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Ever since I read this post on Nose Graze her blog about her daily routine I’ve been wanting to write a post about daily lives and what they look like. I just find it interesting to know what people their daily lives look like, so make sure to leave me a comment! Most of my days look pretty much the same, I have a daily routine and don’t like it when something messes it up, unless I planned it.

What does a day in my life look like?

  • Standing up and breakfast. I never set an alarm clock and just get out of bed whenever I feel like it, it’s one of the things I love about my job and being able to plan my own schedule. Normally I get around of bed around 12:30pm, that probably get’s a bit earlier once my boyfriend starts school again in february and goes back to 11am. I get out of bed, take a shower and then get breakfast. My breakfast always consists of a bowl of cocopops (chocolate flavoured rice breakfast cereal) and a cup of earl grey tea. During breakfast I play Hay Day on my ipad.
  • DeskHousehold chores. After breakfast I do any of my household chores that need to be done that day, like doing the laundry. I do the laundry once every two days. I get the clean wash down and put a new wash in the laundry.
  • Pre-dinner work. First I stop by the rat cage to see if anyone’s awake and get any awake ratties out to help me with my work. If the rats are very active I might get them out earlier during breakfast already. Then I sit down behind my computer and get to work. Pre-dinner my priority is always Lola’s Blog Tours. I open my browser and open some tabs for my personal/blog e-mail, facebook, my blog, Lola’s Blog Tours e-mail and google drive. I check facebook for any important things and promote today’s blog post and then I switch my attention to Lola’s Blog Tours. I check my e-mail and answer any that need replying. Then I go to google drive and check all the open sign-up forms, my tour host form and author sign-up form. If there are new sign-ups or tours host I e-mail those and update the tour schedules. If I have to send out media kit or work on the sign-up post for a tour I do it now. If it’s a laundry day I take a quick break to hang out the clean laundry to dry. And around 3pm I make some lunch which I eat behind my computer while doing some personal/blog e-mail checking or something else that I can do with only one hand and doesn’t require too much typing.
  • My KitchenTime to cook! Around 5pm I stop work and start cooking dinner. That usually takes me around an hour and we usually have dinner around 6pm. After dinner I put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and put it on. I set some tea and make my dessert and return to the computer. Or if I feel like baking I probably spend only 20 minutes behind the computer before I return to the kitchen.
  • After dinner work. I usually check my personal/ blog e-mail after dinner, check facebook and some light work like that. I have one e-mail account were I receive mail from both my personal and blog e-mail address. I reply to any e-mails that need replying or leave them in my inbox till the next day if I don’t feel like doing that now. Most e-mails I get there are either spam, goodreads, e-mails about blog comments and review requests. If I have any work for Lola’s Blog Tours left to do I finish that up. Then if I haven’t completed my marketing assistant work for the month yet I spend an hour on that.
  • Blogging. When all my work is done and I have time left I might write a blog post and then spend an hour or two visiting blogs and commenting.
  • Reading Time! An hour or two before I go to sleep I pick up any awake rats and retreat to the bedroom were I sit reading on the bed for about an hour. Reading relaxes me and while I had some routines where I didn’t read before bed I like reading before bed first as else my mind is too busy too sleep or I have weird dreams.
  • Off to bed. Then off to bed it is and next day everything starts from the beginning again.

Most days it follows this pattern, but if I don’t have a lot of work I might spend some time earlier on the day blogging or alreayd reply to some comments before I start work. I always depends a bit on my mood and the day, so things can varry a bit. I also might skip blog commenting for a day if I have a lot of work.

Which days differ from my normal routine?

Rat CageThe only days that differ most from my normal routine are Tuesday and Sunday. On Tuesday I clean the rat cage and I am busy with that from after breakfast till dinner. If I am done early I might get some work for Lola’s Blog Tours in before I have to make dinner, but it’s usually not much. On Sunday I usually try to make more time for blog commenting, I like to stop by Oh The Books their weekly recap post and visit a large chunk of blogs on their lists of blogs who post discussion posts. I also stop by most of my favourites blogs and some other blogs who do the sunday post. I usually already do some blog commenting before dinner on sundays. Another small exception from my normal routine is Thursday evening when I skype chat with my mom after dinner, this usually takes an hour or two, so I often do less blog commenting on that day or try to fit in blog commenting earlier.

Do I always have the same routine?

My routine changes now and then, before this I used to have a routine where I took a lunch break and read during lunch break and not before going to sleep. I also had a routine were I spend time watching Star Trek or a movie with my boyfriend before going to sleep instead of reading. Usuaullt my routine changes not very often, but every few motnhs small changes like this may occur or when somethign big changes in my life.

What does a day in your life look like? And which days differ from your normal routine?


34 responses to “Lola’s Ramblings: What does a day in your life look like?

    • I really can’t stand wakign up early, I am so not a mornign person. My routine changes frequently, but I like having a general idea of when I do what. I feel more organised havign a routine, although when soemthign doesn’t go according to plan I can really freak out sometimes.

    • I agree it’s so interesting to hear about other people’s routines, let me know if you decided to do a post like this so I cna stop by! When I was still in uni I usually only had a few days were I had to stand up early, it’s really nice to don’t have to stand up early.

  1. I love that you dedicate so much time to your work yet able to maintain a good amount of time in managing your daily life! I’d love to see your rats though! You are really lucky to be able to wake up without an alarm clock 😛 I would kill to have a day of sleeping in.

    You inspired me to have a post on my own! Writing it now 😀

    Thanks for sharing Lola 😉

    Have a great day!
    Natasha recently posted…The Crosstown Kid by Richard Weir – Cover RevealMy Profile

  2. Get up at 11 or 12:30pm? I don’t remember those days anymore. Lol. My alarm goes off Mon-Fri at 6:30am. Sigh. And I’m busy until I go to bed at 11pm. Those are long days. I miss sleep. The real kicker is once the kids are all grown up I doubt I’ll be able to sleep late again! My body will be all programmed for getting up early.

    PS) I’m really tired right now. Thursdays and Fridays on this schedule are the worst. I’m always exhausted by day’s end. Loved this post though! I like to see how people spend their days!
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…Book Chat #7My Profile

    • I wouldn’t be able to stand up on 6:30, I am so not a morning person. My begin of the week always feels busiest as I know I have less time to work on tuesday and I always feel like I have to compensate on wednesday for that. Then the end of the week and the weekend feel more relaxed, even though I usually work as much as on the other days.

      I am having a bad sleep week right now, I sleep bad and I can’t fall asleep when I lie in bed. Ugh I feel tired right now.

      Hope you get some reading time in now and then, your schedule sounds really busy.

      • When I was in my 20s I was the same way. You wouldn’t catch me up before 8am. But starting when I graduated from college, I had a 9-5pm desk job so I was always up by 8am on weekdays and then slept in on the weekend. THEN CAME KIDS. Who don’t like to sleep or never sleep past 5am. Oh god, the first couple of years of that were tough. Now they sleep till 6:30am/7:00am and they let us sleep in till 8:30am on the weekends, and I am really grateful for that sleep. I’m 39 now and I know sleeping in is beyond me 🙂

        We’re coming up on a full moon. I expect sleep to be bad next week.
        S. J. Pajonas recently posted…Book Chat #7My Profile

        • I guess it all depends on what you’re used to as well. When I was at uni I used to stand up earlier as I had some early classes, although anything before 8:30 was still considered early. I can imagine with kids sleeping in is out of the guestion.
          I am really happy I can decide when to get out of bed, it makes for a more relax morning.

    • I would love to read your post on the subject! And organized chaos works as well ;). I often mix uo my routine or move things around accorading to my mood, but the general lines stay the same. Standing up late is one of the things I love about my job, okay who am I kidding I love my job in general and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

    • Wow that’s impressive you get exercise done before work. I would be so sleepy I couldn’t get anything done. When i went to uni I loved reading in the train. Your work week sounds busy!

  3. I get up early and am at my job by 7 am. I do some blog reading and commenting while at work (like right now :)). Then I’m usually home by 4:30 or so. Then I try to get some time on the treadmill. Then either reading or TV with hubs. I usually get some blogging time in while watching TV, writing posts/reviews, reading/visiting others and commenting. Weekends vary depending on what I have going on, but that is when I get the majority of my reading in.
    Melanie Simmons (@mlsimmons) recently posted…Best Audiobooks of 2014 Blog Hop/GiveawayMy Profile

    • lol at doing blog reading and commenting while at work, if I had a normal job I probably would do that as well. Now I also do some blog reading and commenting during my job, but that’s allowed ;).

  4. My days differ a lot. Generally I wake up, go to school, either go to work or home, and from there I either hang out with people or just take it easy at home practising my singing or going through lines.
    The reason my days differ so much is because my work schedule isn’t set in stone and changes a lot and I’m in college so school doesn’t always start on the same time every day.
    I wish I can squeeze in more blog time, but I seem to be juggling a lot of different priorities and projects that sometimes it takes a back seat (like now T^T).
    Alexa recently posted…Sunday Wrap Up #2My Profile

    • Oh I didn’t knew you sang. I don’t have much hobbies I practice regulary besides reading. Sometimes I game, but only if I am done with my work really early.
      Ah yes I remember my school days and how especially at uni each day looked very different, some days I had an early course or multiple and other days none at all.

      Some days it’s hard to squeze in blogging. I really want to pre schedule some more posts, but I can’t seem to find the time to write them, although I have enough ideas.

  5. I am not really a morning person, but I often have class very early! Last semester two of my professors had their classes at 8am which had me leaving the house when everyone else had to get up. It will be better next semester, and also for the classes I teach, I will start at 9:55. I don’t really have a routine yet, as I have just signed my contract for a long-term substitute teaching job, where I will be responsible for a class in 2nd year of senior high-school. Their teacher is on maternity leave until summer, and she had already prepared some things I can use in the beginning, but I need to make my own lesson plans, important vocabulary, tests, and of course grading. And I will have my own classes as well – but I have decided to take one less class than what I had planned, just to make sure I can do both things right.
    A lot of my routine has to do with my kids and the house, too, as four children at 10, 13, 17 and 20 gives me quite a lot of work. Both help with their school-work, driving the two youngest to extracurricular activities, and my youngest is dyslexic, so she sees her orthophonist twice per week.
    When I blog, it’s just for me, and some weeks, I have much more time to write up posts and visit other blogs than others. I always make some time to read, though, and I read at least two hours per day just for my personal enjoyment. I hope I’ll be able to continue with that now that I’ll have both teaching and classes until summer 🙂
    Great topic, Lola! Thanks for sharing your typical and a-typical days with us.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…2015 Challenges – Update Post #1My Profile

    • Ugh classes at 8am that’s early, the earliest I had at uni was 9am and I alreayd thought that was way too early. I hope your long-term substitute teaching job will be fun. It sounds like a lot of effort. When I was younger I always wanted to be a teacher, now I don’t think it’s a job for me, but I still think it would be an interesting job.

      I knew you had kids, but didn’t realize you had four of them, I cna imagine how they would ifluence your routine a lot. I hope you keep those two personal enjoyment hours during your new schedule. You just need some time for fun each day.

  6. That seems crazy organised! I’m nowhere near that! Though I have got into a routine with my new job, I get up about 6:15, leave for work about 7 then get in about 3ish and have a shower (unless it’s Tuesday cause then I have to go straight back out for my other job). I try and get to bed around 9. Reading, blogging and work for our family business fits in whereever I can find it!
    Laura @ trips down imagination road recently posted…Book: His Highness the Duke by Michelle M PillowMy Profile

  7. My day isn’t the most exciting one, but I like the quiet and calm semi-routine. I get up between 8 and 10, depending on when I went to bed the previous night, have breakfast, make a cup of tea and start my netbook so I can browse through Bloglovin’ and comment on other blogs. Then I check the rest (my own blog, Goodreads, Facebook) etc. I also do some house chores, like laundry & filling up or emptying the dishwasher, and try to either write or edit. A good chunk of my day is also spent reader and/or watching TV.
    Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections recently posted…Review: Rose Tinted by Shannen Crane CampMy Profile

    • Sounds like a ncie routine! My day isn’t the most exciting either, but I love how quiet and calm it is and how I still have a routine which makes me feel organized.

  8. It sounds like you have a great balance of work and play; that’s key to enjoy life I think.

    I LOVE Cocopops – best breakfast choice! Also, winding down before bed is so important to encourage a good night’s sleep, reading before bed is something I do too.

    I’m a stay at home mum, so from about 7 – 7 each day I am in full mum mode. I love it though, it’s so fun; tiring, but fun! From 7pm onwards I focus on myself as well as spending time with my partner. I typically read, watch a film/tv show, work on blog stuff etc. The weekends, so when my partner isn’t working, varies from the routine we follow on a day to day basis but we still have a routine in terms of eating at a certain time etc.
    Jade @ Bits & Bobs recently posted…Cover Love | My Harry Potter CollectionMy Profile

    • I agree my schedule has a nice balance of those, although some days it ends up in too much work, that might tip the balance sometimes.

      Yay happy to have foudn another cocopops lover, they are so good! I love starting my day with a bowl of cocopops.

      Oh I can imagine that’s a busy, but fun schedule! And I think eating at a certain tiem is a good thign to do!
      Lola recently posted…Book Blitz: Three Two One (321) by JA HussMy Profile

  9. I love reading about peoples daily routines, I guess I’m just really lazy! I might do a post about one sometime too. Love how late you get up! I find as I get older that I just can’t stay in bed or I get a headache all day. So even at the weekend I’m up by 7.30. But on the other hand I do often go to bed early as I love reading in bed 🙂

    • Oh let me know if you decided to do a post as well. It’s just so fun to read about other people their routines. I am used to standing up late and never get a headache unless I stay in bed long after I feel awake already. I am just not a morning person.

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