Fortunate Accident (The Amagi Series #2)
by S.J. Pajonas

My Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Scifi Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: Reverse Harem

An impending lawsuit. A dangerous job. A love from her past…

Life is starting to make sense for Skylar Kawabata. She can finally see a path forward with her ship, her crew, her family, and her new suitors. Walking that path, though, is the hard part.

Skylar’s mother is threatening to sue her for the ownership of the Amagi, and it leaves Skylar teetering on the edge of a cliff. She must get all her evidence in order and keep her mother’s consort from harassing her crew or worse. Funds are tight, so it’s a blessing she’s been offered a new job in the jungles of Rio. It will be lucrative… only if she can arrive there in one piece.

When her previous flame, Kalvin, shows up out of the blue, the tenuous balance in her network disintegrates. Kalvin is a high-flying rogue pilot and his presence, while exciting, throws a wrench in Skylar’s carefully crafted plans. And now that they’re in the jungle together, she’ll need to figure out how Kalvin will fit into her life. Will he brave both the terrifying creatures of Rio and Skylar’s broken past, or will he disappear just like he did when they first met?

The pressure of holding everything together is too great, and when Skylar cracks, her confidence in her own memories is at stake. Can she hold her new job and network together long enough to fight for the Amagi? Or will she lose everything she has, including her life, to the jungles of Rio?

A Fortunate Accident is the second book in The Amagi science fiction romance series. If you like capable heroines, insanely hot men, and thrilling world-building, then you’ll go crazy for S. J. Pajonas’s daring action-adventure.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

A Fortunate Accident is the second book in the Amagi series and I was excited to dive into this one. Skylar has been through a lot in the first book and in this book she’s starting a new job as well as continue building her network. I really enjoyed Fortunate Accident, it has realistic characters, plenty of things going on, some action and adventure and ofcourse romance.

Things start off not so good for Skylar in this book as her mother threatens a lawsuit. We also learn even more about the way she got abused and it made me feel so bad for her and angry at the people who did that to a kid. Besides that this book has plenty of other plot lines going on. Skylar is building her network and she’s starting her new job working for Athens in the jungle of Rio.

I really liked seeing more of Rio and the jungle, there are so many interesting plants and animals on this planet and I enjoyed reading about them. There are some tense and dangerous situations that Skylar and her guys get in on Rio and it made for an exciting read. The only plot part I didn’t really care for was the time travel, it’s a trope/ genre I don’t really care for as it doesn’t make sense to me. There is something that only happens because she goes back in time, but that wouldn’t be possible if she hadn’t gone back in time. And then some memories only change after she goes back in time. It always just confuses me, especially the time paradox things. I am curious to see how things develop in future books and how this will impact things.

One of my favorite parts of this book was seeing how Skylar dealt with everything and how she’s slowly changing, moving forward with her life and starting to get used to having men around who care for her. She still has her doubts and the moments she can’t believe the guys really want to stay with her, but I thought it was realistic and I liked seeing the guys be there for her and stay with her.

I really like her guys so far. Kalvin is such a good match for her and I really liked seeing him again. Saif remains steadfast, but he actually shows some jealously and messes up a bit. I liked how that made him feel more realistic and how he made up for it. I am starting to like Takemo more in this book, he really has had a change of heart and I like seeing him interact with Skylar, I am pretty sure he’ll join her network. I really like seeing how the guys bond around Skylar and support her. They are exactly what she needs and I am glad they don’t let her push them away. There are some awesome scenes where they slowly figure out what type of network they want to be and how the guys are there for her.

There are plenty of side characters as well, I especially liked seeing a bit of Vivian and her network at the start of this book. As well as seeing the crew of the Amagi. We also see more of India in this book and her mission at Rio.

To summarize: I really enjoyed this book. There is plenty going on plot wise with Skylar’s mother threatening a lawsuit as well as Skylar’s new job in the jungle of Rio. The plot kept my attention and I didn’t want to stop reading. I really liked seeing more of Rio and the alien plants and animals that live there. There is plenty of danger and excitement in this book. I wasn’t a fan of the time travel as that’s a trope I don’t like as it never makes sense to me. My favorite part of this book was seeing Skylar develop. She has been through a lot and is still going through a lot, but slowly she’s figuring out her path and she has some great guys around her. I really liked how the guys are there for her. I was so happy Kalvin is back in this book and there’s more of Saif and Takemo. There are some awesome scenes where they really bond around Skylar and stand with her. I really like seeing where this series goes and I look forward to the next book!

5 Stars


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