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Usually when I sign-up for a tens list during a blog tour I choose the topic Food. That’s because I love food and I find it interesting to know what everyone’s favorite foods are. I also have a whole pinterest board dedicated to food. So today I thought I would write a tens list about food myself.

1. Cookies! Because really is there anything better then cookies? If there is one thing you can place in front of me and I’ll probably eat it all it’s cookies. Once I start I can’t stop eating them. I love lots of different flavours of cookies, but especially cookies with chocolate. Amd peanut butter butter cookies or cookies with chocolate on top or with chocolate chips or with cinnamon. I just love cookies in general, the best are home made cookies, but I also love store brought cookies.
2. Pizza. Being a vegetarien there isn’t that much choice of what to put on your pizza as for non-vegetarians, but pizza is still one of my favourite foods. My favourite pizza is with lots of paprika, onions and cheese.
3. Chocolate. Whether it’s combined with something else (like cookies for example) or just chocolate, I love chocolate. I prefer milk chocolate, especially when I eat a bar of chocolate. In cookies or in recipes I also like dark chocolate. I am not a big fan of white chocolate though, although with praline or in cookies I like it as well.
4. Paprika. Paprika is without a doubt my favorite vegetable. I just love the taste of paprika, especially when baked so long it get’s a bit soft. It’s also a vegetable that can be combined with almost everything else, at least in my opinion.
5. Bread. I have a weak spot for bread, especially freshly baked bread. I don’t like bread with too many seeds in it though. I often eat fresh bread without anything on it as I love the taste of bread.
6. Cake, pie and pastries. I love cakes, pies and pastries! Yeah I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I actually love all doughly things or things made with dough, like pancakes or quiches. In the pie category I like lemon meringue pie, or cheesecake, or chocolate pie or apple pie. I also like cupcakes, although after eating cupcakes at this awesome shop in The Hague, it’s difficult to appreciate cupcakes because nothing seems to get close to their cupcakes. Again homemade pies and cakes are the best, but some stroebrought ones are really good as well if you know where to buy them.
7. Dessert. Dinner just isn’t complete without dessert. I usually eat storebrought custard, quark or yoghurt. I don’t like plain yoghurt though, it needs to have fruits in it. Or it has to be vanille yoghurt or greek yoghurt. Plain yoghurt is too sour for me. And one of the best things of going on vacation is seeing which desserts they have in other countries!
8. Mais. Mais is another one of my favourite vegetables. It’s sweet and delicious. I often combine it with paprika and lentils in dishes.
9. Apple. Although I don’t eat apple that often I really like it, especially combined with cinnamon. My sister can make a delicious apple crumble. I also like apple pie or apple in my dessert. Or cake with pieces of apple.
10. Egg. I really like egg. I prefer scrambled eggs and regulary make egg with sambal and soy sauce for myself and my boyfriend. When I eat egg it’s usually at lunch or sometimes during dinner.

So those are my top ten foods. Yeah it’s obvious I like my sweets. I actually am a picky eater, although I love food, weird huh? So please share some of your favourite foods or make a tens list yourself and share the link in the comments 🙂


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    • I still can’t imagine there was a time when I didn’t like paprika, after becoming a vegetarian I learned myself to eat paprika and now it’s my favorite vegetable. I prefer the red ones, the green paprika’s are too bitter. And I had the same problem when writing this post I just wanted to eat!

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