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The inspiration for today’s topic came thanks to a conversation I once had in the comment section on Between My Lines. It was as a response on her topic about Christmas ads, eventually I admitted I didn’t watch tv and Trish mentioned it would make a nice topic for a post. So that’s how the idea was born.

I don’t watch tv

I don’t watch tv, it’s as simply as that. When I was younger I loved watching the kid’s tv channels like Cartoon Network, Fox Kids and Nickelodeon. But as I grew older I started watching less and less tv. It was mostly that someone else put the tv on and I might watch with them for a while, but I didn’t willingly put the tv on myself. And when we got our own house I realized the tv didn’t see much use anymore.
So while we do have a tv, it doesn’t see much use as both my boyfriend and I don’t watch tv. It’s mostly used for gaming purposes as I have a playstation 2 and 3 and they need a tv. When we moved out we got my mom’s older tv screen, she recently brought a brand new one, while the old one wans’t that old and still in perfect condition. So that’s why we have a tv.

Why I don’t watch tv

I am not sure if there’s a conscious descision behind it, but gradually I just stopped watching tv. I never really was a movie person, I did watch disney movies growing up, but those were usually movies we bought and not those on tv. My boyfriend is still surprised sometimes how little movies I know or have watched. Sometimes my boyfriend and I watch a movie on his computer though, we have watched a few movies and are still watching Star Trek Voyager. But beside that I just don’t really feel the neeed to put on the tv. I am not interested in watching movies or tv series. In my spare time I prefer to read and game and I don’t need the distraction of having the tv on, because that’s how I see the tv; a distraction.

What happens when there’s a tv on?

I don’t get how people can do one thing and watch tv at the same time as I can’t. When I visit someone and the tv is on, I have to watch. It doesn’t matter if I actually want to see what’s playing on the tv or not, I just can’t tear my gaze away from the screen. I guess it’s kinda funny if it wasn’t so frustrating. The only thing I can do to prevent it, is sit with my back to the tv. I guess my urge to watch the tv when it’s on is a result of not being used to having the tv on and the moving screen just catches my attention and looking away is hard. This is also the reason why I hate it when a tv is on somewhere as I am looking even though I don’t want to and it makes it hard to focus on anything else as the tv keeps catching my attention. It feels more like a distraction, unless I decide to sit down and actually watch.

Maybe it’s that I get easily distracted or want to give everything my complete focus? I just prefer silence. I never could to homework with the music on either as then I started listening and couldn’t focus on my homework. It does matter which type of music as for example instrumental music is less distracting than other types of music. I actually have gotten better at working with music on as my boyfriend often puts on music, but when he’s not home I don’t have the urge to put on music. If I do something simple the music is less distracting then when I do something that reguires all my attention. When something requires my complete atttention I like to work in complete silence.

Do you watch tv and if yes what kind of shows do you watch?


42 responses to “Lola’s Ramblings: I don’t Watch TV

  1. I love TV, film, sport and books but fitting them all in is impossible! I’ve had to neglect everything to tackle my book tbr recently and I haven’t had much time to catch up with my favourite shows. I like reading with sport on in the background so I can keep an eye on scores as I read. Fave shows? I like sci-fi and paranormal ie Supernatural, Grimm, Stargate.
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  2. Woot! I’m not alone. I do watch a LITTLE TV, but I’m perfectly happy to skip it. My boyfriend and I watch a show every night with dinner – it’s kind of our thing to do together every day. Besides that, I never turn the tv on. I much prefer silence. My boyfriend on the other hand, turns the tv on as soon as he’s up. He can’t stand silence. So I’ve learned to ignore it, but it took time! Great post!
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun recently posted…What Would Your Patronus Be? |Harry Potter MOTWMy Profile

    • I sometimes watch startrek with my boyfriend, but not often, I usually prefer to read. Like you I much prefer silence and the tv distracts me, I can’t udnerstand how peopel turn on the tv and half watch and half do something else. I can’t seem to learn to ignore the tv, but maybe that’s also because we never have the tv on here. If there’s a tv on my eyes are glued to it and that’s annoying, I really have to go sit with my back to a tv if it’s on, so I can’t see it.

  3. I watch some TV, but like you I am not the one who turns it on. My husband uses it to relax when he gets home from work (crime drama, sports, and news) and he watches the weather news each night so he knows how to dress the next day for his outside job. About twice a month, we’ll watch a movie together. Neither of us do games. I watch my favorite baseball team on the computer. That’s about it.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…G.B. Gordon Visits to Discuss “The Other Side of Winter”My Profile

    • My boyfriend likes watching series, but often watches them on his computer, so that’s better as then I can’t see it. And if the sound annoys me he can put on his headphones. I can imagine that watching the weather is important when you have an outside job.
      Lola recently posted…Lola’s Ramblings: I don’t Watch TVMy Profile

  4. Let’s see. I don’t watch a ton of TV but have loved many series in my past. My husband and I finished watching House of Cards a few weeks ago, and I will watch K-drama on Netflix too. We watch some home improvement TV shows together (we have a house so this is of interest to us) and then we watch some satirical news shows like The Daily Show, The Nightly Show, and John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, because the political climate in our country is crazy. I will also take a little time each day to watch NHK World. NHK is the main Japanese news channel and their “World” station is in English with lots of cool Japanese programs. I consider this research for my work though. I get lots of good ideas for my books on that channel and seeing Japan through their shows helps me describe it better. I put work before TV though unless I’m totally spent and just need to zone out. So I don’t end watching as much TV as I did before I started writing full time.
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    • I never really feel like sitting in front of the tv and sitting still and watching it, unless somethgin really captures my interets, but for some reason tv hardly ever does. There aren’t any shows I follow and if there is a movie or somethgin I want to see we probably just watch that movie and nothing else.
      It sounds fun how you can watch the japanese world channel and call it research! I can imagine that news channels do tell you a lot about that country.
      Lola recently posted…Lola’s Ramblings: I don’t Watch TVMy Profile

  5. I used to watch tv a lot as a kid, mostly cartoons and sitcoms. I watched less as a teen, though I did still watch some. And there were certain shows I had to see every week in my 20’s. But after those shows ended, I just stopped watching tv.

    For me, it was due to work. My hours fluctuated every week, so one week I might be able to watch an episode of some tv show, but the next week I’d be working during that time and miss it. So now I wait until the shows come out on DVD and buy them.

    Even then, I still don’t watch tv/movies/whatever all that much. I’d rather be reading or playing games or something. If I’m crocheting, I’ll put on a movie or watch a few episodes of some show on DVD though. Gives me something to do other than sit there and stare at every stitch. Also means I tend to work on the project longer since I’m not concentrating on how long I’ve been working on it!

    • Same here, as a kid I loved the tv and had multiple tv shows that I watched like Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Digimon and lots of other cartoons as well. Although I got headache when I watched tv too much.

      Ah that must be annoying when you’re trying to follow a show and only can see half of the episodes, that totally ruins it. Waiting till it’s on DVD works certainly better in that case.

      Same here, I just rather read than watch tv. I did some crocheting for a little while when I was younger and I liked listening to music while doing that as it was a bit too boring to do alone, but same goes for tv or music, so it goes well together.
      Lola recently posted…Lola’s Ramblings: I don’t Watch TVMy Profile

  6. I really only watch tv at night. I have a DVR and record the few shows that I like. And when I’m done online, I’ll go and watch the shows I’ve recorded. Some of the shows I like are…
    The Vampire Diaries
    The Originals
    Teen Wolf
    12 Monkeys

    Yes, most of the shows I watch have a supernatural/horror theme to them. lol
    Mary Kirkland recently posted…New Treat For My RatsMy Profile

    • I do like the idea of being able to record your shows or movies you want to see, that way you aren’t dependant on when they are on tv and can watch them whenever you want. I’ve heard of some of those shows you watch. I scare more easily when watching tv than reading, so while I don’t mind reading books with a slight horror element, I couldn’t watch shows like that.

  7. We don’t have TV, but we have the net, Netflix and the library I work at lends DVDs, so… I leave for work early, I came home from work late, I don’t really see the point for us having a tv. I listen to the news on the radio and when there’s a documentary I want to watch on specific tv channels, I can usually find them on their website 🙂
    Red Iza recently posted…Cat thursday #35 : they love to be scratched…My Profile

    • We have internet, telephone and tv in one package as that is cheaper, but we don’t really use any of them beside the internet. I much prefer watching something I want to see on my computer than putting the tv on for it or having to watch it at the specific time it’s on.

  8. I can’t stand it when I’m at a party and the TV is on. Like you, I will HAVE TO watch and I can barely focus on what the people around me are saying.

    That being said, I do enjoy watching TV, either on my own or with my boyfriend. I have a few favourite shows (like Friends and Gilmore Girls) that I watch to relax. And we have Netflix, which I like too.
    Celine recently posted…When Everything You’re Reading is MehMy Profile

    • It’s so annoying to have to watch the tv when you don’t want to and can’t look away. Glad to hear I am not the only one who has this issue.

      I am watching Star Trek with my boyfriend and I enjoy the show, so it’s not like I completely avoid tv or movies, but in general when I have the choice between reading or watching something I’ll go for reading.

  9. I don’t necessarily watch a lot of TV, but I do follow a lot of shows. There are 3-4 shows I’m watching at any one time, and I tend to follow them throughout their season runs. That means I watch about 1-2 hours of TV for 2 nights a week, but that’s it. I try to keep away from just channel surfing or watching mindlessly. I can’t remember the last time I just sat in front of a TV and watched it for hours; it makes me restless!
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  10. I watch way more TV that I’d like to be! I definitely don’t watch as much as probably the average person, or even my mom, but it’s more than I personally want to be watching. But I only turn my TV on when a show I want to watch is on. I don’t do repeats and I certainly cannot stand TV as background noise! Even the TV in the living room being on during the day drives me nuts when I’m trying to read or something!

    I do love watching movies or binge watching a show I’ve never seen before though! Those are really the one time my TV sees any use outside of “TV hours.” In fact, I had a malfunctioning TV for three years and was just fine. My mom got me a new one for my birthday though, because she was afraid it would spark or something and blow up my room. 😛

    • I can understand putting the tv on when there’s somethgin you want to se,ebut the tv as backgroudn noise while doign somethign else and no one is really watching? That’s what I really don’t get. Although I likemy silence, I guess if you don’t havign the tv is on a welcome source of sound.

      We do have a tv, but it doens’t see any use at all, except for when I find the time or motivation to play a game. Thanks for stopping by :).

    • We have a tv in our living room, where I always work, so I could easily put on the tv, but I find it distracting. When I was younger I used to follow soem shows, but it was so annoying when you misse done episode and you always had to be watching at that specific time. Although nowadays recording shows has become easier, so then you can watch them at your own time.

  11. Great Post!

    I don’t watch TV either. At least not an actual television. I enjoy watching Netflix and specific TV shows. Bottom line is that I don’t really like turning the TV own and having to find something interesting to watch or turn it on when my favorite show is on. It often won’t be on at a convenient time for me and since I live in Brazil, the american shows are usually behind on the season and UK shows are almost never available. So it’s better to watch via internet anyway.

    Most other things that are on TV right now are just too boring for me. It used to be that I would leave the TV on all day, and do everything with it; homework, read books, play. Some things do require extra concentration, though.

    Now that I live with my boyfriend he does turn it on to watch the news and sports, but those don’t keep me from doing other things either. I understand the pull of the TV even when you don’t want to watch, but I find that if I’m not interested on what’s on, I will stop looking.

    Bottom line, TV usually bores me, and I hate being bored.
    Bruna recently posted…Mini Review: Inked by Eric SmithMy Profile

    • I get what you mena, turnign the tv on because you want to see somethgin makes sense to me, but turning the tv on and then sitting behind it and just see if anythgin catches your attention seems weird to me. But the again I am not really a movie or tv person in general, I rather read.

      I am so easily distracted and even when I was younger I couldn’t do homework with music or the tv on. I am not sure why, but I just can’t work at all then. I think the fact that I never have the tv on also cotnributes to me havign the urge to look when there is a tv on.

  12. I LOVE watching TV shows and (to a sliiightly lesser degree) movies. HOWEVER I don’t watch much TV in terms of turning the TV on randomly. I do have an awesome TV that I got for free, because my great-uncle didn’t want it anymore (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought one), but it often stays off for days or weeks at a time. I mostly use it for movie nights. I watched a little TV when I didn’t have wifi for a couple of weeks, but that’s the last time I can remember just turning it on randomly. I do watch a lot of series online, and I absolutely love it. I can’t really do anything else while watching either, and I don’t usually like when there’s a TV in a bar or someplace, because, like you, I watch just because it’s there. I just feel like a lot of the stuff that’s on TV isn’t terribly good and there are TONS of commercials and I can’t just pause or choose when I want to watch something. If I watch something on, say, netflix, I can watch it whenever I like, there are no annoying breaks, and if I need to go or do something else for a while, I can just hit the pause button. And, most importantly, I can choose what to watch and when I want to watch it, and it’s in English, which is important to me, because I like to watch series in the original language when I can. I can’t do any of those things when I watch TV! I’d love to be able to game too, but the equipment is so expensive and I KNOW I have an addictive personality when it comes to things like that, so I wouldn’t get anything done ever. I recently discovered I can play Sims 2 on my new laptop (the old one kept crashing when I tried to play), and I basically disappeared for two days. 😀
    Vlora recently posted…Cake Conversations: Spring Is ComingMy Profile

    • I also have got our tv for free and indeed else I probably wouldn’t have bought one. I think I would prefer wtachign movies or shows online as well as then you can decide for yourself when to watch. When I watched tv I actually liked the commercials, but that might be because I studied economic and consumer psychology and I have a weird appreciation for commercials and seeing how they try to convince people to buy their products.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #119My Profile

  13. I’m not much of a tv watcher. There are a few select shows we deliberately set time aside for, like The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey (and Outlander when it comes back on in a couple weeks). But I’m perfectly content to do other things like read, surf online and pursue hobbies. I actually don’t understand the people who put in 5 hours of tv a day….and I have several friends who do. I get so damn bored with it.

    I’m not much of a movie person….we go to maybe 3 a year, if that. Movies mean I have to give my full attention for TWO plus hours! Nope. Not happening.
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    • I much rather read or play a game if I really have a lot of time. I don’t understand how people can watch that many hours of tv a day either, or how they can get anything else done when the tv is on.

      I also have trouble giving something my full attention for two hours, the idea of having to sit still for so long in a row is daunting.

  14. I’m so glad that you did blog about this as I think it makes for an interesting insight. I don’t watch a lot of TV but I usually do turn it on in the background. When I love a show I’ll watch episodes back to back until I’m all caught up but I rarely will watch something week by week to a tv schedule. Game of Thrones is an exception! Years ago though, I used to schedule my life around my tv shows, which seems like madness to me now! I could happily live without a tv as long as I had a laptop. And I agree with you that it is a distraction when I’m at someone else house, it’s hard not to tune in a little.
    Trish @ Between My Lines recently posted…The Sunday Post : Get your Bookish News #62My Profile

    • Thanks for giving me the idea to write a post about this :). It seems so normal for me, that I never would’ve thought how interesting it would be to blog about it and hear what other people think. I just can’t focus 100% when the tv is on, it’s so annoying.

    • Same here I rather read when I have free time, than watch tv. When I watch a show we usually watch them on my boyfriends computer and then it’s often that we watch some episodes in a row and then don’t watch anything for weeks or months.

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