Recipe: Chocolate Rocks

April 5, 2014 Lola's Kitchen 10

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Today I am sharing the recipe for Chocolate Rocks
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I can’t remember where we once found this recipe, if I remeber correctly my sister learned it from a friend in high school. I translated the title directly from the Dutch term we use for this.
This recipe is easy and quick to make, the ingredients are cheap and the end result is delicious.
I wrote the recipe in this post myself as I have no idea where the original recipe is.

– Chocolate
– Cornflakes
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I usually take 3 bars semi sweet chocolate and one bar dark chocolate, but it doesn’t really matter how many chocolate you use or which flavour. You can also use chocolate chips, chocolate chips are pretty expensive here in the Netherlands so that’s why I usualy use bars (and then the cheapest brand I can find). I use 400 grams of chocolate, so that’s about 2 cups of chocolate. I really have no idea how many cornflakes to use, I always keep adding cornflakes till the texture looks right. It sounds vague now, but it makes more sense after reading the recipe.

1. I always melt the chocolate au bain marie, so first search for two pans. I use on normal pan and one saucepan. Make sure the smaller one fits into the other pan, but doesn’t hit the bottom. Then fill the biggest pan (the normal pan) with water and put it on the stove. Make sure the water boils.
 photo SAM_7586_zpsa24eb6e5.jpg

2. Break the chocolate in pieces and trow it in the smaller pan (the saucepan). Or if your using chocolate chips just trow them in the smaller pan.
 photo SAM_7590_zps2869c587.jpg

Then put the smaller pan inside the bigger pan. The bottom of the smaller pan should hit the water. It should look approximately like this:
 photo SAM_7591_zpse2422dd3.jpg

3. In the meantime, while the chocolate is melting, pick up two plates and cover them in baking paper. This is so later on when the chocolate is hard again, you can easily remove them from the plate.
 photo SAM_7596_zps56706fa5.jpg

4. Get the smaller pan with the melted chocolate from the stove and stir a bit to make sure all the chocolate is molten.
 photo SAM_7597_zps384fef1c.jpg

5. Then trow in the cornflakes. On the picture I just trew in the first handfull of cornflakes.
 photo SAM_7601_zps1c0b4be0.jpg

It’s a bit difficult to explain the exact amount of cornflakes to trow in, but basically these will taste good regardless of whether there are too many or too little cornflakes in them. I usually keep trowing in cornflakes as long as I can keep covering all the pices in chocolate and then stop when it looks approximately like this:
 photo SAM_7604_zps65f1115a.jpg
(lol, it looks like the spoon is glowing on the picture, but that’s just the sun reflecting of it ;))

6. Pick another spoon and take a spoonfull of the mixture and put it on the baking paper covered plate. Scrap it of the spoon with the other spoon. And repeat this till the plate is filled. I usually managed to fill 2 slightly large plates.
 photo SAM_7605_zps74de76d4.jpg

7. Put the plates with the chocolate rocks in the fridge for an hour or two.
After an hour or two get the plates form the fridge, your chocolate rocks should look like this:
 photo SAM_7612_zps5f082a45.jpg

Then pick them up and put them in a bowl and they can be eaten :). Do make sure to put what you don’t eat back in the fridge as they can melt when they aren’t in the fridge for long periods of time.

 photo SAM_7615_zps262745bd.jpg

10 Responses to “Recipe: Chocolate Rocks”

  1. Peggy @ The Pegster Reads

    Oh yes, my daughter used to do them in school in cookery lessons and she brought them home for me . It’s so simple and so tasty 🙂 thanks for reminding me. For Easter you can also pop a tiny mini Easter egg on each.

    • Lola

      Indeed :). It’s easy and tasty. And I also like the fact it only requires two ingrediants and I usually have those at home.

    • Lola

      I never heard of oatmeal drop cookies before, so I did a google search, they indeed look a bit alike! I really like making these chocolate rocks when I want something sweet, but don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen.

    • Lola

      It would be great if we where neighbors, then I would just make a batch of these and invite you to visit ;). I hope you end up trying this recipe, it’s so easy to make and it’s really yummy!

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