My To-Be Read List #22: the winner

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My To-Be Read List is a meme hosted by Because Reading is Better Than Real Life where at the beginning of the month visitors can choose which book I’ll be reading this month. On the first saturday of a month the poll will be up, then on the second saturday of the month I’ll announce the book that won and on the last saturday of the month I’ll post my review of the book.

For this month I picked 3 books by the same author. Below you can see how many votes eahc of them got:
– I Do Believe in Faeries – 9 votes and 42,86%
– Damned if I Don’t – 6 votes and 28,57%
– Open Hearts – 6 votes and 28,57%

The Winner

I Do Believe in FaeriesI Do Believe in Faeries
by Erin Hayes

Format: e-copy
Source: for review
You can find I Do Believe in Faeries on Goodreads

Abby knew that life wasn’t fair.
That’s why she turned to the Fair Ones.

Abby thinks she’s a disappointment. Even though she’s grown up in a family of powerful witches, she can’t use magick, she can’t connect to nature, she can’t do anything special – she’s just a normal human.

And normal isn’t good enough for her.

When a hot fairy prince offers her one wish, she doesn’t hesitate to wish for magick of her own. But wishes require a sacrifice. And that sacrifice is her friend Alaina’s unborn baby.

Magickal or not, Abby has to make things right. She ventures into Tír na nÓg to rescue the infant before it’s too late. There’s only one problem. Once she’s there, she may never want to leave.

** I Do Believe in Faeries is a tie-in with How to be a Mermaid and I’d Rather be a Witch. It uses some of the same characters and can be read as a standalone or as a complement to them. **


20 responses to “My To-Be Read List #22: the winner

    • I often forget for which book I voted on other blogs as well, lol. After I finish my current read I am going to start this one 🙂

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