Lola’s Ramblings: What are common themes in your dreams?

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Last week I talked about how I dream. I’ve always been fascinated with dreams and my post about dreams got so long I decided to split it into two parts. This week I want to talk a bit more about common themes and subjects in my dreams, dying in dreams and I share some of my recent dreams with you.

Common themes and subjects in my dreams

As a child I often had a recurring dream about a scary men chasing me in an abondaned place with caravans. I had that dream very often and always woke up scared, until I told the dream to my mom and after that it seemed to disapeared. I took that as a sign that talking about dreams helped and believed for a long time that I should tell my mom my scary dreams so they would disapear. Now I have no idea if that was the right conclusion, but I still find that sometimes it helps to talk about my dreams and after talking it through they seem less scary. Below are some common themes and subjects in my dreams: photo SAM_8286_zpsbd800b21.jpg

    • Being chased. This has been a common theme ever since I was little, getting chased by weird monsters, creepy men or intelligent animals. I also have those dreams where I am in a building and I know someone is chasing/looking for me and wants to harm/kill/capture me.
    • Being lost. In real life I don’t get lost usually because I have a good sense of direction, in dreams I often get lost and I hate it.
    • Being in danger. Whether someone is threatening my life or someone else, or I am in a defect train, being in danger seems to be a pretty common theme.
    • Forgetting things. I often forget things in my dream, this can be everything from forgetting my rats, a piece of clothing (usually my shoes), some object or I forget to say something or forget how to get home or away from a place.
    • Our rats. Our pet rats seem to occure quite often in my dreams. I usually have to carry them away from danger and put them in my shirt or they are close to me and I am afraid they get hurt by someone who’s after me. Or they die. Sometimes they are okay and I just carry them with me for some reason.
    • My Fears. My fears are something I often encounter in my dreams and they are even more scary then in real life. Dreams about my fears are often emo dreams, but not always. The most common of my fears I dream about are my fear of heights and my fear of dogs. Often combined by not getting away or being stuck with dogs all around me or on a high building.
    • Tiolets. Toilets in general, gross toilets or toilet’s without a door or too short door in spefic. I have no idea why, but in my dreams I seem obsessed with toilets. I need to use the toilet and when I got to search for one, I can’t find them or they are all occupied and I have limited time. Or they are so gross I don’t want to use them or the most common one there are toilets, but they are missing the door or the door is almost nonexistent or can’t be locked. Yeah I hate toilets in my dream, they never look right.
    • Being late. I have these dreams where I have to be somewhere on time and when I go to prepare to leave it seems to take ages. I try to hurry up, but everything seems to take so much time and when I look at the clock I realize I can’t get there on time anymore. Sometimes I never leave and wake up before I even leave the house. Sometimes I get there so late I miss the actual event.

 photo SAM_8410_zps3aef1c3c.jpg

  • Falling. Especially when I was younger I had frequent falling dreams, I hate the feeling of falling or going fast both in my dreams and in real life. I either fall in a bottomless put or from a high building or obstacle.
  • being trapped or stuck somewhere. Often this goes together with being lost and I can’t find my way back because there’s always something in the way or someone preventing me from going back.
  • Defect or small trains. This is another weird theme, I often encounter trains in my dream and I know I have to take that train, but often they are defect, make loopings like a rollercoaster (I never go in rollercoasters I am scared of them), get stranded somewhere or they are really small and I am afraid they are unsafe. Most trains have a certain lenght and in my dreams there are often very short trains which are only a few meters long and I am terrified of them. There just seems something wrong with a short train. I always feel afraid of these short traisn and really don’t want to enter them.
  • Tickling. Sometimes I get tickled in my dreams and while I can’t stand it in real life in my dreams it almost feels like turture and my sides hurt and ache when I am being tickled.

I guess these kinda proves my point that my dreams are usually negative, when I list it like these my dreams suddenly seem like an even more unpleasant place to be then I thought.

Dying in Dreams

In some books dreams play an important part and I’ve read some books where if you die in your dreams you die in real life. For those of you who where wondering if it really works that way, let me assure it doesn’t. I’ve died quite often in my dreams and though the dreams are unpleasant and scary I always do wake up. When I die in my dreams, usually because some malevolent person or being kills me, I feel an horrible pain in my stomach before I die. For some reason I seem to associate pain in my stomach with dying, every time I die in dreams it hurts there.
Dying seems a common theme in my dreams as well and I’ve had some very unpleasant dreams in which my boyfriend, my rats or someone from my family dies. Our rats dying or being in danger seems a pretty common one recently. I don’t dream that often about my mom or her dying anymore, but when I was younger I had those dreams more often.

Some of my weird dreams

 photo SAM_7909_zps78c549d9.jpgI have had a lot of weird dreams over the years. I’ll list some that I can remember here, most of these are from the last few weeks:

  • I once had this weird dream where my mom placed a box on top of one of our rats. I shrieked and picked up the box, only to find my rat dead beneath it. It looked horrible and I can’t remember which of our rats died in that dream. I screamed at my mom for being to reckless.
  • I recently had a dream where I had some sort of nature power where I could let plants grow. There was a dangerous mission we went on, but my mom wouldn’t explain things right. Someone painted blue streaks in her hair and on her face and I found out she had a huge collection of YA books in her room. Then I am upstairs getting ready, going to the tiolet and then collecting the ratties in their carriage box. I wonder if I should leave them in the car and wonder if they’ll be too hot in there, well at least they have a water bottle to their cage (which they don’t in real life). Then we’re there at the mission and I am using a creeper/climber plant to climb to the top of the building. The next moment I am lying in the roof of the building and create some sort of plant construction to protect me. Then my mom is there accusing me of being something with souls and then it feels like she’s trying to suck my soul out of my body. I scream to my boyfriend and ask him to stop her. And then finally for some reason she stops and I wake up.
  • I had a weird ream this month where I lived on a sort of campus with some roommates and my boyfriend and my boyfriend had a lecture, my lecture wouldn’t start till 11:15am so I went with him. Then I sat there for a bit in the lecture and an author sat behind the computer and I talked with her. Which all seemed very normal. And then suddenly I noticed it was 11:05 so I thad to go to make it in time for my own lecture. The teacher didn’t seem finished yet and then suddenly the teacher was talking to me about the lecture and I said it was easy to understand even if I didn’t study this. And then I was walking around the campus and couldn’t find the room for my lecture. I ran into two people who gave me an agenda, I belonged to a group of some sorts and this was logical. Then I spend an hour searching for the lecture room and I was so frustrated. I hate being late an no one would help me find the lecture room. Then I was home and removing tie rips from a new applicance and we where eating curry and one of my annoying housemates asked what she should do with the naan bread. And I screamed at her because she was too stupid to understand you eat curry with naan. It was weird and I woke up feeling drained.
  • Another of my recent dreams was really weird. I was going as an exchange student to India (I am not a student anymore and terrified of airplanes, so no idea where that came from). When I arrived some girls where there to pick me up and take me to their house where I would be staying. There where so many terrifying high buildings and I jokingly asked if they lived in a high building. They told us they only lived on the tenth floor. I am afraid of heights and everything from floor 5 and upwards is scary to me, so yeah I was scared out of my mind. I sat in their living room trying not to think about how high we where and comforted myself to know that we would have delicious india food. When I walked into the kitchen my mom was there cooking.
    Then the next day I was using a glass of some drink to predict the future or something like that and afterwards drank the contents. Someone told me I was cursed and I had to solve this. I went back to Europe and joined a snowboarding team, then some evil guy walked up to the leader and took his place. I asked my boyfriend, the DM (wut since when was there a DM for my dream?), if I could snowbaord through the Sahara and he told me that there are other deserts beside sand and this is a rock desert (we had a conversation in real life about deserts a while back). I was snowboarding through the desert and then it was suddenly rocks and I mentioned to the DM I would take the plane. Then I was back in India and snowboarding around over some sort of white ramp which stood in the sand and the evil guy was trying to beat me. I think I won in the end and got the curse removed.

So my question to you is:

What are common themes in your dreams?


8 responses to “Lola’s Ramblings: What are common themes in your dreams?

  1. Yes, I definitely am the running/being chased/forgetting/being late. I’M ALWAYS LATE. When I used to preform the piano I always had horrible exhausting dreams about being late to play and…ugh, I hated that. But I don’t particularly remember my dreams, just the feeling. And, weirdly enough, I always know I’m dreaming. I’ve never died! That must be super weird. >.>
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted…20 Things You Might Not Know About MeMy Profile

    • I hate being late and in dreams it’s even worse. I really don’t like those dreams. I often have these dreams when the next day I have to be somewhere on time. And dying in dreams is pretty scary and weird.

  2. Okay, this is weird, but my dreams are often about boys I have had giant crushes on in the past (like, YEARS ago) or my grandparents (who have passed away), failing a test/missing classes in school, or some weird bookish world. That sums up about 90% of my dreams. It is so weird. I get why the book dreams happen, since I have likely just finished reading before I fall asleep, but why high school crushes, school I haven’t attended in a decade, and my grandma pop up all over the place.. I have no idea! Such a fun post idea 🙂
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…Stacking the Shelves and Other Weekly Shenanigans (29)My Profile

    • When I was in high school I frequently dreamt about the boys I had crushes on as well, I guess that’s pretty normal. It can be hard the deciper the meaning behind dreams, I often dream about things I am thinking about, but some aspects are so random that I can’t ifgure out where they come from, like the small train and toilet dreams. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Your rats are soooo cute! 😀
    This is an awesome post, it’s really interesting! I think it’s pretty common to worry about a pet’s death like that, especially since you get so attached to them and with the trouble you had a few months ago (if I am remembering right?) I do the same with my guinea pigs. I took psychology and in a class right now where we are talking about dreams. I’ve yet to have the super common ones like forgetting something, running from someone, being late/lost, etc. The only “common” dreams I have is the teeth falling out one, but we learned that happens when we are stressed (which is a lot for me, as I have anxiety) So strange that you should mention the falling dreams when you were young because the exact same thing happened to me, when I was around 6-12 I had falling dreams ALL the time. I wonder if there is a study that connects that dream to that age? Definitely interesting!

    • Thanks Alise :). And indeed a few months ago we lost one of our rats and it seems even more common to worry about them after that.
      Sounds interesting that class a bout dreams, they can be hard to interpret. I read a few books about interpreting dreams a while back and some really contradict each other. And it would be interesting to know if falling dreams are more common around a certain age. I have them less often nowadays, but still have them sometimes.

  4. I have the dreams about being lost or losing things (often combined into one dream). I remember when my kids were babies, I would dream about being lost somewhere and then forgetting one of my kids somewhere in the place where I was lost and not being able to find my way back to them!

    I also often STILL have dreams about being in school and realizing I haven’t been going to my classes all year and there’s something big coming up and I don’t feel like I’m going to be able to graduate. Um, I’m 40 years old and haven’t been to school in many years, so you’d think I’d be over this by now. 🙂
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…Review & Giveaway – Lailah by Nikki KellyMy Profile

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