Cover Reveal: Free Souls (Mindjack #3)

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Today is the first cover reveal on my new blog. I like doing cover reveals, so you probably will be seeing a lot more of these. Today is the cover reveal of Free Souls, the third book in the mindjack series by Susan Kaye Quinn. I have read the first two book and I really enjoy this series. It is an original dystopia series and is about a world where everyone can read minds. Okay enough talk, here is the cover of Free Souls (Mindjack #3):

And the blurb:

When your mind is a weapon, freedom comes at a price.

Four months have passed since Kira left home to join Julian’s Jacker Freedom Alliance, but the hole in her heart still whistles empty where her boyfriend Raf used to be. She fills it with weapons training, JFA patrols, and an obsessive hunt for FBI agent Kestrel, ignoring Julian’s worries about her safety and repeated attempts to recruit her for his revolutionary chat-casts. When anti-jacker politician Vellus surrounds Jackertown with the National Guard, Kira discovers there’s more to Julian’s concerns than she knew, but she’s forced to take on a mission that neither want and that might be her last: assassinating Senator Vellus before he can snuff out Julian’s revolution and the jackers she’s come to love.

My opinion:
I think the cover looks awesome! It totally fits with the rest of the series and I wonder what’s going to happen in this book. The character on the cover looks kinda surprised, so I am hoping there also will be some surprises in this book.

A bit more about this series.
This is what the all the covers of this series next to each other look like:

All of the Mindjack stories are available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, and iTunes (Note Free Souls is not yet available on Kobo or iTunes)

You can read an interview with the author over at Amy Saunder’s blog today (12.14.12), where she will be answering questions about how she came up with the mages’ abilities, what kind of mage she would be, and all about her future works.

Also because Free Souls is the last book in the series a Digital Box Set can be bought! Digital Box Set of the Mindjack Trilogy for those of you who want the whole series!

Available on AmazonBarnes&Noble

There are also three novellas called the Mindjack originis, these are three short stories about other characters than the main character.  Mind Games tells Raf’s story (which I already read and it is nice to see things from his perspective). The Handler tells Julian’s story and the Scribe  tells Sasha’s story. I haven’t read the latest two short stories, but they are on my wishlist and I can’t wait to read Julian and Sasha’s stories.   
And the author is giving away5 e-copies of the mindjack origins collection (I wonder if I am allowed to enter too, I really want to read those other two short stories). You can enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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