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Because reading is better than real life

My To-Be Read List is a meme hosted by Because Reading is Better Than Real Life where at the beginning of the month visitors can choose which book I’ll be reading this month. On the first saturday of a month the poll will be up, then on the second saturday of the month I’ll announce the book that won and later that month my review will follow.

It’s my fifth month participating in this meme and I am surprised to realize how much I am enjoying it each month. I always am curious to see which books get’s the most votes.
Okay below are are the 3 books on which you can vote this month, all 3 are books that would count for the Coyer reading challenge. One is a paranormal YA book, the second a shapeshifter book YA or NA I think and the last one is a comedy romance book adult I think. So it will be interesting to see which book wins this month.

walking shadowWalking Shadow (Darkworld #2)
by Emma L. Adams

Format: e-copy
Source: for review
You can find Walking Shadow on Goodreads

When you have a connection to the Darkworld, nowhere is truly safe.

Ashlyn has found a new home in Blackstone, but when a spate of grave robberies across the country spark fears that someone is practicing illegal sorcery, she comes under the radar of the Venantium, the protectors of the Barrier between her world and the Darkworld, who are suspicious of any sorcerer unaware of their origins.

The trouble is, what Ash does know might just get her killed.

Sufferers of the dangerous condition known as the vampire’s curse are being brutally killed, and the latest victim is Leo’s guardian, the ex-head of the Venantium. Ash determines to help Leo find out what’s really going on, but it isn’t long before events are spiralling out of control. The dead are rising from their graves, and the barriers around Blackstone are threatened by a demon which looks exactly like Ash herself…

missy the werecatMissy the Werecat (Missy the Werecat #1)
by P.G. Allison

Format: e-copy
Source: for review
You can find Missy the Werecat on Goodreads

Missy the Werecat: Book I

When puberty brings on her first Shift, Missy goes into the mountains for two years until finally learning to Change back. She can Change from fully human in one instant to a mountain lion in the next. Everyone assumes her two year disappearance was because she’d been kidnapped by a sexual predator that she managed to kill. She keeps her werecat nature a secret. There is no pack, no pride of other werecats and no alpha. She’s a girl with fantastic abilities growing up and learning to do great things in today’s world, amongst humans. She only has her instincts to guide her and those drive her to train herself to extremes. She must control those instincts; dampening the wild predator is often necessary. Her raging hormones and enhanced senses require very strong controls; she explores what happens when those controls are relaxed.

The Roche Hotel Cover_FinalThe Roche Hotel: Season One
by Mysti Parker

Format: e-copy
Source: for review
You can find The Roche Hotel on Goodreads

After her husband ditches her for a blonde actress wannabe, Jane Seymour needs a job that pays the rent. The struggling Roche Hotel needs a miracle. With the former owner’s wife butting her nose into the renovations and new owners who are in way over their heads, Jane may be the answer to their prayers. Sure, she can handle The Roche Hotel’s quirky staff. But, can this skittish divorcee keep it all together when handsome Henry the Donut Guy makes his first delivery? This collection of serial fiction stories is a Tudorific romantic comedy that will leave you laughing out loud and hungry for more.

Now it’s time to vote!

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26 responses to “My To-Be Read List #5: poll

    • I really like the new covers for this series, they look so dark and mysterious. The first book was good, so I hope the second book is even better!

    • I like making hard polls, it’s fun to see which book wins when I think they all have a good chance to win. If I am correct The Roche Hotel is the first season of this series and includes multiple episodes which make up season 1.

    • It’s a great cover for sure! I really like the redesign she did with the covers and how they now match for all books in the series.

    • I agree shapeshifters are awesome, although the cover for Walking Shadows is pretty awesome as well. It’s difficult to choose one.

    • I enjoyed the first book in that series, so I hope Walking Shadows is just as good! I am really curious about Missy the Werecat as well, it’s been a while since I read a good shapeshifter book.

  1. I actually haven’t heard of these three, but based on their covers/descriptions I decided to go with Walking Shadow. It is the one I’d most likely read, though I have to be honest and say I’m not a HUGE fan of vampires. 😛 Whatever one you end up reading, I hope you enjoy it!
    Asti recently posted…Weekly Recap| Dec 28, 2014 – Jan 3, 2015My Profile

    • The first book didn’t contain any vampires as far as I can remember, it has more of an urban fantasy feel. Although maybe the second book has vampires, the blurb mentions something about the vampire’s curse. The first book focusses more on demons. I like the cover as well!

    • I hope you’ll check it out and maybe join in next month! It’s a fun meme and I enjoy seeing which book get’s the most votes!

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