Release Day: Colour Me Funky – Alphabet: Graffiti by Jenna Lyn Field

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Today I am going to talk about colouring books to celebrate the release of Jenna Lyn Field her first colouring book Colour Me Funky – Alphabet: Graffiti. I am really excited about this colouring book and hope I can get my hands on a copy soon. Jenna has written a small guest post explaining why she decided to make a colouring book, which is below the pictures of the book.

First abit about my own experience with colouring books. This colouring book release made me think more about colouring books and remember how much I loved them as a kid and I want to give it a try again. So as a kid I loved colouring, even though ofcourse I was horrible bad at it at first and had a hard time colouring within the lines. We had a type of big colouring pages my mom frequently bought on the market, with thick black lines to make it easier to colour within the lines. I loved those. Sometimes my mom coloured them as they looked more pretty then, I always thought my mom could colour really good. When we got older we got at a stage where we went on internet and searched for colouring pages of our favourite tv series like Dragonball Z. I loved giving people different colours for their outfits than they really had or giving Gohan rainbow coloured hair. It was fun. We printed a lot of those and then coloured them.

Once I grew up I never thought about colouring books anymore as grown ups don’t colour. It just never crossed my mind again. Then I came across this post on Bored Panda and ever since I wanted to grab an adult colouring book, buy some more pencils and give it a try. It sounds like a relaxing way to unwind after a busy day and I always loved colouring as a kid so I am thinking it might be even more fun as an adult. Shortly after that I heard that Jenna Lyn Field (the pen name from JA Belfield) was creating a colouring book with the alphabet and I jumped on the chance to talk about it and colouring books on my blog!

Colour Me Funky – Alphabet: Graffiti


This fully alphabetised, colouring book will delight children and grown-ups alike, with its individual, hand-sketched images just about anyone will enjoy colouring.

What’s more, every page in Colour Me Funky – Alphabet: Graffiti is single sided, ensuring no images will be wasted by the urge to pin up your designs–guaranteeing hours of unwasted fun within this colouring book for all ages.

letter N

Why I decided to make a colouring book
Colouring books can and do provide hours of entertainment. I remember going on holiday as a kid—we always made sure we had colouring books and crayons, just in case rain kept us indoors and we needed something to help wile away the hours.
As a parent, I encouraged exactly the same thing, though I wonder how much of my urging for colouring books to come away with us was only for their benefit, because I often ended up finishing off the images my own kids left undone. However, my wee ones are no longer so wee, and their colouring book days have been fazed out for games consoles and girlfriends.
Whilst this means very few colouring books make their way into our household anymore, it doesn’t mean I stopped colouring. I simply progressed, from buying colouring books, to creating my own doodled designs I could fill with colour.
It was thanks to this much loved process that I realised ‘I could design my own colouring book’. And once I had that idea stuck in my head, I knew exactly the kind of colouring book I wanted to create initially, and the title I believed would fit not only the range but also me as a person. I also knew exactly where I would want to take the designs and what other kinds of colouring books I would love to produce.
So, I set to work. Figured out my designs. Redid them a few times to make sure I was 100% happy with them. And then I turned them into Colour Me Funky – Alphabet: Graffiti. Ta-da!
Pssst, you do not have to be a kid to enjoy this book.
Fact: colouring is one of the best forms of stress relief? What other reason do you need to treat yourself (or your youngsters)?

You can add Colour Me Funky – Alphabet: Graffiti to your to-read list on Goodreads

You can buy Colour Me Funky – Alphabet: Graffiti here:
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ja belfieldAbout the Author:
Author of children’s picture books, Jenna Lyn Field is the pen name of adult author J.A. Belfield. She lives in Solihull, England, with the best husband in the world, aka Mr B, a couple of back-chatting but pretty cool kids, a pooch she treats likes the baby of the house, and a scrawny cat that drives her insane.

Jenna also writes adult fiction under the name J.A. Belfield.

You can find Jenna online here:

Did you like colouring as a kid? Ever heard of colouring books for adult and would you give them a try?


20 responses to “Release Day: Colour Me Funky – Alphabet: Graffiti by Jenna Lyn Field

    • I loved colouring books as a kid and I am hoping to grab some of these colouring books with adults as an audience and see how I like those. I think I still have a whole collection of pencils lying around somewhere.

      • And if you haven’t, you’ll buy more pencils? My guy thinks I have an unhealthy obsession with pencils and pens. 😉

        Thanks for having me over today, Lola. ♥

        • Unfortunately I have limited money to spend, so buying more pencils can be tricky, but I am sure I still have some. I remember once collecting pencils and then when I got busier with school and had less time to draw I didn’t use them much. I am sure I have them lying around somewhere, I think I even know where, will have to look for them soon..
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  1. Maybe because I was a teacher during my early career and I coloured with my students and the family, I never thought that one could get too old for coloring so I love the idea of a coloring book for adults. I saw another just last month that focuses on classical literature. This one looks fun, too.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Hunted Warrior by Lindsey Piper #ReviewMy Profile

    • I never really thought about colouring anymore when I was an adult, until I saw those adult colouring books. It’s just that so many colouring books are marketed for kids, so it’s nice to see colouring books for adults as well or for both audiences. I saw one with nature recently that soudned fun and this series with letters looks fun as well!

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